A Comprehensive Course on How to Make Divi & WP Lightning Fast! (Launches May 1st!)

Helping You Create Extremely FAST Websites with WordPress & Divi! 🚀

Divi Speed Pro is the Ultimate Speed Optimization Course that you’ve been waiting for!!

Stop the guesswork & “trial-and-error optimizing” by randomly installing performance plugins, and start ACTUALLY learning how true speed optimization works.

This course is NOT about just getting good speed scores (although you will). It’s about creating ultra fast websites that are actually fast for your users.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of WHAT makes a website slow, & HOW to solve it!
  • Our proven Three Step Optimization Framework to make ANY WordPress/Divi website extremely fast! (fast for users & speed testing tools too)
  • How to sell speed optimization as an upsell to any web design client

& so much more!

While simply getting a good speed score is NOT the goal, speed tests are helpful for benchmarking, identifying bottlenecks & demonstrating to clients the results of what they’re paying you for!

LIVE Course Sessions Plus On-Demand Access

The best of Both Worlds for Online Courses!

Our courses are unlike any other online course you’ve ever taken! Why? Because they are filmed LIVE! 🤩 And our students have been absolutely LOVING this aspect of our courses! 😍

The live sessions are four days a week (3 lesson sessions, & 1 Q&A).

Here’s why our students LOVE that are courses are filmed live:

  1. You can ask questions in real time! No more having to wait to get your questions answered. And if you’re asking a question, chances are that other students have the same question. Everyone wins! 🔥
  2. You get to interactive with other students that are also learning the same thing at the same time. This furthers the education as well as builds a community of peers that you can network with. 💬
  3. Accountability! When the lessons are happening in real time you’re MUCH more likely to complete the course. You no longer have to rely on your own discipline to complete dozens of hours worth of pre-recorded videos “at your own pace” or try and guess what’s important and what can be skipped. Even if you miss a live session (or can’t actually attend live at all), you’re much more likely to stay caught up and finish strong when the course is happening in real time. 🚀

If you can’t attend live, or don’t want to attend live, then the course is like any other pre-recorded course (or better!) that you watch on-demand on your own time. 😎

Here’s what each lesson includes in the portal:

  • The lesson video(s) – added within 1 hour of them being recorded live 🎥
  • Lesson Video Chapter Titles for skipping to different parts of the lesson videos
  • The lesson notes/slides/links/resources 🔗
  • The lesson video transcript with timestamps (perfect for searching for keywords to find something later, or for translating into another language). 🌐
  • The chat log from the live session— our students are constantly adding helpful tips, tools, etc. that you won’t have to miss out on if you can’t attend live! 💬

In the reviews below, see what students have said about the course being live (this is from our Divi Creator Pro course):

Divi Creator Pro – So Much Knowledge Gained!!!

Divi Creator Pro Course is so WORTH IT!!! I’ve taken many courses that has helped me in some way or the other. But this course is hands down the best course I’ve taken that is going to help me and my web design business so much. It combines Divi Life Products with strategies on how to make high-converting websites which is something I’ve been trying to learn. I love the fact that these are live classes for 6 weeks because it helps me stay on top of courses. Having access to Tims knowledge and the facebook group has been so great. I’m so happy I bought this course. If you’re looking for strategy then this is the course to buy

Jaredd Franco

Tim put together a great course!
Tim put together a great course. This isn’t just a typical pre-recorded online course. Tim had live sessions that answered EVERY QUESTION each attendee asked. He went out of his way to explain each portion, provide examples, give live walk throughs and links to great free and paid resources. The ability to interact with other students was excellent also. We were able to provide our own experiences, examples and resources to the group. I look forward to more of Tim’s courses in the future.

Louis J Gleason

By the End of This Program You Will:

Be Able to Diagnose Any Slow Website

It’s no secret when a website is super slow. But it’s not easy to figure out the cause of the slowness, or more importantly, how to fix it! In Divi Speed Pro, you will learn both! A good optimizer has a deep understanding of how this all works.

Build Websites That Are Fast from the Start

Wouldn’t you rather build a website properly with optimization in mind from the start, rather than have to back-track later? We’ll teach you the process, so you can save a lot of time and make more money too.

Know What Makes a Website Fast

We aren’t going to just show you what tools & settings to use. You’re actually going to learn the fundamentals behind what makes a website fast, so you can optimize any website, on any hosting, using any tools.

