Divi WooCommerce Pro


Divi WooCommerce Pro is the Ultimate & Most Powerful eCommerce Child Theme for Divi!

With dozens of features designed to help you (or your client) sell more, we’ve taken the heavy lifting out of building a conversion-focused online store with Divi.

With full Divi Theme Builder integration, Divi WooCommerce Pro includes custom header and footers, custom shop/category pages, and multiple custom product page templates. Divi WooCommerce Pro truly is the most powerful & beautiful Divi eCommerce child theme.

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Product Description

Divi WooCommerce Pro has dozens of incredible features. Below you can see just a few highlights:

Note: the eCommerce Mega Menus are built with Divi Mega Pro. The layouts for Divi Mega Pro are included, but the plugin itself is sold separately.

Divi WooCommerce Pro Custom Theme Builder Header

Divi WooCommerce Pro includes a custom header built with the Divi Theme Builder, which means it’s easy to customize the styling and content using Divi. But we didn’t stop there. We integrated many powerful conversion-focused features into the header such as a sale/promotion rotator, header call to action button, autocomplete product search, and more.


Custom Product Page Templates

Divi WooCommerce Pro includes two gorgeous product page templates built with the Divi Theme Builder. The product page templates also integrate custom fields in order to for you to easily add more product features while maintaining a consistent design across all eCommerce products.

Frictionless Distraction-Free Checkout Experience

70% of checkouts are abandoned. That’s an eCommerce fact. However, with best-practice conversion marketing techniques, you can minimize abandoned carts and maximize conversions and sales. We got rid of the clunky default checkout that ships with WooCommerce, and replaced it with this conversion-focused checkout.

Slide-Out Shopping Cart

Just like in physical stores, online shoppers like to be able to see what is in their shopping cart at all times. We’ve added a gorgeous slide-out cart to Divi WooCommerce Pro that will not only prevent your visitors from having to navigate to a cart page, but will also help guide them towards checkout.

Quickview, Wistlist, & Gorgeous Product Grids




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Divi WooCommerce Pro on multiple sites/projects?
You can use Divi WooCommerce Pro on as many websites as the license you purchased allows. The single site license can only be used on one website, while the unlimited site license can be used on unlimited sites.

What about updates?
Since Divi WooCommerce Pro is a Child Theme of Divi, updates are rare. However, if an update is necessary, then you will have access to the update through your Divi Life customer account. Updates are always free of charge.

What about customer support?
We take pride in supporting our customers, and we feel that our testimonials reflect that greatly. If you need help of any kind, you can access support through your Divi Life customer account. Customer Satisfaction is always our goal 🙂

What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of digital products, it’s impossible to prevent fraud and still offer refunds. As mentioned above, customer satisfaction is our goal, and we will work with you to solve any issues until we can find a reasonable solution.


When you purchase Divi WooCommerce Pro, a license key will automatically be generated for you. A valid license key (with available activations) is necessary to use Divi WooCommerce Pro, as well as receive updates and support.

Divi WooCommerce Pro includes 1 year of updates and support. Automatic License Renewals are default, but can be turned off in account settings.


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All license options are billed yearly, with the exception of Lifetime which is a one time fee. Annual licenses may be cancelled at any time.

Divi WooCommerce Pro


I really enjoy Tim. He is such a good resource for small business owners and developers. You learn in the chat how thoughtful he is, which shows in the design of RoyalCommerce.


Eileen Lonergan

I love this theme (RoyalCommerce). I must say that the documentation is great. It was the easiest I had to follow in the last 12 months. Great theme, superb instruction. Thank you Tim!!!


Ferenc Sárosi

Tim, Thanks so much! You are a legend! I will be keen to buy more child themes in the future.


Angie Neal

I am absolutely loving RoyalCommerce Tim. Beautiful, clean and fantastic attention to detail, well done.


Michelle Nunan

Great interview Tim, great products, big fan of your work.


David Blackmon

RoyalCommerce…WOW. Tim puts his time, expertise, and talents into this theme. I had a quick question…Tim got back to me immediately. Tim, please build more themes ? For other developers, follow Tim’s lead.


David Oralevich

Credit where credit is due Tim, you've done a cracking job on this child theme.


Colin Falcon

Very nice theme Tim. Great job. I may have to purchase a copy myself for an upcoming project. You covered everything ?


Geno Quiroz

Nicely done Tim.. I just grabbed both the welcome message and the admin color scheme plugin. Excellent.. ?


Paul DiCecco

I love the clean styling; the video walk-thru is very clear, and you can create a great looking WooCommerce site in much less than half the time. So well worth the investment, and very impressed with the support too!


Sarah Austin

Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much I love the theme and how many compliments we’ve gotten on this site. Looking forward to your future projects!


C.J. Cavin

I cannot believe the value presented in this child theme! ALL of the ‘heavy lifting’ has been done. Thanks so much to Tim Strifler for putting so much work into this to save me sooo much time! I cannot thank you enough!


Chris Potter

Where has Divi Dashboard Welcome been all of my life?


Corey Kretsinger

Purchased both. Going to be life savers. Totally worth it. I previously worked as an e-commerce manager for 11 years, what you have done and the power of woo and Wordpress opens loads of doors people.


Ian Lucas

Tim this is just great. You have really great talent, my friend. I really admire your work, really good ?


Fabio Sarcona

Nothing is more frustrating than buying software, needing some help and not getting it. Tim went beyond his claim to give good support, it was excellent. Thank you Tim, can’t wait to see what more you build.


Verdi Heinz

WOW! What an amazing product, I have no previous web design experience and was able to create a beautiful e-commerce site. Super easy to use and brilliant results! Thanks for such a wonderful product. Thank you again. RoyalCommerce is brilliant!


Georgina Brown

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