Build Better Websites More Efficiently with Divi!

Helping You Create BETTER Websites More Efficiently With Divi

Divi Creator Pro combines the software you need with the training you need to help you create incredible websites with Divi…faster than ever before!

You’ll never look at a web design project the same again. Divi Creator Pro will teach you how to create BETTER websites for your clients: websites that ACTUALLY help your clients get leads, sell products, grow an email list, etc.

Shifting your focus from creating “pretty websites” to goal-focused websites,will help you:

  • Win More Projects
  • Charge More
  • Get More Referrals From Clients

And, Divi Creator Pro will show you specifically how to do all these things! 🥳

Our Students are LOVING Divi Creator Pro 😍

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So much MORE than I expected

The Divi Creator Pro Course is by far the best web design training I’ve done. The depth and breadth of Tim’s knowledge and experience is so clear, and together with his easy teaching style, I’ve learnt such a lot already and there are still two weeks to go!

There are real world applications, and practical demonstrations of how to implement some of the awesome DiviLife plugins and modules. So this training helps move the dial from simply being ‘website designer’ to becoming a ‘marketing consultant’, with tools and techniques that actually help drive improvements to the client’s bottom line.

And being part of the community on the course is also great value. There have been so many ‘a-ha’ moments and realisations already, like finding out that I’m not the only one who struggles with particular parts of the web design process, as well as discovering that in some areas of the job I know a great deal more than I thought I did!

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who uses Divi and wants to take their business to the next level.

Martin Young

Divi Creator Pro Course Contains Life Changing Knowledge
The “Divi Creator Pro” course is changing the trajectory of my life and my business. I have been designing and creating WordPress websites for clients since 2012. I have been creating those websites using Divi since 2017 because Divi is an amazing product. Prior to taking the “Divi Creator Pro” course I figured I would probably only learn a few new items of value, but instead I am blown away by the knowledge Tim Strifler is so willing to share. Tim is brilliant, yet he makes each lesson extremely understandable. There seems to be no question he cannot answer concerning Divi, SEO, Marketing and so much more. In 2020 I paid a business coach 8 times as much as I paid to take this course, learning only a fraction of what I am learning from Tim.

Linda Mattson

By the End of This Program You Will:

Be Much More Valuable to Your Clients

You will crossover from strictly a “website person” to a full blown marketing consultant, advising your client on revenue generating online strategies.

Be Able to Create Websites that Matter

You will know how to properly create websites that are designed to not just look pretty, but grow an email list, generate leads, sell products, and more.

Know How to Keep Visitors Engaged

You will know how to increase conversions by keeping users engaged on the page through interaction and user experience best practices.

Create Websites More Efficiently

You will know how to use the “scratch-less” design process to build websites in a fraction of the time along with time-saving tactics & focusing on what matters.

Be an Expert with Divi Life Products

Our products here at Divi Life are incredibly powerful! Throughout this course, you will learn to use our tools to their FULL potential.

Make More Money in Multiple Ways

Becoming more efficient is like giving yourself a raise! Plus, this program will teach you how to charge more, win more bids, & create recurring revenue.

Divi Creator Pro Training Modules

Module One

Divi Efficiency

The Divi Efficiency Masterclass is all about helping you work smarter, so you can drastically speed up the time it takes you to build websites.


  • Leveraging Divi’s Efficiency & Global Features for Proper Workflow to Maximize Efficiency.
  • The Scratch-Less Design Process to build websites in a Fraction of the time.
  • Cloud Based Storage , The Starter Template Workflow, & Developing Locally.
Module Two

Goal Focused Websites

Goal Focused Websites will help you stand out from your competition, win more projects, and provide overall better results for your clients. Why? Because it teaches you how to build websites that have a purpose instead of just looking pretty. You’ll learn how to create lead/sales machines!


  • How to Develop the website’s goal & Strategy.
  • Conversion Increasing Tactics to Drive Sales
  • List Building & Lead Generation Tactics
Module Three

Interactive UX

Getting users to actually stay on a website is no easy task, but it’s essential for conversion. This module teaches you best practice methods to keep users engaged on the site.


  • User Experience 101 & How it Impacts Sales & Conversions.
  • How to Give Users What They Want While Keeping Them on The Same Page.
  • How to Add Interactive Elements to Keep Users Engaged (& Staying Longer).
Module Four

Divi Design Training

A pretty website isn’t the main focus, but it’s still important! This module is all about teaching you how to create great looking websites WITHOUT being a designer.


  • Typography & Color 101
  • All About Images
  • Additional Design Elements
  • Dissecting Good Design and Bad Design (WHY is it good!?)
Module Five

Profit Maximizer Training

The Profit Maximizer Training is focused on helping you GROW your business while maximizing the PROFIT. Plus, helping you to uncover additional revenue streams.