Have a Proven Process You Can Repeat

Speed optimization can be extremely time-consuming without a proper process. Our 3-step optimization framework will give you the steps that you can repeat on every new website, so you can stop the “trial-and-error optimization.”

Know How to Optimize Divi Fully

Divi is as fast as any other page builder when optimized correctly. We’re going to show you how to properly take advantage of Divi’s built in performance tools, as well as how to get the most speed out of Divi as a whole.

Make More Money in Multiple Ways

We’re going to teach you how you can leverage speed optimization to help you win more projects. Plus, you will learn how to sell a speed optimization service as an add-on package your clients won’t be able to say no to.

Divi Speed Pro Training Modules

Module One

Optimization Foundations

This module is all about teaching you the fundamentals of speed optimization, so you will have a deep understanding of how all the pieces work together.


  • What Optimization Is & Isn’t
  • The different types of caching
  • Pre-Optimization Best Practices
  • CSS/JS Optimizations
  • Media Optimizations
  • Font Optimizations
Module Two

Testing & Benchmarking

How can we know what we’re doing is working if we’re not testing properly? And how can we know exactly what optimization moved the needle without proper testing notes. This module sets the foundation for good speed optimization testing.


  • Testing Importance & Dangers of Score Chasing
  • How to Use Testing Tools (the correct way)
  • How to Make The Testing Tools Work For You
  • BONUS: My Proprietary Testing Worksheet
Module Three

Optimization Framework

Over the years we’ve perfected our optimization process & crafted what we call our “3 Step Optimization Framework.” This is a repeatable process that you can use on both new websites and existing websites alike.


  • Intro to the “3 Step Optimization Framework”
  • Step 1: “The Stack”
  • Step 2: “Site Specific Asset Hacking”
  • Step 3 “Fine Tuning + Additional Enhancements”
Module Four

Divi Optimizations

This is called “DIVI Speed Pro” right? So of course we dedicate an entire module to teaching you how to get the most speed out of Divi. A lot of our optimizations are not Divi specific, but this entire module is all about Divi.


  • How to Use Divi’s Performance Tools (Correctly)
  • Using Images Properly in Divi for Best Results
  • Leveraging Divi’s Dynamic Code
  • Design Decisions that Impact Speed
Module Five

Additional Optimizations

With Speed Optimization there’s hundreds of potential things that can move the needle. This module focuses on the additional optimizations that will make the most impact, as well as the ones to stay away from.


  • Asset Localization (JS, Fonts, + Other Files)
  • Cache Preload, Cache Query Strings (if/when)
  • Gravatar Cache (when to use it)
  • Backend Optimizations
Module Six

Optimization As a Service

Speed Optimization is a fantastic service that can be sold to new or existing clients along with a website (or without). This module will teach you how to structure this service & how to sell it so your clients will say yes!


  • What to Include in Your Optimization Service
  • How to Sell Optimization as a Website Upsell
  • How to Sell Optimization as a Standalone Service
  • What to Charge for Your Optimization Service

Divi Speed Pro Bonuses

Bonus #1

The Speed Optimizers Cheatsheet

All students of Divi Creator Pro are getting get access to our 3 Step Optimization Framework Cheatsheet. This cheatsheet will allow you to easily refer back to the optimization steps taught in our framework without having to dig through the videos again. It will be your best friend as you leave the nest and fly out to optimize your websites for years to come!

Bonus #2

Private Students-Only Facebook Group

The exclusive students-only Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, get feedback, and interact with Tim and the Divi Life team, as well as other students too. Whether you need clarification on the lesson content from the course, or need a sounding board for feedback on your business, we’ll be there for you and ready to help in the Facebook group!

Bonus #3

The Speed Testing Logging Worksheet

In this bonus training, I teach you how to whitelabel your WordPress website (or client websites) so you can add additional branding for your company, instead of giving WordPress free advertising! In additional to removing ALL mentions of WordPress in the backend, you will also learn how to upsell clients additional services, right from their website backend!

How to Join Divi Speed Pro

Payment Plan

(for 4 months)

All Modules & Bonuses!

Module 1: Optimization Foundations

Module 2: Testing & Benchmarking

Module 3: Optimization Framework

Module 4: Divi Optimizations

Module 5: Additional Optimizations

Module 6: Optimization as a Service

Bonus #1: The Speed Optimizers Cheetsheet

Bonus #2: Students-Only Facebook Group

Bonus #3: The Speed Testing Logging Worksheet

Divi Speed Pro – Full Pay

(1 Payment, Lifetime Access)

All Modules & Bonuses!

