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Unlimited Access to  All of Our Divi ProductsOur Popular Divi PluginsOur Amazing Child ThemesDivi Modules Prothe Divi Overlays PluginDivi Hacks PluginDivi Bricks Layouts Our Amazing Support Team

The Divi Life All Access Pass is the Ultimate Divi Toolkit— Get Unlimited Access to our entire Divi Product Portfolio for one insanely awesome price.

Divi Overlays – A Game-Changing Plugin for Creating Popups, Content Overlays & More

Divi Overlays was a game-changer when it was released in 2017, and continues to push the limits of what can be done with Divi by giving you access to a whole new layer of your website— in the form of popups and content overlays, that can be created using the Divi Builder.

Since Divi Overlays is powered by the Divi Builder, you can add anything you want to the popup/overlay, and design it to look the way you want.

Design Popups Visually with Divi

We invented the “drag and drop” popup builder when we released Divi Overlays in 2017. And as Divi has become more and more powerful and easy to use, so has Divi Overlays!

Design your popups visually with Divi’s Visual Builder, and experience the power of the world’s ultimate design tool for popups.

Loads of Popup Templates Included

Designing your Divi popups or overlays is super easy (thanks to the Divi Builder!), but to make things even easier we have created loads of gorgeous popup templates that you can easily import to hit the ground running with Divi Overlays. Use the templates as-is, or as a starting point to create something special for your unique website.
All of these
Templates include free

Divi Mega Pro – Create Gorgeous Mega Menus + Mega Tooltips

When you can create your Mega Menu using the Divi Builder, it opens up so many possibilities letting you add anything you can imagine to your Mega Menu.

Divi Mega Pro let’s you do just that, plus you can take that functionality anywhere on the page, creating a brand new way to show content to your visitors: The Mega ToolTip.

Give Your Visitors More Options or Content – With A Simple Hover or a Click

Whether you’re giving your users more options in the form of a mega menu, or quick access to more content, Divi Mega Pro makes it easy… for you and your users.

Divi Bars – Drop in Promo Bars, Cookie Notices, & More

The Divi Bars plugin is a promo bar…to the max. Using the Divi Builder, you can craft gorgeous promotions with countdown timers, subscribe forms, and anything else you want. Divi Bars allows you to do things that are just not possible with other tools.

Since Divi Bars is powered by the Divi Builder, you can add things like subscribe forms, countdown timers, contact forms, buttons, videos, background images, or anything else!

Lots of Ways to Trigger Your Divi Bar

You can set your Divi Bar to load instantly, or after a delay. Or if you want to get fancy, you can trigger your Divi Bar after the user scroll’s a certain amount of the page! Or, our favorite, exit-intent trigger which will show your Divi Bar just before the user leaves the page!

Do you want to trigger it manually? With Divi Bars you can set a click trigger on any Divi module/section/row, text link, menu link, etc.

Divi Bars gives you so many incredible features to promote your sale!

The Divi Bar is Your Canvas, Divi Builder is your Brush

Divi Bars doesn’t constrain your creativity with limited controls. Divi Bars utilizes custom post types, giving you the entire Divi Builder at your finger tips. Put anything you like in your Divi Bar, using the builder you already know and love.

Divi Modules Pro – Everything you need to build stunning. Divi websites faster than ever before!

Divi Modules Pro is a single plugin that get’s installed to your Divi website just like any other WordPress plugin. Once installed, you’ll have all of our incredible Pro modules that you can add to any Divi powered page. Plus, you can choose to disable any modules that you don’t plan on using.

This will keep the modules from displaying in the list of modules in the Divi Builder, but more importantly, it will prevent the plugin from loading resources for those unused modules!

Only the Best Modules

With Divi Modules Pro we’re focused on adding only the modules you need, without any of the fluff!

We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to adding new modules to Divi Modules Pro. Plus, our All Access Pass members will get to submit new module requests as well as vote on the new modules we’ll be adding.

Gorgeous Layout Packs Included

All of our Divi Modules include several demo layouts that are available for free to all customers of Divi Modules Pro.