  • Win More Bids Through ‘Goal Focused Websites’
  • Recurring Revenue Streams You Can Implement
  • How to Pitch These to Clients So They’ll Actually Say YES!
  • How to Get Paid Faster & More Reliability
Module Six

Digital Traffic Training

The Traffic Training module will teach you how to generate traffic online from a variety of sources. In other areas of the course we focus on conversion, but what’s the point if you don’t have traffic?


  • Effective Paid Advertising Strategies for Low Cost.
  • Using the ad-to-magnet strategy
  • Retargeting Secrets and the Rule of 7s
  • Organic Methods for Long Term Growth & Branding

Divi Creator Pro Bonuses

Bonus #1

The Best & Worst Hosting Companies Training + Cheetsheet

We’ve used dozens of hosting companies over the years. Some great, some terrible, and some in between. In this bonus training (& cheetsheet), we’re giving you the inside scoop on what hosting companies are awesome, and which ones aren’t! Plus, we’ll breakdown what to look for in a hosting company and the red flags to look for to help you avoid costly mistakes!

Bonus #2

Private Students-Only Facebook Group

The exclusive students-only Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, get feedback, and interact with Tim and the Divi Life team, as well as other students too. Whether you need clarification on the lesson content from the course, or need a sounding board for feedback on your business, we’ll be there for you and ready to help in the Facebook group!

Bonus #3

Ultimate “Whitelabel” Bonus Training

In this bonus training, I teach you how to whitelabel your WordPress website (or client websites) so you can add additional branding for your company, instead of giving WordPress free advertising! In additional to removing ALL mentions of WordPress in the backend, you will also learn how to upsell clients additional services, right from their website backend!

How to Join Divi Creator Pro

Payment Plan

(for 4 months)

All Training & Bonuses!

Module 1: Divi Efficiency

Module 2: Goal Focused Websites

Module 3: Interactive UX

Module 4: Divi Design Training

Module 5: Profit Maximizer

Module 6: Digital Traffic Training

Bonus #1: Best/Worst Hosting Bonus Training

Bonus #2: Students-Only Facebook Group

Bonus #3: Ultimate Website Whitelabel Training

Divi Creator Pro – Full Pay


(1 Payment, Lifetime Access)

All Training & Bonuses!

Module 1: Divi Efficiency

Module 2: Goal Focused Websites

Module 3: Interactive UX

Module 4: Divi Design Training

Module 5: Profit Maximizer

Module 6: Digital Traffic Training

Bonus #1: Best/Worst Hosting Bonus Training

Bonus #2: Students-Only Facebook Group

Bonus #3: Ultimate Website Whitelabel Training

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Questions About Divi Creator Pro?

What happens after I enroll in Divi Creator Pro?

After you join Divi Creator Pro, our system will automatically create you an account on our learning platform. You’ll get immediate access to the student portal and bonuses, and you can start digging into the content immediately!

Can I watch at my own pace?

Yes, absolutely! You’ll get immediate access to course content after you sign up that you can watch at your own convenience. You can watch as slow or as quickly as you like, and you can watch the lessons as many times you like. You will never lose access to the course content! And when we update content in the future, you will get access to that too.

Why does the course cost so much?

We firmly believe that Divi Creator Pro is an incredible value for everything included. However, money is money, and we get that!

Firsly, we don’t want money to be the reason you don’t join!

When someone says that something is “too expensive” there’s usually two different sides to this.

1) You simply don’t have the cash.

If that’s the case, we have an awesome payment plan to make it easier for you!

2) You don’t think the value of the program justifies the cost of the program.

If this is the case, then we apologize that we did not do a better job communicating the value. If you were to purchase all the components that are included in Divi Creator Pro separately, it would cost over $7,000. And no, this isn’t a fake valuation created from thin air. This is based on what all the individual components of the program actually sell for on our store. And for the things that aren’t for sale invidually (such as the course modules), the value is based on what we sell our other courses for.

Lastly, this course is about helping you create BETTER websites more efficiently. And we believe that if you apply only a small portion of what is taught in the course, you will conservatively see a 3-5x return on investment! How do we know this? Because we’ve been in your shoes! And we’ve worked closely and coached other web designers, and we know the impact of what these methods can do when applied correctly!

Hundreds of Happy Students

1000% Worth the Investment

Tim is a great teacher that’s super knowledgeable on all things Divi. He’s also a marketing nerd which makes this course perfect for you if you really wanna build goal focused website. The DiviLife plugins are a must have for any Divi web designer’s toolbox. And the Divi Creator Pro course teaches you how to use them in a way that’s gonna help you and your clients get results. The lessons are structured to help you understand what’s important for a website and then how to actually implement what he teaches. This course is a game changer for Divi users!

