Divi Courses

Divi Courses

Want to learn Divi and take your website building journey to the next level with a Divi course? Our Divi Courses are built on over a decade of web design and online business experience, and we’re excited to teach you everything you need to know to be successful!

Divi Creator Pro

This course teaches you how to level up & create more valuable websites, so you can win more projects, charge more, and get more referrals!

Divi Speed Pro

Divi Speed Pro is the Ultimate Speed Optimization Course that you’ve been waiting for! Quit the guesswork optimization & level up!

Divi SEO Pro

De-mystify SEO, and Learn How to Obtain Long-Term, Sustainable, Organic Search Traffic from Google with a proven and repeatable process.

Divi eCommerce Pro

A Comprehensive Course on How to Create, Launch & Scale Highly Successful eCommerce Sites with Divi & WordPress.

Divi Theme Builder Pro

This course will teach you how to build dynamic and highly customized websites with Divi, the Theme Builder, and Advanced Custom Fields.

About Our Divi Courses

Divi is extremely powerful and allows you to do things with your website that used to not be possible. But the more power and controls means the more things to learn. Learning Divi can be time consuming on your own which is why online Divi courses can be a great way to take your Divi knowledge to the next level.

Something we like to say here at Divi Life is that Divi is powerful enough for professionals, but user-friendly enough for beginners. And while we believe that 100%, it’s also true that Divi is like an onion… It’s so powerful that there are layers of complexities (like the layers of an onion). At the surface, anyone can learn the basics of Divi and create a website. But as you peel back the layers, you can find that there is more and more powerful features that will allow you to build complex, high functioning websites. So as you peel back the layers of the Divi onion, you may come to find that having a seasoned professional to teach you the ins and outs, the do’s and don’ts, and the best practices of Divi is not only a good idea but essential for your success in both the short term and the longer term. Instead of asking yourself, ‘can I afford to take this course?’ you should ask yourself, ‘can I afford NOT to take this course?’. When you factor in the time-savings of learning the right things in the right order as well as the cost savings of avoiding doing the wrong things that can potentially break yours or your client’s website, taking one of our Divi courses is far less costly than not.

In addition to our Divi courses here at Divi Life teaching you the best practices of Divi itself, our courses also teach you other fundamental things for your web design and online business journey. For example, Divi Creator Pro goes far beyond teaching you how to use Divi, and focuses on teaching you how to build valuable websites for your clients that will give them a lead generation or revenue generating machine, instead of just a pretty online brochure that most web designers create.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or newer in your journey, we highly recommend taking a look at our Divi courses.

Please note: our courses are not included in our All Access Pass membership. The All Access Pass is for products only (plugins, layouts, child themes).