A Comprehensive Course on How to Make Divi & WP Lightning Fast!

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Helping You Create Extremely FAST Websites with WordPress & Divi! 🚀

Divi Speed Pro is the Ultimate Speed Optimization Course that you’ve been waiting for!!

Stop the guesswork & “trial-and-error optimizing” by randomly installing performance plugins, and start ACTUALLY learning how true speed optimization works.

This course is NOT about just getting good speed scores (although you will). It’s about creating ultra fast websites that are actually fast for your users.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of WHAT makes a website slow, & HOW to solve it!
  • Our proven Three Step Optimization Framework to make ANY WordPress/Divi website extremely fast! (fast for users & speed testing tools too)
  • How to sell speed optimization as an upsell to any web design client

& so much more!

While simply getting a good speed score is NOT the goal, speed tests are helpful for benchmarking, identifying bottlenecks & demonstrating to clients the results of what they’re paying you for!

By the End of This Program You Will:

Be Able to Diagnose Any Slow Website

It’s no secret when a website is super slow. But it’s not easy to figure out the cause of the slowness, or more importantly, how to fix it! In Divi Speed Pro, you will learn both! A good optimizer has a deep understanding of how this all works.

Build Websites That Are Fast from the Start

Wouldn’t you rather build a website properly with optimization in mind from the start, rather than have to back-track later? We’ll teach you the process, so you can save a lot of time and make more money too.

Know What Makes a Website Fast

We aren’t going to just show you what tools & settings to use. You’re actually going to learn the fundamentals behind what makes a website fast, so you can optimize any website, on any hosting, using any tools.

Have a Proven Process You Can Repeat

Speed optimization can be extremely time-consuming without a proper process. Our 3-step optimization framework will give you the steps that you can repeat on every new website, so you can stop the “trial-and-error optimization.”

Know How to Optimize Divi Fully

Divi is as fast as any other page builder when optimized correctly. We’re going to show you how to properly take advantage of Divi’s built in performance tools, as well as how to get the most speed out of Divi as a whole.

Make More Money in Multiple Ways

We’re going to teach you how you can leverage speed optimization to help you win more projects. Plus, you will learn how to sell a speed optimization service as an add-on package your clients won’t be able to say no to.

Divi Speed Pro Training Modules

Module One

Optimization Foundations

This module is all about teaching you the fundamentals of speed optimization, so you will have a deep understanding of how all the pieces work together.


  • What Optimization Is & Isn’t
  • The different types of caching
  • Pre-Optimization Best Practices
  • CSS/JS Optimizations
  • Media Optimizations
  • Font Optimizations
Module Two

Testing & Benchmarking

How can we know what we’re doing is working if we’re not testing properly? And how can we know exactly what optimization moved the needle without proper testing notes. This module sets the foundation for good speed optimization testing.


  • Testing Importance & Dangers of Score Chasing
  • How to Use Testing Tools (the correct way)
  • How to Make The Testing Tools Work For You
  • BONUS: My Proprietary Testing Worksheet
Module Three

Optimization Framework

Over the years we’ve perfected our optimization process & crafted what we call our “3 Step Optimization Framework.” This is a repeatable process that you can use on both new websites and existing websites alike.


  • Intro to the “3 Step Optimization Framework”
  • Step 1: “The Stack”
  • Step 2: “Site Specific Asset Hacking”
  • Step 3 “Fine Tuning + Additional Enhancements”
Module Four

Divi Optimizations

This is called “DIVI Speed Pro” right? So of course we dedicate an entire module to teaching you how to get the most speed out of Divi. A lot of our optimizations are not Divi specific, but this entire module is all about Divi.


  • How to Use Divi’s Performance Tools (Correctly)
  • Using Images Properly in Divi for Best Results
  • Leveraging Divi’s Dynamic Code
  • Design Decisions that Impact Speed
Module Five

Additional Optimizations

With Speed Optimization there’s hundreds of potential things that can move the needle. This module focuses on the additional optimizations that will make the most impact, as well as the ones to stay away from.


