A Comprehensive Course on How to Use the Divi Theme Builder to Create Dynamic Websites

(Launches Spring 2024)

Helping You Create Extremely FAST Websites with WordPress & Divi! 🚀

Divi Creator Pro combines the software you need with the training you need to help you create incredible websites with Divi…faster than ever before!

You’ll never look at a web design project the same again. Divi Creator Pro will teach you how to create BETTER websites for your clients: websites that ACTUALLY help your clients get leads, sell products, grow an email list, etc.

Shifting your focus from creating “pretty websites” to goal-focused websites,will help you:

  • Win More Projects
  • Charge More
  • Get More Referrals From Clients

And, Divi Creator Pro will show you specifically how to do all these things! 🥳

LIVE Course Sessions Plus On-Demand Access

The best of Both Worlds for Online Courses!

Our courses are unlike any other online course you’ve ever taken! Why? Because they are filmed LIVE! 🤩 And our students have been absolutely LOVING this aspect of our courses! 😍

The live sessions are four days a week (3 lesson sessions, & 1 Q&A).

Here’s why our students LOVE that are courses are filmed live:

  1. You can ask questions in real time! No more having to wait to get your questions answered. And if you’re asking a question, chances are that other students have the same question. Everyone wins! 🔥
  2. You get to interactive with other students that are also learning the same thing at the same time. This furthers the education as well as builds a community of peers that you can network with. 💬
  3. Accountability! When the lessons are happening in real time you’re MUCH more likely to complete the course. You no longer have to rely on your own discipline to complete dozens of hours worth of pre-recorded videos “at your own pace” or try and guess what’s important and what can be skipped. Even if you miss a live session (or can’t actually attend live at all), you’re much more likely to stay caught up and finish strong when the course is happening in real time. 🚀

If you can’t attend live, or don’t want to attend live, then the course is like any other pre-recorded course (or better!) that you watch on-demand on your own time. 😎

Here’s what each lesson includes in the portal:

  • The lesson video(s) – added within 1 hour of them being recorded live 🎥
  • Lesson Video Chapter Titles for skipping to different parts of the lesson videos
  • The lesson notes/slides/links/resources 🔗
  • The lesson video transcript with timestamps (perfect for searching for keywords to find something later, or for translating into another language). 🌐
  • The chat log from the live session— our students are constantly adding helpful tips, tools, etc. that you won’t have to miss out on if you can’t attend live! 💬

By the End of This Program You Will:

Be Much More Valuable to Your Clients

You will crossover from strictly a “website person” to a full blown marketing consultant, advising your client on revenue generating online strategies.

Be Able to Create Websites that Matter

You will know how to properly create websites that are designed to not just look pretty, but grow an email list, generate leads, sell products, and more.

Know How to Keep Visitors Engaged

You will know how to increase conversions by keeping users engaged on the page through interaction and user experience best practices.

Create Websites More Efficiently

You will know how to use the “scratch-less” design process to build websites in a fraction of the time along with time-saving tactics & focusing on what matters.

Be an Expert with Divi Life Products

Our products here at Divi Life are incredibly powerful! Throughout this course, you will learn to use our tools to their FULL potential.

Make More Money in Multiple Ways

Becoming more efficient is like giving yourself a raise! Plus, this program will teach you how to charge more, win more bids, & create recurring revenue.

Divi Theme Builder Pro Training Modules

Module One

Theme Builder Foundations

The Divi Efficiency Masterclass is all about helping you work smarter, so you can drastically speed up the time it takes you to build websites.


  • Leveraging Divi’s Efficiency & Global Features for Proper Workflow to Maximize Efficiency.
  • The Scratch-Less Design Process to build websites in a Fraction of the time.
  • Cloud Based Storage , The Starter Template Workflow, & Developing Locally.
Module Two

Headers & Footers

Goal Focused Websites will help you stand out from your competition, win more projects, and provide overall better results for your clients. Why? Because it teaches you how to build websites that have a purpose instead of just looking pretty. You’ll learn how to create lead/sales machines!


  • How to Develop the website’s goal & Strategy.
  • Conversion Increasing Tactics to Drive Sales
  • List Building & Lead Generation Tactics
Module Three

Custom Archive Pages

Getting users to actually stay on a website is no easy task, but it’s essential for conversion. This module teaches you best practice methods to keep users engaged on the site.