Additionally, we have Divi module layout packs for select modules that are available exclusively to members of our Divi Life All Access Pass. These layout packs give you dozens of starting points that take the modules even further. Use them as-is, or customize them!

Divi Hacks – The Ultimate, All-in-One Divi Customization Plugin.

Divi Hacks is the Ultimate “All in One” Divi customization plugin. Once you install the plugin, you get access to hundreds of customization options (known as “Hacks”) that help you transform your Divi website easily.

With just a few clicks, you can enable any “Hack” within the Divi Hacks Plugin Interface. From Headers and Footers, to Blog Grids and Mobile Menus, Divi Hacks lets you customize every aspect of your Divi website. You’ll wonder how you ever built Divi websites before Divi Hacks!

Divi Hacks also has some incredible “effects” to create things like custom reveals, popups, mega menus, closeable elements, and so much more!

Divi Bricks – Building Blocks for Incredible Divi Websites

Divi Bricks is our complete collection of Divi Layouts you can use to craft beautiful Divi websites easier and faster than ever before.

Divi Bricks are like LEGO Bricks for Your Divi websites. Mix and match our pre-designed building blocks then customize to match your brand and designed style. Building websites just got easier!

With HUNDREDS of bricks and counting, Divi Bricks includes just about every type of website section imaginable: headers/footers, team member sections, pricing tables, contact forms, hero sections, feature blurbs, services sections, and so much more!

See All of the Layouts Included in Divi Bricks

Divi Bricks includes building blocks for every part of your website— and we’re constantly adding new layouts too! We have everything you need to build your website brick by brick.

12 eCommerce Products & Counting

The Divi Life All Access Pass membership includes an enture suite of incredible eCommerce products for Divi and WooCommerce. We have everything you need to take your online store to the next level, which will help you or your clients sell more!

Divi WooCommerce Pro

Divi WooCommerce Pro is the Ultimate & Most Powerful eCommerce Child Theme for Divi!

With dozens of features designed to help you (or your client) sell more, we’ve taken the heavy lifting out of building a conversion-focused online store with Divi.

With full Divi Theme Builder integration, Divi WooCommerce Pro includes custom header and footers, custom shop/category pages, and multiple custom product page templates. Divi WooCommerce Pro truly is the most powerful & beautiful Divi eCommerce child theme.

Divi Side Cart for WooCommerce

Divi Side Cart is a sleek, user-friendly cart plugin for Divi and WooCommerce that elegantly slides out to reveal what’s in the cart. You can display this automatically after a product is added to cart, as well as trigger the cart on click from the floating icon.

Everything about this plugin is highly customizable, giving you full control over the entire experience for your shoppers!

Divi Cart Module

The Divi Cart Module allows you to drop in your WooCommerce cart count and total anywhere on your page, header, footer, etc. The customizable module is easy to use, and gives you the control you need to display the cart count beautifuly.

Pro tip: Pair this plugin with our Divi Side Cart plugin shown above for best results!

10+ Gorgeous eCommerce Child Themes for WooCommerce

Our growing number of Divi eCommerce child themes are perfect to jump start your next online store with gorgeous design & industry leading functionality. Take a look at the suite of eCommerce child themes below, and become a member today to download and start building!

Gorgeous Child Themes For the Most Popular Industries

With 35 child themes and counting, we have a gorgeous template for all the most popular types of businesses you’ll be building websites for. Plus, every child theme can be easily customized to match any project you have in the works.

Matching Templates for Our Plugins

Our gorgeous child themes also include matching templates for Divi Overlays, Divi Bars, and Divi Mega Pro!

Each Child Theme includes popup/overlay templates, promo bar templates, and mega menu or mega tooltip templates.

Designing awesome websites with great functionality just got faster and easier.

In the Pipeline…

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on deck!

Divi Landing Pages Designed to Convert

Our landing page layouts of course look great, but they also are designed with best-practice conversion optimization in mind to help you or your clients grow an email list, sell a product, obtain leads, or more.

An Overview of What’s Included

The Divi Life All Access Pass is the Ultimate toolbox for powering your Divi website. Here’s a high level view of the benefits.