Brittney Honkomp

So much MORE than I expected

The Divi Creator Pro Course is by far the best web design training I’ve done. The depth and breadth of Tim’s knowledge and experience is so clear, and together with his easy teaching style, I’ve learnt such a lot already and there are still two weeks to go!

There are real world applications, and practical demonstrations of how to implement some of the awesome DiviLife plugins and modules. So this training helps move the dial from simply being ‘website designer’ to becoming a ‘marketing consultant’, with tools and techniques that actually help drive improvements to the client’s bottom line.

And being part of the community on the course is also great value. There have been so many ‘a-ha’ moments and realisations already, like finding out that I’m not the only one who struggles with particular parts of the web design process, as well as discovering that in some areas of the job I know a great deal more than I thought I did!

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who uses Divi and wants to take their business to the next level.

Martin Young

Divi Life – Divi Creator Pro course

I’ve been building with Divi since 2017 and I’m loving the Divi Creator Pro course! I’m only half way through the modules and have already learned a ton. From real life examples to best practices I didn’t even know about. Tim does an amazing job teaching the course content and interacting with the students through the chat and Q&A. I can’t wait to apply the knowledge I’ve gained about Divi and all the great Divi Life modules to my customer’s sites to help them be more successful in their business.

Nick Taylor

This course has been extremely infomrmative…

This course has been extremely informative. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their services to their customers or demand more for those services

Larry Van Deusen

Divi Creator Pro Course Contains Life Changing Knowledge
The “Divi Creator Pro” course is changing the trajectory of my life and my business. I have been designing and creating WordPress websites for clients since 2012. I have been creating those websites using Divi since 2017 because Divi is an amazing product. Prior to taking the “Divi Creator Pro” course I figured I would probably only learn a few new items of value, but instead I am blown away by the knowledge Tim Strifler is so willing to share. Tim is brilliant, yet he makes each lesson extremely understandable. There seems to be no question he cannot answer concerning Divi, SEO, Marketing and so much more. In 2020 I paid a business coach 8 times as much as I paid to take this course, learning only a fraction of what I am learning from Tim.

Linda Mattson

If you are looking to improve your Divi…

If you are looking to improve your Divi Skill set, Tim and his group have created an amazing course covering all aspects of successful website creation

It is fully immersive and the scope covered by the course is breathtaking.

You would be a fool not to enroll, and with Tim’s help, take your Divi bulding skills to a new level.

Totally Brilliant. Well worth every penny and then some.

Graham ST, UK

Graham ST, UK

Easy to learn from!
I especially enjoy the teaching style of the trainer, Tim. He made learning easy. I have already levelled up my expertise thanks to Divi Life training.

Larry Hearn

Divi Creator Pro Course
I loved the Divi Creator Pro course. I thought I knew Divi quite well, but during this course I often had to laugh about how much more effective I could have worked. And not only more effective, but also more strategic. The value of the course was much more than I had expected. And also the group was of great value. Thank you, Tim, for sharing all those insights and knowledge.

Helen Botman

I am relatively new to DIVI

I am relatively new to DIVI, and as I was learning how to use DIVI, I referred to Tim’s blogs, purchased some of his products and generally came to trust Tim as my ‘go-to’ help on everything DIVI. So when the DIVI CREATOR PRO course became available, it didn’t take long for me to decide to invest in myself and my business with this course, and I am SO GLAD I DID!!

This course has been VERY informative and created a safe and positive community of all skill levels that I can lean on when I need help or general feedback, which is an invaluable asset. This course EXCEEDED my expectations, and I look forward to the subsequent courses Tim (Divilife) will offer. A no-brainer on whether I will take more lessons from him :0)

Thank you so much Tim for #1 the excellent content, #2 creating a fun learning environment (lots of laughter, a few rogue conversations, and your dog) and #3 the excellent value for what you offer, not just in the course but the lifetime commitment to your students.

Lea-ann Gerling

Website Design for 2023
I started my own web design business about 2 years ago, always focusing just on the design. This course completely altered the trajectory of that business model. It enlightened me to what a web business needs to be today. It is not just about pretty websites anymore, but websites that are efficient, goal oriented, and designed to help your clients business convert. Tim provides the tools needed to achieve these goals. I was lucky enough to be in on the live class, allowing us to ask questions in the chat. Each module has the video of Tim teaching, the chat log, and the audio transcribed, as well as resources and useful links. There are no quizzes or test. It also gives you access to a private Facebook page, with other class members with great depth of knowledge. Although each module starts with a basic overview of each concept, it really is an intermediate level course. It is best if you have a working knowledge of Divi and WordPress. I highly recommend this course if you want to offer your clients, not just a pretty website, but one that is SEO ready, goal focused, ready to convert, efficient – even automated and designed to drive traffic.