  • Asset Localization (JS, Fonts, + Other Files)
  • Cache Preload, Cache Query Strings (if/when)
  • Gravatar Cache (when to use it)
  • Backend Optimizations
Module Six

Optimization As a Service

Speed Optimization is a fantastic service that can be sold to new or existing clients along with a website (or without). This module will teach you how to structure this service & how to sell it so your clients will say yes!


  • What to Include in Your Optimization Service
  • How to Sell Optimization as a Website Upsell
  • How to Sell Optimization as a Standalone Service
  • What to Charge for Your Optimization Service

Divi Speed Pro Bonuses

Bonus #1

The Speed Optimizers Cheatsheet

All students of Divi Creator Pro are getting get access to our 3 Step Optimization Framework Cheatsheet. This cheatsheet will allow you to easily refer back to the optimization steps taught in our framework without having to dig through the videos again. It will be your best friend as you leave the nest and fly out to optimize your websites for years to come!

Bonus #2

Private Students-Only Facebook Group

The exclusive students-only Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, get feedback, and interact with Tim and the Divi Life team, as well as other students too. Whether you need clarification on the lesson content from the course, or need a sounding board for feedback on your business, we’ll be there for you and ready to help in the Facebook group!

Bonus #3

Weekly Live Coaching Calls!

This has been our students favorite bonus! You can ask questions in real time and get clarity on any of the lesson content. Plus, nothing is off limits. This is a time that you can ask questions for ANYTHING you’re struggling with in your business. Ask questions about anything reltaed to web design, WordPress, Divi, business, marketing, sales, you name it!

The coaching calls are live over Zoom, but if you can’t attend live then no worries! We add the replay to the student portal the same day, so you won’t miss anything!

How to Join Divi Speed Pro

Payment Plan

(for 4 months)

All Modules & Bonuses!

Module 1: Optimization Foundations

Module 2: Testing & Benchmarking

Module 3: Optimization Framework

Module 4: Divi Optimizations

Module 5: Additional Optimizations

Module 6: Optimization as a Service

Bonus #1: The Speed Optimizers Cheetsheet

Bonus #2: Students-Only Facebook Group

Bonus #3: Weekly Live Coaching Q&A Calls

Divi Speed Pro – Full Pay

(1 Payment, Lifetime Access)

All Modules & Bonuses!

Module 1: Optimization Foundations

Module 2: Testing & Benchmarking

Module 3: Optimization Framework

Module 4: Divi Optimizations

Module 5: Additional Optimizations

Module 6: Optimization as a Service

Bonus #1: The Speed Optimizers Cheetsheet

Bonus #2: Students-Only Facebook Group

Bonus #3: Weekly Live Coaching Q&A Calls

Enrollment is open! Join now!

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Questions About Divi Speed Pro?

What happens after I enroll in Divi Speed Pro?

After you join Divi Speed Pro, our system will automatically create you an account on our learning platform. You’ll get immediate access to the student portal where you can start the lesson content and bonuses!

Can I watch at my own convenience?

Yes, absolutely! The lesson content can be watched at your own convenience. We also have weekly live coaching Q&A calls. Attending live is optional. They are all recorded and the replay added to the student portal the same day.

Is the course content lifetime access?

Yes! You will never lose access to the course content. You can go back and watch as many times as you want. And when we update the content and add more lessons, you will automatically get access to those too, without having to pay more!

Why does the course cost so much?

We firmly believe that Divi Speed Pro is an incredible value for everything included. However, money is money, and we get that!

Firsly, we don’t want money to be the reason you don’t join!

When someone says that something is “too expensive” there’s usually two different sides to this.

1) You simply don’t have the cash.

If that’s the case, we have an awesome payment plan to make it easier for you!

2) You don’t think the value of the program justifies the cost of the program.

If it’s the second option above, then we apologize that we did not do a better job communicating the value. Learning how to speed up your website(s) is an invaluable skill. Not only will this skill result in more conversions, leads, and sales for any website that you build for yourself. But it is also a skill and a service that you can charge for to your paid clients. Clients are willing and able to pay you top dollar to make sure their website is going to run as FAST as possible. In fact, our optimization as a service module teaches the whole sales side of learning this skill so you can leverage it to make more money.