Module 1: Optimization Foundations

Module 2: Testing & Benchmarking

Module 3: Optimization Framework

Module 4: Divi Optimizations

Module 5: Additional Optimizations

Module 6: Optimization as a Service

Bonus #1: The Speed Optimizers Cheetsheet

Bonus #2: Students-Only Facebook Group

Bonus #3: The Speed Testing Logging Worksheet

This course launches in January! Enroll now to lock in THE LOWEST pricing (limited time only!).

Join Divi Speed Pro Today!

Join hundreds of students that are loving Divi Life courses! This course launches in January! Lock in the introductory pricing today!

Questions About Divi Speed Pro?

What happens after I enroll in Divi Speed Pro?

After you join Divi Speed Pro, our system will automatically create you an account on our learning platform. You’ll get immediate access to the student portal and some of the students-only bonuses! The course officially starts in January, and you’ll receive more information soon on the exact dates.

Do Divi Life All Access Members get a discount on Divi Life courses?

Yes, Divi Life members get credit towards Divi Life courses. Members get credit for individual courses, and even more credit for the course bundle! If you’re an existing member, you should have received an email with instructions on how to obtain your course credit. But if you don’t see the email, you can open a support ticket and our team will assist you.

Can I watch at my own convenience?

Yes, absolutely! Our courses are recorded live to give those that want to attend live the opportunity to watch in real time. But if you can’t attend live, or don’t want to attend live, then you can watch at your own inconvenience whenever you want, just like any other online course. Our student portal includes the lesson videos with chapter titles, video transcripts, lesson files, and more. Our goal is to make you as productive as possible while you consume the content. You will never lose access to the course content either, so you can go back and watch as many times as you want!

Is the course content lifetime access?

Yes! You will never lose access to the course content. You can go back and watch as many times as you want. And when we update the content and add more lessons, you will automatically get access to those too, without having to pay more!

Why does the course cost so much?

We firmly believe that Divi Speed Pro is an incredible value for everything included. However, money is money, and we get that!

Firsly, we don’t want money to be the reason you don’t join!

When someone says that something is “too expensive” there’s usually two different sides to this.

1) You simply don’t have the cash.

If that’s the case, we have an awesome payment plan to make it easier for you!

2) You don’t think the value of the program justifies the cost of the program.

If it’s the second option above, then we apologize that we did not do a better job communicating the value. Learning how to speed up your website(s) is an invaluable skill. Not only will this skill result in more conversions, leads, and sales for any website that you build for yourself. But it is also a skill and a service that you can charge for to your paid clients. Clients are willing and able to pay you top dollar to make sure their website is going to run as FAST as possible. In fact, our optimization as a service module teaches the whole sales side of learning this skill so you can leverage it to make more money.

What Students Say About Tim’s Teaching

Divi Life – Divi Creator Pro course

I’ve been building with Divi since 2017 and I’m loving the Divi Creator Pro course! I’m only half way through the modules and have already learned a ton. From real life examples to best practices I didn’t even know about. Tim does an amazing job teaching the course content and interacting with the students through the chat and Q&A. I can’t wait to apply the knowledge I’ve gained about Divi and all the great Divi Life modules to my customer’s sites to help them be more successful in their business.

Nick Taylor

If you are looking to improve your Divi…

If you are looking to improve your Divi Skill set, Tim and his group have created an amazing course covering all aspects of successful website creation

It is fully immersive and the scope covered by the course is breathtaking.

You would be a fool not to enroll, and with Tim’s help, take your Divi bulding skills to a new level.

Totally Brilliant. Well worth every penny and then some.

Graham ST, UK

Graham ST, UK

Divi Creator Pro is awesome course!
I followed the six-week Divi Creator Pro course by Tim Strifler and it was a very valuable learning experience. The course is aimed at building goal-oriented websites with Divi and it delivers 100% on its promise. In addition, the course also teaches you the basics of digital marketing, SEO, hosting, video, and much more. I highly recommend Tim’s courses, programs, themes, and plugins if you want to take your web business to the next level!