Zee Stacey

Sign up for the Divi Creator Pro course today!
If you are looking to spend your money wisely on some Divi training, look no further than the Divi Creator Pro course!
It’s hard to describe just how valuable this course is, from using Divi more efficiently – I’m amazed how many time-saving tips I discovered – through to design, marketing, increasing sales and running a business more effectively.
Although focussed on Divi & WP, a lot of the content is applicable to websites built on any platform, I know I will be able to use information I’ve learned during the course on client websites built using other platforms.
This really is a gem of a course, Tim gives so much in the classes, his knowledge is phenomenal and he’s great at explaining things. The live classes give an opportunity to ask a question, plus follow up questions about questions, honestly it’s such great value.
Other class members willingly shared their knowledge, experiences – and struggles, it’s reassuringly good to know I am not alone…
A wonderful Divilife community is being created, come and join us!

Kate Wardman

Review of taking the Divi Creator Pro course from Divi Life…
I took the Divi Creator Pro course from Divi Life and learned so much that I’m now going back through the trainings to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Tim has a super teaching style combined with experience and knowledge of how to run a successful agency that he provides a truly amazing teaching platform.

Dale Hoberman

What Divi Creator Pro Taught Me

Before I began the Divi Creator Pro course, I didn’t have much of an understanding about designing a website. Since I took on the course, I have come to learn that its not only important to just design a good looking websites but also how important it is to design a converting website. The Divi Creator Pro course has taught me why and how to create a goal focused website which will greatly propel my future businesses.

The Divi Creator Pro course has widened my scope and taught me how important it is to have a goal focused website which will lead to benefits such as more opportunities for recurring income, more referrals and overall better results which can be delivered to clients. In addition to teaching me about what the benefits are, I was also taught how to create these goal focused websites.

Dahir Mohamud

I absolutely recommend Divi Life…

I’ve been a user of their plugins for years and recently took a course (Creator Pro) that instantly amplified my game.

I absolutely recommend Divi Life plugins, tutorials, courses, and layouts to increase your skills and profits.

The Muntz

The “must have” companion to the Divi Builder!

The courses and products from DiviLife are top notch. The Divi tools are powerful yet easy to use and will take your website design and functionality to new heights.

Jeff G.

Divi Creator Pro live online course is worth the investment

If you are looking to up your game as a solopreneur designing and producing Divi sites, I highly recommend the Divi Creator Pro live online course.

Over the six weeks of study many things impressed me, in no particular order, Tim’s:
• mastery of the information
• laid back delivery style
• patience with student interaction and desire to really respond fully to all questions
• ability to communicate clearly (to people with varying levels of experience)
• ability to stay on track and to provide well-thought-out structure and content

In many instances with this course, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And, the ability to go back and read through the transcript, or rewatch a portion of a class has helped me to get the details down.

As a designer and marketer, a lot of the concepts were not new to me, but the way Tim puts them all together and his depth of knowledge made the time invested very worthwhile.

Robin K

I am truly impressed by the Divi Creator Pro Course

I am truly impressed by Tim and the Divilife Course.

As a web designer, I found that I had developed tunnel vision once I discovered Divi page builder back in 2011- I had a routine and system of creating websites and while I would occasionally explore new tools every now and then, I mainly stuck with what I knew and my way of doing things… that was until I found Divilife in 2019 and purchased the All Access Pass in 2020 and now that I just finished Divi Creator Pro course I feel more empowered and able to help my clients by creating even better, goal focused websites.

I learned everything from how to build locally to how to make time saving starter templates to good design principles, along with other great information such as email list building, concepts like MCLP not to mention very helpful resources.

All the modules have session notes, video transcripts and chat logs so going back to review specific information is easy to do.

There is SO much great information packed in to this course and best of all you have LIFETIME access to all off this great content.

I know that this course will have a big impact on my business flow going forward. This course was some of the best money I have ever spent! Thank you Tim for sharing your knowledge and resources in this great course!

Debbie D

Divi Creator Pro masterclass is an exceptional course!
It is quite a time commitment, but each day I look forward to learning more and Tim does not disappoint. The modules are thoughtfully laid out and presented in an easy-going, interactive, Q&A format. He answers all our questions and gives fantastic advice. Thursday’s Live Coaching Calls have proved invaluable. Most definitely a great value – I 100% recommend!


Divi Creator Pro – So Much Knowledge Gained!!!

Divi Creator Pro Course is so WORTH IT!!! I’ve taken many courses that has helped me in some way or the other. But this course is hands down the best course I’ve taken that is going to help me and my web design business so much. It combines Divi Life Products with strategies on how to make high-converting websites which is something I’ve been trying to learn. I love the fact that these are live classes for 6 weeks because it helps me stay on top of courses. Having access to Tims knowledge and the facebook group has been so great. I’m so happy I bought this course. If you’re looking for strategy then this is the course to buy

Jaredd Franco

Tim put together a great course!
Tim put together a great course. This isn’t just a typical pre-recorded online course. Tim had live sessions that answered EVERY QUESTION each attendee asked. He went out of his way to explain each portion, provide examples, give live walk throughs and links to great free and paid resources. The ability to interact with other students was excellent also. We were able to provide our own experiences, examples and resources to the group. I look forward to more of Tim’s courses in the future.