What Students Say About Divi Speed Pro

Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing, would highly recommend it!

Most courses I purchase, I feel like I haven’t got much out of them, or I just don’t finish them. The Divi Speed Pro Course has been the exception! I’ve reduced my website’s load time from 9s to <1s in a matter of weeks as I’ve gone through the course. And even though I have not finished it 100% yet, I just spoke to a prospective lead, and mentioned this to her, and she is keen to have me do her speed optimization on a recurring basis (which is also taught in the course).

I’ve spent time in the past looking at the page speed scores and toggling things on and off and basically getting nowhere. This course not only shows you in real time what to do, but also explains the reasoning behind what you’re doing.

I’m really happy with this course, and the potential it’s given me in my business.


I took the DiviLife Speed course and WOW!
I took the DiviLife Speed course and WOW, very thorough! I was able to put my new “speed skills” to work even before the class was over to generate income for my business. And, my clients LOVE their speedy websites! Tim is an excellent teacher. He is experienced, patient, and very knowledgeable. There are no “dumb questions” in his class. His manner is friendly and thoughtful. This was my first DiviLife course, and I am very impressed. I hope to take future courses as well. I highly recommend DiviLife courses and their suite of child themes and plugins.

Charlotte Howard

This is a review of the recent Divi…

This is a review of the recent Divi Speed Pro Course.

The speed course was very detailed and has helped me personally speed up more than one site.
The bonuses were also excellent; the naughty and nice hosting list just confirmed what I already knew!
Getting a discount on Perfmatters (one of the pieces of software recommended in the course) was the icing on the cake!
Tim is very knowledgeable and honest (if he doesn’t know the answer).
The combined knowledge of everyone in the group is also invaluable.


Excellent educational courses with real…

Excellent educational courses with real world experience.

Expertly taught by Tim these classes are a winning combination. Don’t delay enroll today!

Graham ST, UK

The Divi Speed Pro exceeded my expectations

The Divi Speed Pro course exceeded my expectations and provided me with invaluable knowledge & tools for optimizing website speed effectively & efficiently.

This course emphasizes creating ultra-fast websites that are not JUST optimized for speed scores but are actually fast for users. It goes beyond superficial improvements and delves into the core aspects that impact website performance.

The Three Step Optimization Framework, specifically designed for WordPress/Divi websites, is an invaluable tool that is easy to track your progress.

I highly recommend the Divi Speed Pro course to anyone looking for a systematic process for website speed optimization.

Tim and his team and the other Divi students have given me a support system I have never had as a solo entrepreneur. I am so glad I invested in myself and my business by purchasing DiviLife Courses.

Lea-ann Gerling

Tim Strifler’s Divi Speed Pro website optimization course

I just wanted to share my experience with Tim Strifler’s Divi Speed Pro website optimization course – a true game-changer!

First things first, let me tell you how impressed I am with the course content. It’s incredibly well-structured and explained in depth, along with the reasoning behind every step. The course took us all from zero to hero in no time.

What really blew me away was how practical and hands-on the course was. It wasn’t just theory and concepts thrown at me. Tim stepped us through real-world examples and we saw first hand the success following his framework allows. I mean, who knew optimizing website speed could be so much fun?

Tim was not only knowledgeable and experienced but also super engaging. He kept the lessons light-hearted and included a good dose of humor, making it an enjoyable learning experience. Going through one of Tim’s courses always feels like having a knowledgeable friend guiding me through the whole process.

But the real magic happens when implementing everything we learned. Site speeds went from sluggish and frustrating to lightning-fast! It’s like our websites are now on steroids. And that means happy visitors, better user experience, and improved search engine rankings.

I also appreciated the additional resources and tools Tim provided. They were the icing on the cake, making the whole optimization process a breeze. The course truly went above and beyond to equip me with everything I needed to succeed.

