Introducing Divi Modules Pro, Our Brand New All-in-One Module Plugin for Divi

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Product Announcements | 7 comments

Today I’m excited to finally introduce Divi Modules Pro, our brand new all-in-one module plugin for Divi! 🥳

We’ve been working on this plugin for well over a year so we’re very happy to finally release it!

What is Divi Modules Pro?

Divi Modules Pro is an “all-in-one module plugin” for Divi, which means it’s one plugin that gives you access to a bunch of incredible add-on modules for Divi.

Today we’re launching with 10 modules, but we have an additional 15 modules that have been built and are in the testing phases. In other words, we’ll be moving fast and releasing more modules quickly!

Divi Modules Pro is Performance Focused

Part of the reason Divi Modules Pro has been in development for over a year is because of the performance focused framework that we’ve built. We wanted to make sure that Divi Modules Pro would not slow down your website no matter what! We know that making Divi load as fast as possible is extremely important and so we’ve created a framework for completely dynamic assets! This means if you aren’t using a module, it’s Javascript and CSS files won’t be loaded. And, when you are using a module, the files will only be loaded on the page(s) you’re actually using the module on. We even had this built before Divi itself had it.

Divi Modules Pro will only load the assets for the modules on the pages the modules are actually used! 🔥😍

And when you disable modules from within the Divi Modules Pro control panel, not only will the assets for the disabled modules not be loaded anywhere on your website, but the module also won’t show up in your module picker in the Divi Builder. This means no clutter for modules you aren’t using!

Stunning Layout Demos Included 🤩

We’ve created gorgeous demo layouts for all the modules that you can easily import into your website. And we’ll be releasing a lot of more layouts in the future too (sooner than you think 😉).

Available in Our Membership or Separate

Divi Modules Pro is available today for purchase! The absolute best value though is to snag our All Access Pass membership which gets you Divi Modules Pro plus ALL of our Divi products, including all the new products and bonuses, as well as some of our fan favorites such as Divi Overlays Popup Builder, Divi Mega Pro, Divi Hacks, and Divi WooCommerce Pro. 🥳


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    Amazing Plugin! Well done team! I am wanting to reverse the order of modules mason gallery so that the latest added shows at the top. How can I do that? am I missing an obvious setting and if not is it possible to add it?

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      images* not modules

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    Will there be step by steps to use each as well as sample layout to download and edit?

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      Yes, definitely! There’s documentation for every module as well as 3-5 demo layouts included for free for all Divi Modules Pro customers. Plus, we have layout extension packs for select modules that will give you an additional 10-20 layouts for that module. The extension packs are only available for our All Access Pass members.

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    Hi Tim, as a lifetime member, these are excellent tools for us web designers to use! I am curious, will you be adding more modules in the future, too?

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      Hi Spencer, glad you like the modules! And yes, absolutely. We will continuously be adding new modules. We’ve already added two new modules since launch with another new one coming out this week hopefully. We’re not just adding modules to add new modules though. We’re only adding modules that our customers request and the order we release new modules is based on the survey we sent to customers. 🙂

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        Hi Tim,

        I am planning to use the carousel pro module as a logo slider but there isn’t an option to vertically align images. Is there any quick CSS that you can think of to accomplish that?

        Thanks for your work on these and all your plugins!


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