Louis J Gleason

Divi Creator Pro is way more than Helping You Create BETTER Websites More Efficiently With Divi

Divi Creator Pro is touted as “Helping You Create BETTER Websites More Efficiently” but is so much more than efficiency. Tim is a master at teaching the things that really make a difference in website projects.

He clearly explains how to level up so you not only create goal-focused websites clients need, but have the whole framework of how to talk about it in a way that the client will realize this is what they need to move their business ahead.

The way he teaches is so clear, and the time he takes to ensure everyone understands and every question is answered is so quality and miles above other courses I’ve enrolled in.

Tricia I.

Divilife is a must for Divi theme users.

Great company with great products. Any Divi user will greatly enhance their Divi experience by using Divilife products or by purchasing a Divilife all-access pass.
The pass offers a wide variety of excellent plug-ins and premium child themes.

Additionally, access pass holders also get first access to the amazing classes that are offered by Divilife, too. I signed up for the Divi Creator Pro training class in August of 2022. It was an amazing experience.

Do yourself a favor and get on board today!

Linwood Johnson

Very Thourough and Super Informative
The classes are great, Tim is very thorough, and having some of his team members on the calls is helpful when people are talking about specific tools, and they post the links in the chat, making it easy if your interested in those tools. Thank you Tim and team!

Branko VdW

Divi Life Creator Pro Workshop is Outstanding!
Divi Life Creator Pro Workshop is crazy helpful and eye-opening. It goes beyond Divi and covers literally everything Tim has learned in his career. I highly recommend this course.

Marion Trent

Divi Creator Pro course is perfect to stay ahead of the technology curve.

I just completed the Divi Creator Pro course offered by Tim Strifler, Founder of Divi Life. This training is perfect for your web design agency to stay ahead of the technology curve and keep your clients happy. Tim was exceptional in sharing his own experiences and providing clients with goal-focused web designs. Live sessions allowed students to chime in with their own experiences, using various software tools and references to website resources. Every day it surprised me to hear about something new that I have never considered.

If you are serious about improving your skills as a Divi website designer and running a more productive web agency, enroll in the Divi Creator Pro course. The value-added information is worth the time and expense.

John D Waraksa

Be in the know with Divi Creator Pro

Tim and Divilife are doing an amazing job of teaching newbies and seasoned pros alike a whole lot of new tricks (and reminding us of all the best practices) in the Divi Creator Pro course!

This is THE MOST useful and immediately actionable web marketing or Divi course I’ve ever taken. There’s so much value and expertise packed into Divi Creator Pro that I’m sure I’ll be incrementally applying it to improve my business for years to come.

Trevor G Berman

Divi Creator Pro is awesome course!
I followed the six-week Divi Creator Pro course by Tim Strifler and it was a very valuable learning experience. The course is aimed at building goal-oriented websites with Divi and it delivers 100% on its promise. In addition, the course also teaches you the basics of digital marketing, SEO, hosting, video, and much more. I highly recommend Tim’s courses, programs, themes, and plugins if you want to take your web business to the next level!

Pablo Jonas

Divilife and Divilife Creator Pro – Tim
Tim’s course was very informative and helpful. I appreciated Tim’s transparent and sincere approach to teaching others about divi and divilife products. There was a vast amount of quality content and knowledge shared by Tim covering many aspects of web development from A-Z. Tim’s advice on what works for him and his organization was also very informative. The structure of the class was well done. Tim is a very nice and caring mentor.

Scott Seabaugh

DIVI Creator Pro Course
I just completed the DIVI Creator Pro course by Tim and I highly, highly recommend this course. I have been a customer of several of Tim’s DIVI product and I have been very please with these DIVI tools (especially the DIVI Modules suite). This course provided a lot of details and filled in the gaps that I had with DIVI overall. I especially like Tim’s teaching style and his detailed descriptions and patience. One of my biggest take-aways is his presentation and guidance for building “value-based” website. So if you are looking for an in-depth DIVI course … THIS IS THE ONE!
THX. L. Hodge

L. R. Hodge

DiviLife’s Divi Creator Pro Course


I’m Erik, owner of Starry Night Web Designs. I’ve got a lot to say about Tim’s Divi Creator Pro course.

I’ve been designing websites off and on since the late 90’s. Until recently, I’ve never taken a class. Everything I know, came from a few paid tutorials on how to use things like Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. Later from all the free tutorials on YouTube. Between all that and my real-world experience, I never felt I needed a class on all this stuff, I was doing okay.