To sum it up, if you’re looking to turbocharge your website’s speed, this course is an absolute gem – a secret weapon in your digital toolbox. For a web designer/developer who wants to level up their game, this course is a must.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your website drag its feet any longer. Sign up for this course and get ready to witness some serious speed magic.


Divi Speed Pro course by Divi Life: A huge Yay!!!
I have just finished the Divi Speed Pro course offered at Divi Life and I can say that it’s been super positive. I definitely got great learnings from it. There are many things that need to be taken into account when talking about web performance optimization. Tim Strifler explains all of them in this course in a very structured way that helps to understand the fundamentals of the topic. The course covers everything that is involved in web speed optimization, including the diagnose, best practices in the design/development process, the use of certain tools, etc.
It also provides a framework that is really useful in order to achieve different levels of optimization. This can help to provide a basic speed optimization service for every website that you build, which can differentiate you from other designers. And at the same time there are several more steps that can be offered as a separate service for our clients in order to get the best possible result out of optimizations, such as analyzing with browser inspector tools, optimizing assets, cleaning the database, etc. We also worked on some live websites in order to see how things could be improved in real life. It really covers a lot. And although there’s a section specific for Divi, all what is taught in this course can be taken to improve the speed of sites built with other technologies. Again, the active participation of the students was really useful in order to get answers from questions that I hadn’t thought of. This course, same as others offered at Divi Life also provides live Q&A sessions where you can ask anything about the industry, and not only focusing on the content of the specific course. I really think this has made me a better web designer and I will be able to implement all that I learned in my business, being able to offer speed performance as a service for my clients. 100% recommended! Especially if you get the course bundle (which I did), where several other courses covering really important areas about the web industry are included. Thanks Tim and the Divi Life team!

Rafa Ramos

Divi Speed Pro Course – Best investment other than hosting we’ve made!

I have enjoyed the Divi Speed Pro course immensely, joining in live whenever I could, but I equally enjoyed catching up in between.
I have learnt some incredible techniques that I have been testing and implementing, taking a 60GB site we manage from a GT Metrix Grade E\F to B, and even an A, but there is still more to go.
Turning this knowledge into a business model should ensure we cover the costs with just 1 or 2 new clients, and we will undoubtedly look at implementing a speed option into our maintenance plans.

Thanks Tim & Team!

Stephen Gayler

Divi Speed Pro Course – Happy I Enrolled
I have just finished the Divi Speed Pro Course and I’m so happy that I enrolled!
Over the last 6 weeks, Tim has taught us why speed optimization is important to Search Engine Optimization, Visitor Experience and converting Visitors into paying Customers.
Using real life examples, he taught us the tools and techniques to create really fast sites and how to sell Speed Optimization as a service.
Prior to taking this course, I knew just enough about speed optimization to know that it was a problem I couldn’t solve.
Now, I have the knowledge, tools and techniques to improve the speed of any of my clients’ websites!
Tim generously shared his knowledge about speed optimization in addition to other Divi and business topics.
I highly recommend the Divi Speed Pro course if you are looking to improve the loading speed of your site, your client’s sites or add a new revenue stream to your business.
Thank you Tim!

Kent Tubman

This is a review of the Divi Speed…

This is a review of the Divi Speed Course!

This is the second course I’ve taken from Divi Life, and as with the first, this class was a game-changer for me as a Divi user. Tim takes the time to not just show you what to do but to tell you WHY it should be done. This is valuable knowledge to help you speaking with your clients about the importance of good hosting etc. This is a must class for any Divi user.

Karri Reiser

I’ve been building websites with Divi…
I’ve been building websites with Divi since 2014 and I’m very happy with the Divi Speed Pro course!
After this course I can accelerate website through a pre-set plan. Not like in the past through trial and error. Tim gives you all the information you need to tackle any website through several modules. First explain the basics, then go into details.
I can’t wait to apply the knowledge I’ve learned about Accelerating Divi websites to my clients’ sites to help them be more successful in their businesses.