Must-Have Divi Plugins

Divi Overlays, Divi Hacks, Divi Mega Pro, Divi Modules Pro, Divi Dashboard and more! Take your Divi website to all new heights with our very popular plugins for Divi!

Gorgeous Divi Child Themes

From our gorgeous eCommerce child themes to our niche industry child themes, the All Access Pass gets you EVERYTHING! Plus, new Child Themes will be released regularly!

Conversion Landing Pages

From our gorgeous eCommerce child themes to our niche industry child themes, the All Access Pass gets you EVERYTHING! Plus, new Child Themes will be released regularly!

Video Tutorials & Docs

Whether you prefer to learn with video, or text and screenshots, we got you covered. Our products are powerful, and the docs help you take full advantage.

Access to Future Products

Not only do members get all of our current products, but you’ll also get all future products too, and you’ll get access before they’re on sale to the public.

INSANE Savings and Value

The cost of all of our products combined is thousands, but you can save over 80% being a member and getting access to all of our products for one low price!

Top Notch Support

From our gorgeous eCommerce child themes to our niche industry child themes, the All Access Pass gets you EVERYTHING! Plus, new Child Themes will be released regularly!

Locked In Saving Forever

As we add more products and value, the price will increase. However, as long as your subscription remains active, you’ll keep the same low price forever!

All Products Included

Here’s the full view of every product currently included in the Divi Life All Access Pass.

eCommerce Child Themes

Business & Agencies

Food & Restaurants

Professional Services

Construction Services

Bloggers & Content Focused

1,000+ Layouts included in Divi Bricks with brand new layouts just added! 😍

Divi Bricks are like LEGO Bricks for Your Divi websites, helping you build the perfect website one building block at a time.

Bricks for Every Part of Your Website:

  • Headers & Footers
  • Contact Sections
  • Pricing Tables
  • Hero Sections
  • About Sections
  • 404 Pages
  • Coming Soon Pages
  • Toggle Sections
  • Testimonial Sections NEW!
  • Feature Sections NEW!
  • Call to Action Sections NEW!
  • Services Sections NEW!
  • & so much more!

All Access Pass Pricing

Choose Annual or Lifetime Membership (Lifetime Membership is going away soon)

Annual Membership

(Annual Subscription)

 Access to All Divi Plugins (21+)

Access to All Divi Modules (15+)

Access to All Divi Child Themes (39+)

Access to All Divi Layouts (1,000+)

Use All Products on Unlimited Websites

Access to All Future Products

All Design Templates Included

Video & Article Documentation

1 Year of Updates & Support

Renews Yearly 

Lifetime Membership


(One Time Fee, Lifetime Access)

Access to All Divi Plugins (21+)

Access to All Divi Modules (15+)

Access to All Divi Child Themes (39+)

Access to All Divi Layouts (1,000+)

Use All Products on Unlimited Websites

Access to All Future Products

All Design Templates Included

Video & Article Documentation

Lifetime Updates & support

1 Time Fee

The Annual membership saves $2,805/year and the Lifetime membership saves $5,957, compared to purchasing all of our products separately! That’s a discount of roughly 95% off for either membership! 🔥

See What Others Are Saying About Our Products

There’s nothing quite like 100% organic and unsolicited testimonials from happy customers! Social Proof at it’s finest!

(from the official Divi Facebook Group)


Hundreds of Verified Reviews & Counting

DIVI Life is Essential for my business!

“DIVI Life is Essential for my business!

I obtained DIVI Life’s All Access and every single product has enhanced my web development aspect of my business.

My clients are happy and so am I”

Mikel Martinez

Fantastic Resource for Divi Sites
My company, Spin Modern, has been using Divi Life products for over 4 years now. They are the best add-ons available for using the Divi Theme. We highly recommend Divi Life.

David E. Flanagan Jr

Completely resolved my complex problem!

The customer support that I received for a very technical issue – including integration with a 3rd-party product – was absolutely fantastic. Shafaq stuck with me until they resolved the issue, including updating their product, to meet my needs. I’m very happy with the results!

