Divi Layouts

Divi Layouts are like pre-made page templates for your Divi website. Layouts in Divi utilize Divi’s built in portability system to allow you to easily import and export layouts. When you purchase a Divi Layout or Layout Pack from us at Divi Life, you can get up and running in seconds by easily importing directly to your page.

Our Divi Layouts are designed to both look great and convert well. Styled for leading markets yet extremely adaptable.

Divi Bricks Layouts

Like LEGO Bricks for your website! Hundreds of building blocks to quickly build websites faster (& better) than ever before!

1,000+ Layouts included in Divi Bricks with brand new layouts just added! 😍

Divi Bricks are like LEGO Bricks for Your Divi websites, helping you build the perfect website one building block at a time.

Build your websites faster than ever with Divi + Divi Bricks. Mix and match our pre-designed building blocks then customize to match your brand and designed style. Building websites just got easier!

Bricks for Every Part of Your Website:

  • Headers & Footers
  • Contact Sections
  • Pricing Tables
  • Hero Sections
  • About Sections
  • 404 Pages
  • Coming Soon Pages
  • Toggle Sections
  • Testimonial Sections NEW!
  • Feature Sections NEW!
  • Call to Action Sections NEW!
  • Services Sections NEW!
  • & so much more!

All Access Pass

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About Our Divi Layouts

Divi is an incredibly powerful and robust website design tool. But designing from scratch is never easy, even if the tool you’re using is intuitive. It’s much easier to customize something that’s already there, than it is to create from a blank slate. And that’s where our Divi Layouts come in!

Our Divi Layouts are designed to help you “hit the ground running” and get your website designed quickly and easily. Rather than trying to dream up the perfect website from scratch, we’ve done the heavy lifting design work for you with our layouts. Now all you have to do is swap out the content and change the colors to match your brand, and you’re done! Of course, you can also use our layouts as a “jumping off point” and customize to your heart’s content. We have customers that will use our layouts but will then customize the layouts beyond recognition. And we love this! The layouts allowed them to design something they couldn’t have done ont heir own!

You’ll notice on this page, we have a big emphasis on our Divi Bricks layout pack. This is our flagship layout product because it includes thousands of Divi layouts in the form of “website blocks” (or bricks) that you can use to build your website— piece by piece! Divi Bricks are like LEGO bricks but for website building. We have deconstructed every aspect of the website and built dozens of variations for each and every part. You can mix and match and build the perfect website that meets your goals.

Have you seen our All Access Pass membeship? It includes all of the amazing Divi Layouts (including Divi Bricks!) that are shown on this page! Plus, our All Access Pass also includes our incredible Divi Plugins and Divi Child Themes. It really is the ultimate Divi Toolbox for creating beautiful websites with Divi that go above and beyond in both design and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Divi Layouts?

Short Answer: Divi Layouts are pre-made website pages or pre-made sections of a website page for the Divi Theme Page Builder. You can easily import layouts into the Divi Builder to help you create Divi websites more quickly.

You may still be a bit confused, and that’s okay. Especially if you’re new to website building, or new to WordPress and/or Divi, it can be a bit confusing to understand how Divi Layouts work.

Let’s jump into an example. Let’s say you’re building a landing page for a law firm. You could start completely from scratch, which would take a long time, and take a lot of design experience for the end result to look professional and eye-catching, and also include best-practice conversion principles. The alternative (and common method) is to use a Divi Layout (or a Divi Child Theme template). So you choose the Divi Life Legal Landing Page Template shown above, and within a few seconds you have a gorgeous landing page designed specifically for law firms made with conversion marketing best practices. Now you can customize the landing page as little or as much as you like.

For another example, let’s say you wanted to create a custom header for a website. Designing and building headers/menus in Divi can be tricky. Instead, you can download a gorgeous custom Divi header from Divi Bricks (150+ inlcluded!), and within a few seconds, you have a new website header and navigation menu!

What is the Difference Between Divi Layouts and Divi Child Themes?

This is a very common question. Divi Layouts are pre-made page templates (or a template for a part of a page) for Divi, while Divi Child Themes are pre-made website templates for the entire website. Both Divi Layouts and Divi Child Themes are made specifically and exclusively for the Divi Page Builder, but layouts are for a single page or one part of a page (pricing tables for example), while child themes are full website templates. We have a full in-depth guide on Divi Child Themes, if you’d like to learn more about child themes, or you can take a look at our premium child theme templates that are available for purchase.

It’s worth noting that Divi does have “Layout Packs” that can have multiple website page templates together in one, however they must be improted separately. So a layout pack may have a page template for a Homepage, About Page, Contact Page, etc, but they must be imported one at a time to their respective pages.

What are Divi Section Layouts?

A Divi Section Layout is a Divi Layout for just part of the page. Section Layouts can be for “Divi Sections” but they could also refer to row or module layouts too. Most commonly though, when a layout is just for part of the page, it includes an entire Divi section in the layout. For example, Divi Bricks includes thousands of Divi section layouts. The section layouts in Divi Bricks are for things like pricing tables, team members, blogs, carousels, headers, footers, etc.

What are Divi Theme Builder Layouts?

The Divi Theme Builder is a feature in Divi that allows you to use the Divi Builder to create theme template parts such as header templates, footer templates, 404 templates, blog templates, and more. So naturally, you can import layouts for these template parts. For example, Divi Bricks includes hundreds of Divi Theme Builder layouts for headers, footers, 404 pages, and more!

What are Divi Templates?

There is technically not anything called “Divi Template”, however the term Divi Templates usually refers to either Divi Layouts or Divi Child Themes. As mentioned above, Divi Layouts and Divi Child Themes are both templates for Divi, although they work differently.

Are Divi Layouts Free?

Divi does include free layouts that come bundled with a Divi subscription. These layouts all follow a similar design style. If the design style is not your particular taste, then you can purchase Divi layouts from other sources, and import them into your website easily. Here at Divi Life, we have lots of choices for layouts that can be purchased very inexpensively. Or, you can purchase our All Access PAss membership and get access to all of our Divi plugins, child themes, and layouts.