A Comprehensive Course on How to Get Organic Traffic from Google

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Learn How to Obtain Long-Term, Sustainable, Organic Search Traffic 🔥

Getting lots of high quality traffic from the search engines is not secret wizardy like some people may think. 🧙‍♂️

But it can be tricky without the right process!

Divi SEO Pro is a 6 week course that uncovers the “mystical secrets” of SEO and lays them out in an easy to understand repeteable process!

In this course, you’ll learn how to obtain sustainable organic search engine traffic for yourself and your clients! We’ll even teach you how to sell SEO as an add-on recurring revenue service too! 🥳

By the End of This Program You Will:

Have a Proven & Repeatable SEO Strategy

Our course goes beyond just teaching the basics (although it’s beginner friendly!). Divi SEO Pro will give you a systematic SEO strategy that you can repeat again and again so you can rank your websites & client websites in the search engines.

Know How to Rank Websites in Google

A lot of people think SEO is magical wizardy that happens to rank high in Google. It’s not too complicated once you understand how it works, but it’s also not a magic keyboard shortcut either. Just a proven process!

Be a Master at Content Marketing

The best SEO strategy is a content strategy, and that’s exactly what we teach in our course. Divi SEO Pro will give you a full step by step content marketing strategy, plus teach you the strategy of why our process works. 

Have an SEO Service Blueprint to Upsell

Selling recurring SEO service packages is incredibly profitable, but can be tricky to do correctly (clients often have unrealistic expectations). We’ll teach you how to develop this service in your business & how to sell it effectively to clients!

Be a Keyword Research Master

The key to SEO is content, and the key to knowing what content to produce is keyword research. By the end of Divi SEO Pro, you’ll be able to perform keyword research in your sleep (not really, but you’ll be really good!).

Have the On-Site SEO Process Perfected

On-Site SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. With our clear process, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to ensure all your i’s are dotted and your t’s crossed. And no, it’s not about what SEO plugin you use (hint: they all work).

Divi Speed Pro Training Modules

Module One

SEO Foundations

You have to crawl before you walk! This module is about teaching you all the basics of how search engines work, the terminology/lingo, an overview of the SEO process, how keyword research works, and the tools we’ll be using.


  • What SEO is & Isn’t (& the #1 Key to Ranking)
  • Keyword Research for Newbies (& Pros)
  • The SEO Tools You’ll Want for Maximum Impact
Module Two

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO is everything that happens on your actual website from an SEO perspective, so obviously it’s incredibly important. There’s things you can do to set yourself up for success, as well as some outdated tactics you need to stay away from. We’ll teach you all of it!


  • The Content Architecture Strcuture & Hierarchy 
  • How to Set up an SEO Plugin & What to Use
  • The Importance of Core Web Vitals
Module Three

Off Site SEO

Not every part of SEO happens on your own website. There’s a big part that happens from other websites that will play a big part in how well you rank (or don’t rank). After all, no well ranking website is an island. You have to build relationships & create valuable content.


  • The Modern Link Building Strategy
  • The “Magnetic SEO” Strategy
  • Getting Social to Boost SEO
Module Four

Content Marketing Strategy

Great Content is the key to SEO. But you don’t create content just to create content. Creating content that you think your audience will value is like driving to an unknown location without a map.


  • How to Know What Content to Create (K.R.)
  • How to Create Content Worth Creating
  • How to 10x the Value of Your Content with 1 Simple Hack
Module Five

Local SEO

Local SEO & Google My Business is crucial for local businesses that want local traffic from Google. This module uncovers how to rank localy with a repeatable process that anyone can follow.


  • The Local Keyword Research Process
  • Google My Business & How to Properly Optimize
  • The Importance of Reviews & How to Get Them
  • Local Links & Why They Matter
Module Six

SEO as a Service

Clients are willing to pay a high recurring fee to help them rank in Google (either locally, nationally/internationally). This module is all about helping you structure this service so that you can over-deliver value while maximizing your profit. 


  • How to Structure Your SEO Service
  • How to Manage & Deliver SEO Tasks for Clients
  • How to Sell SEO Packages to New/Existing Clients

Divi SEO Pro Bonuses

Bonus #2

Private Students-Only Facebook Group

The exclusive students-only Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, get feedback, and interact with Tim and the Divi Life team, as well as other students too. Whether you need clarification on the lesson content from the course, or need a sounding board for feedback on your business, we’ll be there for you and ready to help in the Facebook group!

— More Coming Soon —

We’re cooking up some additional amazing bonuses for you that will be revealed shortly!

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Questions About Divi SEO Pro?

What happens after I enroll in Divi SEO Pro?

After you join Divi SEO Pro, our system will automatically create you an account on our learning platform. You’ll get immediate access to the student portal and you can start on the content right away. You’ll also receive information on how to joi our weekly live coaching calls to get guidance and ask questions.

Can I watch at my own convenience?