Roger Balettie

Great developers

“I got the All Access Pass and had a challenge with one of Divi Life’s plugins for a special use case causing unique issues. The support team was more than helpful and took care by updating the plugin just for my case so that I could keep my deadline. Great communication! Great plugins!

Thank You Shafaq and nameless Techy!”

Smūk Addikt

Superb products and even better tech support
I just started using the Divilife products, including the Divibars, Divi Overlays and MegaPro. Use of these products are very intuitive and straightforward, and the video tutorials cover most of what you need to know. BUT, if you run into trouble, as I did when I was trying to make the products jump through hoops (e.g. calling an overlay from an overlay, using the Divibar button to call an overlay, etc) where it was not exactly clear how to do it, I can tell you that tech support was EXCELLENT. I didn’t have to wait more than 24 hours usually to get my answer. If it was something that they needed to actually login to my site to see what was the problem, they were able to do it quickly and most of the time fixed it while they
were there and then told me what I had done wrong. Really impressed. I am a retired IT VP for a global pharmaceutical company and believe me I know good tech support when I see it. Divilife has it.

Jose Angel Ramirez

Great Products and top class support…

Great Products and top class support what more could we ask for!

Highly recommended, so much I am considering a lifetime subscription!

j w

Great products for Divi page bulder
I just came back to Divi after leaving for another page bulder for little while and bought Divi Live ALL ACCESS pass to help me and partner with our agency. I’m very happy with the products. I’ve used Divi Overlays and Divi Agnecy Child Theme so far and they work pretty well, easy to use. I first thought Divi Overlys was broken but it turned out to be Divi bug that Divi Life support helped me solve. I just hope and pray that Divi Life keeps adding new producs to the pass.

Sebastian Funar

Divi Life and the value of the membership and quality products

All I want to say is the software and the service has been a fantastic experience. Any issues I have had they have sorted out for me in no time. The products do exactly what they say and they have a good backup of tutorials available to watch. The service was so good I went for life membership and the service stayed above and beyond. If you are thinking of joining the membership then I would highly recommend Tim and his team.

Ray Miles

Long Time User

I’ve been using Divi Life products and support for a few years now and Carlos has always done a fantastic job of answering my questions swiftly while informing me of the solution.

Laurence Wayne Lee

Best support I have honestly ever received

It’s not often that an interaction with a customer support agent can brighten your day- it’s actually more often the opposite. Carlos at Divi Life gave me the best support I have honestly ever received, and even helped me find a solution to something I had wanted to know for years that will help my process so much. Couldn’t be happier 🙂 Thanks so much!


Divi Life was super helpful

Divi Life was super helpful. Not only did they provide excellent support, but they were also very friendly, rapid, and understanding. They went above and beyond all expectations when I had an issue with my site and provided different versions of their plugin and detailed instructions for troubleshooting issues. I would highly recommend their products and service.

Michele Schaffer Le Merdy

An Absolute Must For Divi Designers

With so many options out there to add features and functionality to your website, there is nothing more important than finding solutions that work with your theme. Designing websites exclusively with Divi, DiviLife has provided the solutions I need for each of my websites without causing extreme code conflict between Divi and plugins. However, with the constant updates inside of Divi, there are times when DiviLife solutions struggle a bit. That’s when their amazing support team jumps in to save the day. Every time I’ve reached out to the support team, they are willing to jump in and help me solve the problem. And honestly, I feel like I can be a better designer knowing there are some things I don’t have to stress about

Dustin Olsen

If your a Divi user, you need the DiviLife all access membership!

Worth every penny, especially if you plan on creating a lot of websites with divi. Bought the lifetime membership for black friday and i’ve only used a few products so far but really really impressive, especially for the price. highly recommend and very very happy. the only setback I had was fixed by the famous permalink updating which I can’t really blame on anyone but wordpress, although a bit of feedback- if divilife had the fix in documentation it would have saved me time self troubleshooting. but still, the products are amazing, plugins especially . keep up the great work guys!