  • User Experience 101 & How it Impacts Sales & Conversions.
  • How to Give Users What They Want While Keeping Them on The Same Page.
  • How to Add Interactive Elements to Keep Users Engaged (& Staying Longer).
Module Four

Custom Page Templates

A pretty website isn’t the main focus, but it’s still important! This module is all about teaching you how to create great looking websites WITHOUT being a designer.


  • Typography & Color 101
  • All About Images
  • Additional Design Elements
  • Dissecting Good Design and Bad Design (WHY is it good!?)
Module Five

Search Results + 404 Templates

The Profit Maximizer Training is focused on helping you GROW your business while maximizing the PROFIT. Plus, helping you to uncover additional revenue streams.


  • Win More Bids Through ‘Goal Focused Websites’
  • Recurring Revenue Streams You Can Implement
  • How to Pitch These to Clients So They’ll Actually Say YES!
  • How to Get Paid Faster & More Reliability
Module Six

ACF + Theme Builder

The Traffic Training module will teach you how to generate traffic online from a variety of sources. In other areas of the course we focus on conversion, but what’s the point if you don’t have traffic?


  • Effective Paid Advertising Strategies for Low Cost.
  • Using the ad-to-magnet strategy
  • Retargeting Secrets and the Rule of 7s
  • Organic Methods for Long Term Growth & Branding

Divi Theme Builder Pro Bonuses

Bonus #1

The Speed Optimizers Cheetsheet

We’ve used dozens of hosting companies over the years. Some great, some terrible, and some in between. In this bonus training (& cheetsheet), we’re giving you the inside scoop on what hosting companies are awesome, and which ones aren’t! Plus, we’ll breakdown what to look for in a hosting company and the red flags to look for to help you avoid costly mistakes!

Bonus #2

Private Students-Only Facebook Group

The exclusive students-only Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, get feedback, and interact with Tim and the Divi Life team, as well as other students too. Whether you need clarification on the lesson content from the course, or need a sounding board for feedback on your business, we’ll be there for you and ready to help in the Facebook group!

Bonus #3

The Speed Testing Logging Worksheet

In this bonus training, I teach you how to whitelabel your WordPress website (or client websites) so you can add additional branding for your company, instead of giving WordPress free advertising! In additional to removing ALL mentions of WordPress in the backend, you will also learn how to upsell clients additional services, right from their website backend!

How to Join Divi Theme Builder Pro

Payment Plan

(for 4 months)

All Modules & Bonuses!

Module 1: Theme Builder Foundations

Module 2: Headers & Footers

Module 3: Custom Archive Pages

Module 4: Custom Page Templates

Module 5: Search Results + 404 Templates

Module 6: ACF + Theme Builder

Bonus #1: Coming Soon

Bonus #2: Coming Soon

Bonus #3: Coming Soon

Theme Builder Pro – Full Pay

(1 Payment, Lifetime Access)

All Modules & Bonuses!

Module 1: Theme Builder Foundations

Module 2: Headers & Footers

Module 3: Custom Archive Pages

Module 4: Custom Page Templates

Module 5: Search Results + 404 Templates

Module 6: ACF + Theme Builder

Bonus #1: Coming Soon

Bonus #2: Coming Soon

Bonus #3: Coming Soon

This course launches in early 2023! Enroll now to lock in THE LOWEST pricing (limited time only!).

Join Divi Theme Builder Pro Today!

Join hundreds of students that are loving Divi Life courses! This course launches in Spring 2024! Lock in the limited time introductory pricing today!

Questions About Divi Theme Builder Pro?

What happens after I enroll in Divi Theme Builder Pro?

After you join Divi Speed Pro, our system will automatically create you an account on our learning platform. You’ll get immediate access to the student portal and some of the students-only bonuses! The course officially starts in Spring 2024, and you’ll receive more information soon on the exact dates.

Do Divi Life All Access Members get a discount on Divi Life courses?

Yes, Divi Life members get credit towards Divi Life courses. Members get credit for individual courses, and even more credit for the course bundle! If you’re an existing member, you should have received an email with instructions on how to obtain your course credit. But if you don’t see the email, you can open a support ticket and our team will assist you.

Can I watch at my own convenience?