GJ de Jong

I have been a client of Divilife for…over 5 years
I have been a client of Divilife for over 5 years now. I have purchased a prior course and both courses have changed my business for the better. Each course is individually impactful and has served its purpose for my business. In April of 2023 I decided to take the Divi Speed Pro course because I wanted to deliver more value to my clients and also create another source of revenue for my business. As in any endeavor if you are not growing in your industry then you are in the wrong business. This has made my business better, I’ve become more knowledgeable and my clients are happier. Highly recommend any course from Tim and team.

Cristie Remmel

Divi Speed Pro Course Demystifies Site Optimization
Tim explains things so well and the course sessions are almost like a 1-1 in that questions are answered throughout each session. The Divi Speed Pro course covered so many topics, including hosting, speed optimization tools and settings, creating templates, using GT Metrix and understanding the ‘Waterfall’ to really get your site up to speed and functioning its best. The final part of the course includes information on how best to sell your new site optimization knowledge as an add-on to site maintenance contracts. I really enjoyed this course and am looking forward to the next one in the series.

Lisa Horn

KDivi Life Speed Optimization Course

A very indepth, well structured and practical course from Tim Strifler of Divi Life. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge which I can put to good use immediately.

The course went through foundations of optimization, explaining clearly best practices, different types of caching & optimizations, how to use different testing tools (and what all the results mean), setting up the framework through to actually optimizing a real live website, so we could all see in real time how effective changes can be. And then taking this knowledge and selling optimization as a service – great business and marketing tools from Tim.

Just making one change on a website I manage took it from GTMetrix D grade to A, which was stunning – there is further optimization to do, but a really encouraging start and a bit of a wow! moment to be honest.

Tim makes learning easy and light hearted, he’s always ready to answer questions no matter how basic they might be. It’s clear that he loves to share his knowledge and is passionate about helping others do well in their businesses. The sharing of information and support in the group is also fantastic, it’s great to be part of the Divi Life community.

Kate Wardman

Divi Speed Pro is a great shortcut to adding value to your services
I took Tim’s Divi Speed Pro Optimization course recently and absolutely loved it. Not only is Tim very personable, but he’s an excellent trainer – he was very open to answering all questions that anyone had and was very easy to follow. There were a couple of reasons why I originally purchased his course: 1) I’d always intended to really learn how to effectively/systematically speed up my clients websites and 2) I had been using WP rocket for a while but wasn’t always sure that I was optimizing it fully. I also didn’t want to spend tons of hours on YouTube looking for resources to figure out how to speed up and best optimize Divi websites on my own. When I saw Tim’s post about his new course I had to signup because it’s going to be my shortcut to doing this. Another great thing about the course is that he talks about adding the additional services for the speed and optimization, that would not be included in my monthly website care plans, so it’s the additional revenue that also interested me. It was a fun course to take and chalk full of information. If you’re at all interested in any of the reasons why I purchased it, I highly, highly recommend it. Thanks, Tim!

Jean B.

Divi Speed Pro Course

The Divi Speed Pro Course is a perfect intermediate-level course for anyone wanting to up their game!

I learned not just the hows, but the whys of many tweaks to optimize and speed up my Divi sites.

The course does a great job of keeping instructions clear and understandable. And I’m looking forward to reviewing some of the lessons online again—love the transcripts, session notes, and video timestamps to make it all easier to access specific details.

Thanks for a great class!

Robin K

Divi Life Website Speed Course
The Divi Speed Course was beyond my expectations. I had no idea of all the different places a website could be sped up.
It helped me to understand the reporting from GTMetrix further. Now when I run a GTMetrix report, I know what I’m looking at and where I can gain website speed.
I thought website speed was strictly tied to hosting and uploading small images. Well, those two are very important, but they are not the entire picture. They are only the start.
This course will pay for itself easily because Tim shows us how we can monetize our newfound knowledge to make our new and existing clients website’s faster, not only as a one-off service but as an ongoing service as websites evolve over time.
Put this course on top of your Training List.