I highly recommend Divi Life and the awesome plugins…

I highly recommend Divi Life and the awesome plugins and themes for Divi that they have created! I came across “Divi Overlays” after searching for “best Divi pop up builder” in Google. I bought the single site license right away and started creating popups using the prepackaged templates (basic but worked well enough). The plugin worked great so I quickly upped my account to Lifetime plan, and then when Tim launched his ALL ACCESS I joined IMMEDIATELY. I’ve only contacted support once, but the team solved my issue pretty quickly (although it took about 12 hours to hear from them).

Kathy Doyle

No signs of fizzling out
In a world where MANY subscriptions (especially lifetime license purchases) fizzle out, these guys continue to add value to my lifetime license. Easily the best investment in my Divi arsenal aside from Divi itself! Also, they’ve always been very on top of it with any support requests I’ve submitted.

Jonathan Dolan

LOVE Divilife apps

LOVE Divilife apps! Especially Divi Overlays, Divi Mega Pro, Divi Bars! They really create so many awesome functions you can add to any website that aren’t just good looking, but extremely functional and useful for a website visitor to have a good experience and be impressed. Their tech support has been fast and efficient to extend a helping hand.

Gar B

Fantastic customer support

Fantastic plug-ins, solutions and customer support!

As an all access pass member I can definitely recommend divilife plug-ins and their fantastic and friendly customer support. Service team member Shafaq always provided quick answers and solutions – even when the issue turned out to be unrelated to the actual divilife product!


Divi Life’s All Access Pass to their entire library of products is incredible.
Divi Life’s All Access Pass to their entire library of products is incredible. It provides all the additional tools needed to create a full-featured website including SEO, and marketing integrations. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of the Lifetime All Access Pass.

John J.

I purchased the DiviLife Lifetime…
I purchased the DiviLife Lifetime Access Membership immediately after purchasing my Divi Lifetime subscription with Elegant Themes. I saw DiviLife promoting their membership as “the ultimate companion to the Divi Theme” and that is 100% true! It adds so many great features and tools to Divi. I couldn’t find the templates so I reached out, and they immediately showed me where to go to download them. The templates themselves are GREAT idea) I’m a novice and NOT a designer so templates are a huge timesaver. Highly recommend DiviLife.

Michelle Atkinson

Tim went above and beyond to personally…
Tim went above and beyond to personally assist me with Divi Life and that was really appreciated! He helped me and my organization with our Divi created website needs. He was very quick to contact me and I highly recommend him and his great products. We happily purchased his lifetime all access package. Thanks Tim:)
Doug Gray


Divi Life is Top Notch
Divi Life is Top Notch
I have been an all access pass lifetime member for 2 years. Saved so much time on basic development details that are prebuilt. Really like the child theme options and Divi Bricks layouts. Plenty to choose from to speed the development along. I definitely got my money’s worth and more from the purchase.

Richard James

Questions About the Divi Life All Access Pass?

Does the membership include all future products too?

Yes! As long as you have either an active annual membership, or the Lifetime membership, you will automatically receive all future products we release without paying anything more! That means you get ALL of our current Divi plugins, Divi child themes, and Divi layouts, PLUS all future products too!

Can I use the products in the membership on websites I build for clients?

Absolutely! We encourage our customers to use our products on websites they build for clients. In fact, this membership was designed with professional web designers in mind who create a lot of websites for clients and need a complete toolkit of awesome products at their fingertips!

How many websites can I use the products on?

You can use the products on unlimited websites that you build for yourself or for clients. We have some customers that have been a member since the beginning, and have our products on hundreds of websites that they have built over the years!

We do have a “fair use” policy that prohibits any type of abuse, however 99.9% of customers will never need to worry about this.

Will the price of the membership be increased ever?

Yes, we periodically raise the price of the membership to reflect the value of new products that have been added. However, the increased price only applies to new customers. If you have an existing annual subscription, or a Lifetime membership, then you won’t need to worry about this. Additionally, we give plenty of warning before the price increases.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

Firstly, that is unlikely to happen. We strive to go above and beyond for our customers with excellent products and exceptional support (please read our reviews above). However, if something does not work the way it should, we will happily get it fixed for you or we’ll give you a full refund, guranteed. We never leave customers hanging, and we fix every bug reported to us.

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