That was, until maybe 10 years ago and all those sites like Wix and Squarespace started popping up. When “Blogs” became the main form of websites. I didn’t have a way to combat it, when people would rather go that route then pay me to build them a site, I was losing the battle. I had no marketing plan. My business was all word of mouth, but even that start to slow down.

Around 6 years ago I discovered Divi, and while it was a game changer. Again, I just stuck with YouTube and every other free tutorial I could find, on how to use Divi, and the same went for any plugin I needed.

I got by, but barely.

I finally started taking some of Tim’s classes about 6 months ago. Most recently, Tim’s Divi Creator Pro course. I don’t know how to properly express in words how much this class is going to help me, but I’m gonna try.

You see, the problem with being self-taught, is that you can learn how to do things on your own, and that’s all well and good, but what you can’t learn or know is why some things are important. There were several things I learned in Tim’s class that I had been flat ignoring my entire career, because up until taking this course, I never really understood how important they were, not just for running my own business, but for my clients as well. There are things I could have done for my clients, things I could have shared with them, that would have helped them better their business. Things that not only would have helped them to bring in more business, but absolutely would have brought myself more clients.

I look at all the times I was struggling over the past couple of decades, and I see now all the things I’ve been doing wrong. All, the things, I could have done better. And I can honestly say that for the first time in decades I am truly inspired and motivated to implement what I’ve learned.

And going beyond that, were the live videos or “coaching” calls we had each week. Allowing us to ask questions, not just about the things learned in class, but anything business related, nothing was off the table. Tim was there to help and offer support.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course. It’s worth every penny. Do yourself a favor and take the class. If Tim’s name is on it, it’s worth it.

Erik Kreider

Divi Creator Pro course packed with useful strategies
The Divi Creator Pro course was packed with useful strategies. I’m sure I will refer to these sessions again and again. They are certainly a very valuable resource now and into the future.


Divi Creator Pro Training – Divi Life

I am not sure how Tim and his team managed to cover such a large amount of topics in just a few weeks!
Great experience, a huge amount of new learnings -not only about Divi, but about the whole web design business, including marketing tips, SEO, project management, etc.

As someone who has been working in web design for more than a decade – and using Divi for several years – I was initially reluctant to join the training, because I didn’t think I would get much from it. But now I can confirm… It’s 100% recommended!!!

Really dynamic live classes lead by Tim Strifler, a legend inside the Divi environment. Tim also happens to be a great teacher, full of knowledge, patience and great spirit. Q&A sessions as well, where you can ask ANYTHING related to the web design business. Also great support from the community of web designers, via the chat and a private FB group created for the course. Really happy to know that I have lifetime access to all the videos, notes, links and transcripts from the course. I am sure that I will be coming back to them from time to time, so I can implement the learnings progressively to my business.

Rafa Ramos

Divi Creator Pro
This class, The Divi Creator Pro course was one of the best courses I have taken in a long time. Tim was a great teacher and I learned so much and have been apply many of his tricks. Thanks Tim for your time in doing this.

Cathy Moody

Solid return on your investment!

Investing in a course and trusting that I will gain enough in return is difficult. However, the Divi Creator Pro course outline, live format, and bonuses made me jump in without hesitation. In addition, Tim’s time vested in the Divi community and DiviLife’s products gave me the confidence to buy. Before the first week was over, I knew I had made the right choice.

Tim presents quality, high-value, and well-organized content in this course. Ever attended a class in which you already knew some of the content? Well, in that case, the benefit gained was asking Tim further detailed questions about that content—live. Tim shared with patience and passion in every class, providing examples of his work that accurately depicted the lessons to learn.

The Divi Creator Pro live course format was an absolute benefit, and the well-documented content is a resource to visit regularly moving forward. My return on investment exceeded my expectation—thanks, DiviLife team!

Bettie Sotomayor

Very valuable and enjoyable training
Very valuable and enjoyable training! We already build with Divi and DiviLife products are already in use in some of our builds. Divi Creator Pro training, with its cornerstone idea of goal focused websites and relationship building through calls to action and value offers in marketing, has certainly been helpful. The specific marketing flow diagrams made the plans easy to follow. The student resources will definitely be added to our reference toolkit!


An Invaluable Resource & Great Experience
I am a relative newbie to WP and Divi. In my search to learn about Divi, I came across DiviLife and the Divi Creator Pro course. It has been tremendously helpful. I have learned how the Divi theme works in general. I have learned important basic design elements. I have learned how to create a much better UX for a page, making the page interactive without clutter and unnecessary distractions. At the end of each session, I am excited to implement my new learning. Interestingly, there are a range of skill levels represented among course participants, and everyone appears to be learning new skills and gaining new ideas. Not only are we learning from Tim Strifler, the course instructor, but we also learn from each other through the informal chat. Course participants have been very helpful in sharing their knowledge, insights, and resources. Speaking of Tim Strifler, he is an excellent instructor. He knows the material extremely well and is always personable, professional, and polite. The time flies past. I highly recommend Divi Creator Pro to anyone wanting to learn more about Divi.