Yes, absolutely! Our courses are recorded live to give those that want to attend live the opportunity to watch in real time. But if you can’t attend live, or don’t want to attend live, then you can watch at your own inconvenience whenever you want, just like any other online course. Our student portal includes the lesson videos with chapter titles, video transcripts, lesson files, and more. Our goal is to make you as productive as possible while you consume the content. You will never lose access to the course content either, so you can go back and watch as many times as you want!

Is the course content lifetime access?

Yes! You will never lose access to the course content. You can go back and watch as many times as you want. And when we update the content and add more lessons, you will automatically get access to those too, without having to pay more!

Why does the course cost so much?

We firmly believe that Divi SEO Pro is an incredible value for everything included. However, money is money, and we get that!

Firsly, we don’t want money to be the reason you don’t join!

When someone says that something is “too expensive” there’s usually two different sides to this.

1) You simply don’t have the cash.

If that’s the case, we have an awesome payment plan to make it easier for you!

2) You don’t think the value of the program justifies the cost of the program.

If it’s the second option above, then we apologize that we did not do a better job communicating the value. Learning how to generate organic traffic from search engines is an invaluable skill that has the potential to make you thousands and thousands of dollars for years to come. Plus, our SEO as a Service module will show you exactly how to create a recurring revenue service you can sell to your existing and new clients. Clients are willing and able to pay you top dollar get them ranking int he search engines.

How to Join Divi SEO Pro

Payment Plan

(for 4 months)

All Modules & Bonuses!

Module 1: SEO Foundations

Module 2: On-Site SEO

Module 3: Off-Site SEO

Module 4: Content Marketing Strategy

Module 5: Local SEO

Module 6: SEO as a Service

Bonus #1: The Speed Optimizers Cheetsheet

Bonus #2: Students-Only Facebook Group

Bonus #3: The Speed Testing Logging Worksheet

Divi SEO Pro – Full Pay

(1 Payment, Lifetime Access)

All Modules & Bonuses!

Module 1: SEO Foundations

Module 2: On-Site SEO

Module 3: Off-Site SEO

Module 4: Content Marketing Strategy

Module 5: Local SEO

Module 6: SEO as a Service

Bonus #1: The Speed Optimizers Cheetsheet

Bonus #2: Students-Only Facebook Group

Bonus #3: The Speed Testing Logging Worksheet

Enrollment is Open! Join Today!

Tens of Thousands of Happy Customers

Divi Creator Pro — and I thought I knew how to build a website!

You know how when you need a little help on something, you seek out a trusted friend, mentor, expert—someone who is knowledgable about the issue, has always given you good, solid advice, carefully explained, and who genuinely wants you to benefit from it?

I design websites, but from a graphic designer’s point of view. I don’t even know much css. And I hate analytics, updating all the time, all that “maintenance” stuff. I have the DiviLife lifetime membership, which means those plugins and layouts will always be auto-updated, which is fantastic. And I’ve used several of the DiviLife plugins to make my websites really sizzle. If I’m ever stuck their support team gives me a quick, easy solution. Point is, I love DiviLife.

So when I heard about the DiviLife Creator Pro course, I was intrigued. It taught efficiency, interactive UX, profit maximizing for our web design business, digital traffic, and most importantly, goal-focused websites.

I signed up. But you know what the clincher was that made me place the order? Tim Strifler, the teacher himself. I have a lot of respect for Tim. Signing up was sort of a thank you for always treating me so well in the past (like a trusted friend) and for producing such excellent products.

What I didn’t expect was to realize in the first hour of the course it’s going to pay for itself many times over. (Tim explained so many features about Divi and DiviLife that I didn’t even know about, it was exciting to apply those to the current website I was just starting to work on.)

Besides that, did I learn anything in the Divi Creator Pro course? Only that I’ve been building websites somewhat backwards, inefficiently, spending way too much effort in my comfort zone of animation and typography, and that I can make a lot more money delivering what the clients actually need—so they make a lot more money, too.

There was a tremendous amount of information to absorb, but Tim made sure it was not going to be lost on us. There are replays of each lesson and extensive notes in text form as well as the running chat, with markers corresponding to the video, on the Divi Creator Pro Facebook page. (That alone is a great way to stay connected to each and every member in the course. We share insights and information with each other, too.)

The professional quality of the webinar video, excellent training slides, and the crisp, clear, studio-quality audio made each session comfortable and enjoyable. (Speaking of which, although each lesson was scheduled for a certain amount of time, Tim generously stayed with us until every topic and every question was addressed.) Even Tims’s “set” was pleasant to look at with its nice lighting and colors. And if you’re a dog lover, his pooch was usually lounging in the background.

Tim is totally transparent, sharing his own methods and insights, even letting us in on how he does his own marketing (like he says, “You signed up, didn’t you?”) I must say, once he gets us to sign up, he delivers 100% and more on what he promises.

As for the Q&A, I really admired how respectful Tim was with each question, no matter how “dumb” (most of mine, I’m sure) nor off-topic. He was absolutely not condescending, but welcomed every single question and delivered helpful answers. He also allowed the students to offer their experience and knowledge, which was very helpful. (All of that is in the replays, as the chat streams are also included.)