Silver Knight

Speed Optimisation Course

We have found the course with Tim to be very effective in our management of speed optimisation for our DIVI clients. The course is both informative, practical and easy for new staff to follow. We feel very confident to be able to start charging our customers for for our optimisation after taking this course.


Graham MacKim

A great value!
Great selection of topics, easy to follow and super valuable. Tim and the Divilife team have really got the training process nailed down and make it worth your while!

Margo Bowie

Divi life speed course
Having struggled with the speed of our Divi websites, we were very keen to find a course that had real benefit to our clients. We have attended many free courses but had not come away with a process we could stick to. So we decided to jump in with the divi life speed optimisation course. We have no regrets the course is well worth the money and time.

Caroline MacKim

The Speed Optimization course is packed with great information!
Tim has created a community around DIVI that can’t be beat! Recently I attended the Speed Optimization course and it was awesome! It was packed with great information about integrating pro tools with DIVI, optimizing DIVI so not only was it running fast, but the workflow was faster! Tim, you do good work helping me provide better services to my customers! THANK YOU!

Jason Egan

Thank you to the Divi Life team for…
Thank you to the Divi Life team for their amazing courses and huge support. I love being a part of the courses and everything I am learning from them to help my business grow. Highly recommend. Thank you once again for all your work.

Emma Thomas

There’s every reason to sign up for Divilife Divi Pro courses now

I just finished up Divi Speed Pro and it’s yet another confirmation that Divilife courses are amazingly useful.

Tim is a fantastic instructor and all around wealth of Divi, Wordpress, and digital marketing knowledge! Case in point, throughout this course focused on optimizing Divi-built sites for speed, he consistently wrapped in tips on improving site security as well as taking what you learn and bundling it as business add-ons to sell clients on these important benefits.

If you’re looking for Divi-centric courses with endless insights to mine, sign up for Tim’s Divilife Divi Pro courses now (and make sure to search the replays to rewatch for just about any related question you might have in the future!)

Trevor G Berman

Divi Speed Pro Course was Excellent

I would be glad to tell you about my experience with Tim Stifler’s latest Divi Speed Pro Course. First of all, the course was great. While I knew some of my sites would benefit from improved optimization, I wasn’t sure just how to go about it.

The way that Tim has organized the course, was perfect for me. Tim wasn’t just a talking head. Being able to basically look over his shoulder as he was working on a site as well as the ability to ask questions as we went, gave real breadth to my understanding.

I have already been able to implement the training and my sites are loading much faster than ever before, and when there’s an issue, I know how to find the error and then fix it.

I had taken the Divi Creative Pro Course last fall and his latest offering certainly didn’t disappoint.


Not Just “Another” Teaching Program
DiviLife is not just “another” teaching program. Tim is a gifted teacher who can communicate some very technical course content to those of us who aren’t quite that technical, but want to develop great websites. The casual, but focused atmosphere of his course makes me want to come back for more.

Cynthia Diaz

Divi Speed Pro course is a must for Divi users
After spending way too much of my time being generally confused and overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to properly configure performance plugins on my websites – especially how they fit with Divi’s new performance settings – I was really excited to find Divi Speed Pro and jumped on it straight away.
I love how Tim has put the lessons together, starting from the basics and building up to the more advanced, layer by layer. It’s so great to have a framework to work with, now knowing what to do before, during and after a build, step by step.
The lessons are all really in-depth but easy to follow, Tim explains things really well and takes the time to answer everyone’s questions.
I know this is a course I will be returning to to refresh my knowledge, and I look forward to doing further DiviLife courses in the future.


Divi Speed Course – Highly Recommended

If you’ve ever looked at a GT Metrix waterfall and been confused by the complexity of it. Or if you’ve ever wondered why Google Page Speed Insights tells you to change something on your website to improve the score, only to find that when you’ve changed it your score goes *down*. Or if you’ve ever just been completely baffled by how to make websites fast and get good speed scores, then this is the course for you.

I can’t recommend this course highly enough. If you want to know how to make lightning fast Divi websites, this course teaches you everything you need to know (and a good deal more besides).

Martin Young