Luke Schmidt

Divi Life’s Divi Creator Pro was a…
Divi Life’s Divi Creator Pro was a super helpful course! Tim Strifler put together a comprehensive group of teachings (that will take my business to the next level. Excellent value, good information and loads of helpful tips. The class discussion and Facebook Groups were likewise very helpful as many people shared their ideas. I’ll be sure to take more courses from Tim and Divi Life.

Brent Flink

Divi Creator Pro – not just about Divi
I’ve signed up for Divi Creator Pro, knowing only that Tim was going to talk about Divi efficiency and learning how to make more money with my web designing business. However, I’ve got so much more from this course, I don’t know where to start. Tim is really knowledgeable on all things Divi. This course is really empowering me to step up my business and ask more money for the websites I build, as well as teaching me to be more confident about being an entrepreneur.


Tim is an excellent communicator and he…
Tim is an excellent communicator and he takes the time to answer all of your questions. I highly recommend the class. I have been using Divi for 5 years and I learned something new every class

Foster Tech Group

DIVI Creator Pro – Great Course

I am a long-time user of Elegant Themes and DIVI, and I’m delighted to finally be able to utilize DIVI to best advantage. With respect to the marketing aspect, specifically of goal-focused websites, the training is invaluable.

The interaction with Tim as well as with other students in chat while the material is being delivered makes it even more informative and engaging.

I am really pleased to have taken part and I’m looking forward to future courses.

Bea, Ideas Online


Divi Creator Pro is a great course for anyone wanting to provide real value to their Divi clients!
Tim with Divi Life did a great job with the Divi Creator Pro course! Having a live course is very helpful, and he made it interactive and very informative. This course worth much more than I paid for it. There’s so much information in there. I’m glad it’s recorded so that I can watch it over and over. The course teaches some great opportunities to optimize your current workflow, reuse things that allow you to get more done in the same amount of time, and a lot of other things, but one thing that I found great value in was how he teaches to create goal driven services!

Jason Egan

Take Divi to the next level with DiviLife
What else can be said? If you use Divi, you need to have the suite of products from DiviLife. They take Divi to the next level. On top of this, they now offer online training called Divi Creator which is a must if you want to get practical and educational knowledge about running your own web agency.

Derrick Fadden

Divi Creator Pro Course

Divi Creator Pro Course
I’m glad I signed up for this course. I knew “over all things” about Divi, but as Tim was showing us through live demos, I was able to pick some subtle, nuanced bits of information that I did not previously know about. Those little nuggets of information will help in my development process, especially from the project start.

The other great thing about this course was that it was live, and we could interact with Tim during and after the training. We didn’t have to wait until the end of the session to have questions answered. It’s always difficult to ask a question at the end of a session and then need to try and remember which slide or part of the demo your question originated from. With this live course, we can submit our questions when we think about them, and then Tim would take time to go through those questions, especially if they were directly relevant to the current discussion. But in the end, he would ensure that ALL of our questions were answered. That was very helpful.

There are plenty of references to tools and other resources mentioned in the course to help with the design, development, and running of our business.

The other course attendees were very helpful in giving their experience and knowledge when people posed questions to the Chat.

The cherry on top was the Thursday Live Coaching calls, where we could ask any question, even if it wasn’t related to what we had just learned.

Silver Knight

Read this is you’ve struggled with building great websites

I’m a Divi Life lifetime user. When I first found the Divi Life tools, I recognized the value that they were for me as a new-to-divi user. After following Tim and using his published resources, I would consider him as an expert you can trust. Tim is an open book to the struggles and the best practices of creating solid, high-functioning websites for yourself or your clients.

If you let DIvi LIfe be your teacher, you’ll save time, skip mistakes, and have happier clients. I am grateful to have a professional turned teacher as my resource. The value of Tim’s courses is infinitely times the price that he charges. As a divi creator, I trust Tim because he’s been there, done that and is willing to share all of the tricks so you can make great sites with Divi too.


Tim Strifler’s Divi Creator Pro: Wish I’d had it a decade ago
Tim Strifler’s Divi Creator Pro course was exceptional. I’ve already gone back to several modules for refreshers. And the “ah-ha” moments in live sessions and in recorded sessions were wonderful. Tim’s Divi Creator Pro workshop is a comprehensive “how to build a strong business model.” It isn’t, as are so many, a one-off, how-to class in a single topic. Anyone taking the class will be a stronger web builder AND a much stronger business leader. As I have told several friends, “it’s the course I wish I’d had a decade ago when I was teaching myself, sometimes with success and often with frustration.”