Yes, absolutely! Our courses are recorded live to give those that want to attend live the opportunity to watch in real time. But if you can’t attend live, or don’t want to attend live, then you can watch at your own inconvenience whenever you want, just like any other online course. Our student portal includes the lesson videos with chapter titles, video transcripts, lesson files, and more. Our goal is to make you as productive as possible while you consume the content. You will never lose access to the course content either, so you can go back and watch as many times as you want!

Is the course content lifetime access?

Yes! You will never lose access to the course content. You can go back and watch as many times as you want. And when we update the content and add more lessons, you will automatically get access to those too, without having to pay more!

Why does the course cost so much?

We firmly believe that Divi Speed Pro is an incredible value for everything included. However, money is money, and we get that!

Firsly, we don’t want money to be the reason you don’t join!

When someone says that something is “too expensive” there’s usually two different sides to this.

1) You simply don’t have the cash.

If that’s the case, we have an awesome payment plan to make it easier for you!

2) You don’t think the value of the program justifies the cost of the program.

If it’s the second option above, then we apologize that we did not do a better job communicating the value. Learning how to speed up your website(s) is an invaluable skill. Not only will this skill result in more conversions, leads, and sales for any website that you build for yourself. But it is also a skill and a service that you can charge for to your paid clients. Clients are willing and able to pay you top dollar to make sure their website is going to run as FAST as possible. In fact, our optimization as a service module teaches the whole sales side of learning this skill so you can leverage it to make more money.

Tens of Thousands of Happy Customers

So much MORE than I expected

The Divi Creator Pro Course is by far the best web design training I’ve done. The depth and breadth of Tim’s knowledge and experience is so clear, and together with his easy teaching style, I’ve learnt such a lot already and there are still two weeks to go!

There are real world applications, and practical demonstrations of how to implement some of the awesome DiviLife plugins and modules. So this training helps move the dial from simply being ‘website designer’ to becoming a ‘marketing consultant’, with tools and techniques that actually help drive improvements to the client’s bottom line.

And being part of the community on the course is also great value. There have been so many ‘a-ha’ moments and realisations already, like finding out that I’m not the only one who struggles with particular parts of the web design process, as well as discovering that in some areas of the job I know a great deal more than I thought I did!

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who uses Divi and wants to take their business to the next level.

Martin Young

Divi Creator Pro Course Contains Life Changing Knowledge
The “Divi Creator Pro” course is changing the trajectory of my life and my business. I have been designing and creating WordPress websites for clients since 2012. I have been creating those websites using Divi since 2017 because Divi is an amazing product. Prior to taking the “Divi Creator Pro” course I figured I would probably only learn a few new items of value, but instead I am blown away by the knowledge Tim Strifler is so willing to share. Tim is brilliant, yet he makes each lesson extremely understandable. There seems to be no question he cannot answer concerning Divi, SEO, Marketing and so much more. In 2020 I paid a business coach 8 times as much as I paid to take this course, learning only a fraction of what I am learning from Tim.

Linda Mattson

Divi Creator Pro live online course is worth the investment

If you are looking to up your game as a solopreneur designing and producing Divi sites, I highly recommend the Divi Creator Pro live online course.

Over the six weeks of study many things impressed me, in no particular order, Tim’s:
• mastery of the information
• laid back delivery style
• patience with student interaction and desire to really respond fully to all questions
• ability to communicate clearly (to people with varying levels of experience)
• ability to stay on track and to provide well-thought-out structure and content

In many instances with this course, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And, the ability to go back and read through the transcript, or rewatch a portion of a class has helped me to get the details down.

As a designer and marketer, a lot of the concepts were not new to me, but the way Tim puts them all together and his depth of knowledge made the time invested very worthwhile.

Robin K

Just exactly what I wanted this course…
Just exactly what I wanted this course to be!


1000% Worth the Investment

Tim is a great teacher that’s super knowledgeable on all things Divi. He’s also a marketing nerd which makes this course perfect for you if you really wanna build goal focused website. The DiviLife plugins are a must have for any Divi web designer’s toolbox. And the Divi Creator Pro course teaches you how to use them in a way that’s gonna help you and your clients get results. The lessons are structured to help you understand what’s important for a website and then how to actually implement what he teaches. This course is a game changer for Divi users!

Brittney Honkomp

Very Thourough and Super Informative
The classes are great, Tim is very thorough, and having some of his team members on the calls is helpful when people are talking about specific tools, and they post the links in the chat, making it easy if your interested in those tools. Thank you Tim and team!