Great video, great sound, replays, notes, cute dog, etc….that would mean nothing if it weren’t for the well-organized content, a wealth of information in each lesson, Tim’s pleasant, conversational way of teaching, his clear and well-enunciated speech, likeable personality with a great sense of humor, and absolutely genuine caring about each and every one of us.

Would I take the course again? No way—I’ll watch the replays.

Instead, I’m going to take Tim’s NEXT course all about SEO!

Chaz DeSimone

This course has been extremely infomrmative…

This course has been extremely informative. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their services to their customers or demand more for those services

Larry Van Deusen

Divi Creator Pro – So Much Knowledge Gained!!!

Divi Creator Pro Course is so WORTH IT!!! I’ve taken many courses that has helped me in some way or the other. But this course is hands down the best course I’ve taken that is going to help me and my web design business so much. It combines Divi Life Products with strategies on how to make high-converting websites which is something I’ve been trying to learn. I love the fact that these are live classes for 6 weeks because it helps me stay on top of courses. Having access to Tims knowledge and the facebook group has been so great. I’m so happy I bought this course. If you’re looking for strategy then this is the course to buy

Jaredd Franco

Easy to learn from!
I especially enjoy the teaching style of the trainer, Tim. He made learning easy. I have already levelled up my expertise thanks to Divi Life training.

Larry Hearn

DIVI Creator Pro Course
I just completed the DIVI Creator Pro course by Tim and I highly, highly recommend this course. I have been a customer of several of Tim’s DIVI product and I have been very please with these DIVI tools (especially the DIVI Modules suite). This course provided a lot of details and filled in the gaps that I had with DIVI overall. I especially like Tim’s teaching style and his detailed descriptions and patience. One of my biggest take-aways is his presentation and guidance for building “value-based” website. So if you are looking for an in-depth DIVI course … THIS IS THE ONE!
THX. L. Hodge

L. R. Hodge

The “must have” companion to the Divi Builder!

The courses and products from DiviLife are top notch. The Divi tools are powerful yet easy to use and will take your website design and functionality to new heights.

Jeff G.

Create Better WordPress Sites with Divi Life & Divi Creator Pro
First off, I love Divi Life’s products! I’m a lifetime member and have not regretted it one bit. I just recently took the Divi Creator Pro course by Divi Life and it was a game changer! The content was great and well put together. Tim did a phenomenal job in presenting the material. He’s also very great about answering your questions. I would highly recommend taking a course from Tim and Divi Life!

Rebecca Belcher

Divi Life Creator Pro Workshop is Outstanding!
Divi Life Creator Pro Workshop is crazy helpful and eye-opening. It goes beyond Divi and covers literally everything Tim has learned in his career. I highly recommend this course.

Marion Trent

An Invaluable Resource & Great Experience
I am a relative newbie to WP and Divi. In my search to learn about Divi, I came across DiviLife and the Divi Creator Pro course. It has been tremendously helpful. I have learned how the Divi theme works in general. I have learned important basic design elements. I have learned how to create a much better UX for a page, making the page interactive without clutter and unnecessary distractions. At the end of each session, I am excited to implement my new learning. Interestingly, there are a range of skill levels represented among course participants, and everyone appears to be learning new skills and gaining new ideas. Not only are we learning from Tim Strifler, the course instructor, but we also learn from each other through the informal chat. Course participants have been very helpful in sharing their knowledge, insights, and resources. Speaking of Tim Strifler, he is an excellent instructor. He knows the material extremely well and is always personable, professional, and polite. The time flies past. I highly recommend Divi Creator Pro to anyone wanting to learn more about Divi.

Luke Schmidt

Divi Creator Pro is a great course for anyone wanting to provide real value to their Divi clients!
Tim with Divi Life did a great job with the Divi Creator Pro course! Having a live course is very helpful, and he made it interactive and very informative. This course worth much more than I paid for it. There’s so much information in there. I’m glad it’s recorded so that I can watch it over and over. The course teaches some great opportunities to optimize your current workflow, reuse things that allow you to get more done in the same amount of time, and a lot of other things, but one thing that I found great value in was how he teaches to create goal driven services!

Jason Egan

Divi Creator Pro

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience taking the Divi Creator Pro course from Tim Strifler at Divilife.com. The content was amazing and Tim’s knowledge and ability to present the concepts and answer questions really added to the experience. I have already implemented concepts from the course in my business!

It is well worth the investment of money and time to take the Divi Creator Pro Course.

Dave C

Tim is very dedicated in his teaching
Tim is very dedicated in his teaching. Don’t hesitate to jump on a course with one of the many topics Tim covers. It’s really rewarding.

Dorthe Dee

Very valuable and enjoyable training
Very valuable and enjoyable training! We already build with Divi and DiviLife products are already in use in some of our builds. Divi Creator Pro training, with its cornerstone idea of goal focused websites and relationship building through calls to action and value offers in marketing, has certainly been helpful. The specific marketing flow diagrams made the plans easy to follow. The student resources will definitely be added to our reference toolkit!