Linda Grist Cunningham

Divi Creator Pro

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience taking the Divi Creator Pro course from Tim Strifler at The content was amazing and Tim’s knowledge and ability to present the concepts and answer questions really added to the experience. I have already implemented concepts from the course in my business!

It is well worth the investment of money and time to take the Divi Creator Pro Course.

Dave C

Tim is very dedicated in his teaching
Tim is very dedicated in his teaching. Don’t hesitate to jump on a course with one of the many topics Tim covers. It’s really rewarding.

Dorthe Dee

Create Better WordPress Sites with Divi Life & Divi Creator Pro
First off, I love Divi Life’s products! I’m a lifetime member and have not regretted it one bit. I just recently took the Divi Creator Pro course by Divi Life and it was a game changer! The content was great and well put together. Tim did a phenomenal job in presenting the material. He’s also very great about answering your questions. I would highly recommend taking a course from Tim and Divi Life!

Rebecca Belcher

Divi Creator Pro — and I thought I knew how to build a website!

You know how when you need a little help on something, you seek out a trusted friend, mentor, expert—someone who is knowledgable about the issue, has always given you good, solid advice, carefully explained, and who genuinely wants you to benefit from it?

I design websites, but from a graphic designer’s point of view. I don’t even know much css. And I hate analytics, updating all the time, all that “maintenance” stuff. I have the DiviLife lifetime membership, which means those plugins and layouts will always be auto-updated, which is fantastic. And I’ve used several of the DiviLife plugins to make my websites really sizzle. If I’m ever stuck their support team gives me a quick, easy solution. Point is, I love DiviLife.

So when I heard about the DiviLife Creator Pro course, I was intrigued. It taught efficiency, interactive UX, profit maximizing for our web design business, digital traffic, and most importantly, goal-focused websites.

I signed up. But you know what the clincher was that made me place the order? Tim Strifler, the teacher himself. I have a lot of respect for Tim. Signing up was sort of a thank you for always treating me so well in the past (like a trusted friend) and for producing such excellent products.

What I didn’t expect was to realize in the first hour of the course it’s going to pay for itself many times over. (Tim explained so many features about Divi and DiviLife that I didn’t even know about, it was exciting to apply those to the current website I was just starting to work on.)

Besides that, did I learn anything in the Divi Creator Pro course? Only that I’ve been building websites somewhat backwards, inefficiently, spending way too much effort in my comfort zone of animation and typography, and that I can make a lot more money delivering what the clients actually need—so they make a lot more money, too.

There was a tremendous amount of information to absorb, but Tim made sure it was not going to be lost on us. There are replays of each lesson and extensive notes in text form as well as the running chat, with markers corresponding to the video, on the Divi Creator Pro Facebook page. (That alone is a great way to stay connected to each and every member in the course. We share insights and information with each other, too.)

The professional quality of the webinar video, excellent training slides, and the crisp, clear, studio-quality audio made each session comfortable and enjoyable. (Speaking of which, although each lesson was scheduled for a certain amount of time, Tim generously stayed with us until every topic and every question was addressed.) Even Tims’s “set” was pleasant to look at with its nice lighting and colors. And if you’re a dog lover, his pooch was usually lounging in the background.

Tim is totally transparent, sharing his own methods and insights, even letting us in on how he does his own marketing (like he says, “You signed up, didn’t you?”) I must say, once he gets us to sign up, he delivers 100% and more on what he promises.

As for the Q&A, I really admired how respectful Tim was with each question, no matter how “dumb” (most of mine, I’m sure) nor off-topic. He was absolutely not condescending, but welcomed every single question and delivered helpful answers. He also allowed the students to offer their experience and knowledge, which was very helpful. (All of that is in the replays, as the chat streams are also included.)

Great video, great sound, replays, notes, cute dog, etc….that would mean nothing if it weren’t for the well-organized content, a wealth of information in each lesson, Tim’s pleasant, conversational way of teaching, his clear and well-enunciated speech, likeable personality with a great sense of humor, and absolutely genuine caring about each and every one of us.

Would I take the course again? No way—I’ll watch the replays.

Instead, I’m going to take Tim’s NEXT course all about SEO!

Chaz DeSimone

Divi Creator Pro – Worth It!

I truly enjoy the Divi Creator Pro course. While I was not able to attend any of the live sessions due to my schedule, I enjoy being able to go back and view the live course material on my own time and schedule. The information will always be there for me, and that is such a great value! I had always found myself drawn to the various individual products and this course will certainly walk me through how to deploy them like an expert. I am so glad Tim has decided to offer this course. I look forward to more courses from him and Divilife in the future!

Tony Cornett

Just exactly what I wanted this course…
Just exactly what I wanted this course to be!