Branko VdW

Solid return on your investment!

Investing in a course and trusting that I will gain enough in return is difficult. However, the Divi Creator Pro course outline, live format, and bonuses made me jump in without hesitation. In addition, Tim’s time vested in the Divi community and DiviLife’s products gave me the confidence to buy. Before the first week was over, I knew I had made the right choice.

Tim presents quality, high-value, and well-organized content in this course. Ever attended a class in which you already knew some of the content? Well, in that case, the benefit gained was asking Tim further detailed questions about that content—live. Tim shared with patience and passion in every class, providing examples of his work that accurately depicted the lessons to learn.

The Divi Creator Pro live course format was an absolute benefit, and the well-documented content is a resource to visit regularly moving forward. My return on investment exceeded my expectation—thanks, DiviLife team!

Bettie Sotomayor

I am truly impressed by the Divi Creator Pro Course

I am truly impressed by Tim and the Divilife Course.

As a web designer, I found that I had developed tunnel vision once I discovered Divi page builder back in 2011- I had a routine and system of creating websites and while I would occasionally explore new tools every now and then, I mainly stuck with what I knew and my way of doing things… that was until I found Divilife in 2019 and purchased the All Access Pass in 2020 and now that I just finished Divi Creator Pro course I feel more empowered and able to help my clients by creating even better, goal focused websites.

I learned everything from how to build locally to how to make time saving starter templates to good design principles, along with other great information such as email list building, concepts like MCLP not to mention very helpful resources.

All the modules have session notes, video transcripts and chat logs so going back to review specific information is easy to do.

There is SO much great information packed in to this course and best of all you have LIFETIME access to all off this great content.

I know that this course will have a big impact on my business flow going forward. This course was some of the best money I have ever spent! Thank you Tim for sharing your knowledge and resources in this great course!

Debbie D

Take Divi to the next level with DiviLife
What else can be said? If you use Divi, you need to have the suite of products from DiviLife. They take Divi to the next level. On top of this, they now offer online training called Divi Creator which is a must if you want to get practical and educational knowledge about running your own web agency.

Derrick Fadden

Divi Creator Pro Course

Divi Creator Pro Course
I’m glad I signed up for this course. I knew “over all things” about Divi, but as Tim was showing us through live demos, I was able to pick some subtle, nuanced bits of information that I did not previously know about. Those little nuggets of information will help in my development process, especially from the project start.

The other great thing about this course was that it was live, and we could interact with Tim during and after the training. We didn’t have to wait until the end of the session to have questions answered. It’s always difficult to ask a question at the end of a session and then need to try and remember which slide or part of the demo your question originated from. With this live course, we can submit our questions when we think about them, and then Tim would take time to go through those questions, especially if they were directly relevant to the current discussion. But in the end, he would ensure that ALL of our questions were answered. That was very helpful.

There are plenty of references to tools and other resources mentioned in the course to help with the design, development, and running of our business.

The other course attendees were very helpful in giving their experience and knowledge when people posed questions to the Chat.

The cherry on top was the Thursday Live Coaching calls, where we could ask any question, even if it wasn’t related to what we had just learned.

Silver Knight

Read this is you’ve struggled with building great websites

I’m a Divi Life lifetime user. When I first found the Divi Life tools, I recognized the value that they were for me as a new-to-divi user. After following Tim and using his published resources, I would consider him as an expert you can trust. Tim is an open book to the struggles and the best practices of creating solid, high-functioning websites for yourself or your clients.

If you let DIvi LIfe be your teacher, you’ll save time, skip mistakes, and have happier clients. I am grateful to have a professional turned teacher as my resource. The value of Tim’s courses is infinitely times the price that he charges. As a divi creator, I trust Tim because he’s been there, done that and is willing to share all of the tricks so you can make great sites with Divi too.


Divi Creator Pro – Worth It!

I truly enjoy the Divi Creator Pro course. While I was not able to attend any of the live sessions due to my schedule, I enjoy being able to go back and view the live course material on my own time and schedule. The information will always be there for me, and that is such a great value! I had always found myself drawn to the various individual products and this course will certainly walk me through how to deploy them like an expert. I am so glad Tim has decided to offer this course. I look forward to more courses from him and Divilife in the future!

Tony Cornett