Pablo Jonas

Read this is you’ve struggled with building great websites

I’m a Divi Life lifetime user. When I first found the Divi Life tools, I recognized the value that they were for me as a new-to-divi user. After following Tim and using his published resources, I would consider him as an expert you can trust. Tim is an open book to the struggles and the best practices of creating solid, high-functioning websites for yourself or your clients.

If you let DIvi LIfe be your teacher, you’ll save time, skip mistakes, and have happier clients. I am grateful to have a professional turned teacher as my resource. The value of Tim’s courses is infinitely times the price that he charges. As a divi creator, I trust Tim because he’s been there, done that and is willing to share all of the tricks so you can make great sites with Divi too.


Divi Creator Pro masterclass is an exceptional course!
It is quite a time commitment, but each day I look forward to learning more and Tim does not disappoint. The modules are thoughtfully laid out and presented in an easy-going, interactive, Q&A format. He answers all our questions and gives fantastic advice. Thursday’s Live Coaching Calls have proved invaluable. Most definitely a great value – I 100% recommend!


Tim put together a great course!
Tim put together a great course. This isn’t just a typical pre-recorded online course. Tim had live sessions that answered EVERY QUESTION each attendee asked. He went out of his way to explain each portion, provide examples, give live walk throughs and links to great free and paid resources. The ability to interact with other students was excellent also. We were able to provide our own experiences, examples and resources to the group. I look forward to more of Tim’s courses in the future.

Louis J Gleason

Divi Creator Pro Training – Divi Life

I am not sure how Tim and his team managed to cover such a large amount of topics in just a few weeks!
Great experience, a huge amount of new learnings -not only about Divi, but about the whole web design business, including marketing tips, SEO, project management, etc.

As someone who has been working in web design for more than a decade – and using Divi for several years – I was initially reluctant to join the training, because I didn’t think I would get much from it. But now I can confirm… It’s 100% recommended!!!

Really dynamic live classes lead by Tim Strifler, a legend inside the Divi environment. Tim also happens to be a great teacher, full of knowledge, patience and great spirit. Q&A sessions as well, where you can ask ANYTHING related to the web design business. Also great support from the community of web designers, via the chat and a private FB group created for the course. Really happy to know that I have lifetime access to all the videos, notes, links and transcripts from the course. I am sure that I will be coming back to them from time to time, so I can implement the learnings progressively to my business.

Rafa Ramos

Divi Creator Pro – not just about Divi
I’ve signed up for Divi Creator Pro, knowing only that Tim was going to talk about Divi efficiency and learning how to make more money with my web designing business. However, I’ve got so much more from this course, I don’t know where to start. Tim is really knowledgeable on all things Divi. This course is really empowering me to step up my business and ask more money for the websites I build, as well as teaching me to be more confident about being an entrepreneur.


I absolutely recommend Divi Life…

I’ve been a user of their plugins for years and recently took a course (Creator Pro) that instantly amplified my game.

I absolutely recommend Divi Life plugins, tutorials, courses, and layouts to increase your skills and profits.

The Muntz

Tim is an excellent communicator and he…
Tim is an excellent communicator and he takes the time to answer all of your questions. I highly recommend the class. I have been using Divi for 5 years and I learned something new every class

Foster Tech Group

Divi Creator Pro course packed with useful strategies
The Divi Creator Pro course was packed with useful strategies. I’m sure I will refer to these sessions again and again. They are certainly a very valuable resource now and into the future.


Divilife is a must for Divi theme users.

Great company with great products. Any Divi user will greatly enhance their Divi experience by using Divilife products or by purchasing a Divilife all-access pass.
The pass offers a wide variety of excellent plug-ins and premium child themes.

Additionally, access pass holders also get first access to the amazing classes that are offered by Divilife, too. I signed up for the Divi Creator Pro training class in August of 2022. It was an amazing experience.

Do yourself a favor and get on board today!

Linwood Johnson

Divi Creator Pro is way more than Helping You Create BETTER Websites More Efficiently With Divi

Divi Creator Pro is touted as “Helping You Create BETTER Websites More Efficiently” but is so much more than efficiency. Tim is a master at teaching the things that really make a difference in website projects.

He clearly explains how to level up so you not only create goal-focused websites clients need, but have the whole framework of how to talk about it in a way that the client will realize this is what they need to move their business ahead.

The way he teaches is so clear, and the time he takes to ensure everyone understands and every question is answered is so quality and miles above other courses I’ve enrolled in.

Tricia I.