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Divi WooCommerce Pro is the Ultimate & Most Powerful eCommerce Child Theme for Divi!

With dozens of features designed to help you (or your client) sell more, we’ve taken the heavy lifting out of building a conversion-focused online store with Divi.

With full Divi Theme Builder integration, Divi WooCommerce Pro includes custom header and footers, custom shop/category pages, and multiple custom product page templates. Divi WooCommerce Pro truly is the most powerful & beautiful Divi eCommerce child theme.

Divi WooCommerce Pro Features

Divi WooCommerce Pro has dozens of incredible features. Below you can see just a few highlights:

Note: the eCommerce Mega Menus are built with our Divi Mega Menu plugin (Divi Mega Pro). The layouts for Divi Mega Pro are included, but the plugin itself is sold separately.

Divi WooCommerce Pro Custom Theme Builder Header

Divi WooCommerce Pro includes a custom header built with the Divi Theme Builder, which means it’s easy to customize the styling and content using Divi. But we didn’t stop there. We integrated many powerful conversion-focused features into the header such as a sale/promotion rotator, header call to action button, autocomplete product search, and more.

Custom Product Page Templates

Divi WooCommerce Pro includes two gorgeous product page templates built with the Divi Theme Builder. The product page templates also integrate custom fields in order to for you to easily add more product features while maintaining a consistent design across all eCommerce products.

Frictionless Distraction-Free Checkout Experience

70% of checkouts are abandoned. That’s an eCommerce fact. However, with best-practice conversion marketing techniques, you can minimize abandoned carts and maximize conversions and sales. We got rid of the clunky default checkout that ships with WooCommerce, and replaced it with this conversion-focused checkout.

Slide-Out Shopping Cart

Just like in physical stores, online shoppers like to be able to see what is in their shopping cart at all times. We’ve added a gorgeous slide-out cart to Divi WooCommerce Pro that will not only prevent your visitors from having to navigate to a cart page, but will also help guide them towards checkout.

Quickview, Wishlist, & Gorgeous Product Grids

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All license options are billed yearly, with the exception of Lifetime which is a one time fee. Annual licenses may be cancelled at any time.

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Note: the eCommerce Mega Menus are built with Divi Mega Pro. The layouts for Divi Mega Pro are included, but the plugin itself is sold separately.

License Key

When you purchase Divi WooCommerce Pro, a license key will automatically be generated for you. A valid license key (with available activations) is necessary to use Divi WooCommerce Pro, as well as receive updates and support.

Divi WooCommerce Pro includes 1 year of updates and support. Automatic License Renewals are default, but can be turned off in account settings.

Subscription Terms

All license options are billed yearly, with the exception of Lifetime which is a one time fee. Annual licenses may be cancelled at any time.


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Unlimited Customer Support

All Divi Life products include unlimited customer support for the duration of your license term!

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you. Need help setting up the product? No problem, our team will be happy to help!

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Product Documentation

Our product documentation will walk you through set up, as well as explain all the major features. Many articles include 4K videos in addition to written tutorials.

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Divi WooCommerce Pro is LOVED by the Divi Community

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  • Avatar Love this product!

    Divi WooCommerce Pro is an excellent product. It saved me a ton of time with creating a WooCommerce store for my client. And my client loves all the conversion features included. Divi Life makes me look good! My only wish was that I could change the color scheme all at once instead of having to go into each layout. But that’s really more of a complaint with Divi in general and not the product’s fault. Divi Life Support was awesome and helped me change the color scheme quickly. Thanks for a great product. I highly recommend this child theme!

  • Avatar Excellent product

    A great offering with great service. Very helpful.

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    Great Rating

    Shafaq Omair is a brilliant asset for you! I sent a not very friendly request for support. She responded by diagnosing my problem professionally, promptly, and courteously, in spite of my lack of decorum. I can not thank her enough. I am VERY pleased I purchased your product. Thank you. Sandy

    Great Rating

    I am pleased to get quick and knowledgeable support. Thanks Carlos.

    Great Rating

    Carlos is always extremely helpful and always supports me to resolve my issues. He’s friendly and relational and cares about taking care of my business and my technical issues. Thanks Carlos.

    Great Rating

    Tim was quick to respond to my questions and very helpful. A+

    Great Rating

    Carlos has been very helpful in answering my questions concerning the Divi Mega Pro and setting up a Mobile Menu. Thanks, Carlos!!!

    Great Rating

    You guys are as great as I heard you are!

    Great Rating

    Shafaq resolved my initial problems by advising of an update. Professional, courteous, patient!

    Great Rating

    Carlos, like Shafaq before him, gave me GREAT service with answers that completely and easily solved/fixed the problems I brought to them. The quality of your support staff really boosts the value of your products! KUDOS to Carlos and Shafaq! –kenn

    Great Rating

    Shafaq was able to help resolve my issue and made some suggestions on how to use the Divi Life plugins to help me out. She was very helpful.

    Great Rating

    I rate their support as highly as their products. A+ overall!

    Great Rating

    Carlos really went above and beyond to get a pop-up button working for me on mobile… 21 times. That’s extraordinary!

    Great Rating

    Carlos was really helpful and very kind over email. His exemplary customer service was really appreciated and resolved the issues I was having with speed! Thank you!

    Great Rating

    Extremely fast customer support that saved the day!

    Great Rating

    Carlos is the man! He really stuck with me and all my questions until we found a solution. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Great Rating

    Carlos was really helpful and very kind over email. His exemplary customer service was really appreciated and resolved the issues I was having with speed! Thank you!

    Great Rating

    Shafaq was very helpful and patient with me! Showed me how to solve my issue.

    Great Rating

    I know Carlos responded appropriately for normal situations and I appreciate the quick response….Thank you sir! And thank you Tim for following up on a abnormal situation and providing a solution. Cheers! -Doss

    Great Rating

    Appreciate the prompt and useful support help! Thanks Carlos and Divi Life!

    Great Rating

    Amazingly good help, despite the fact that I am barely so good at English and thus lean on google translate.

    Great Rating

    Shafaq is the best, period. Have been solving various issues with her help for over a year and always getting the desired result. Her attitude and ability to listen is priceless. Thank you!

    Great Rating

    The best support ever! 🙂

    Great Rating

    This organization is becoming more and more impressive. The people and the products. Cheers -S

    Great Rating

    Carlos is, without a doubt, an ace crackerjack member of your team and a pleasure to work with! No. Really!

    Great Rating

    I was ready to give up on having a mega menu on our new website but Shafaq Omair took the time to set up a template for me and install it on my site so I could customize it. It looks and works great. Thanks so much -Patricia

    Great Rating

    Quick support response time and solved the issue first attempt. Very happy

    Great Rating

    Carlos always goes above and beyond until he brings a satisfactory solution to the issues I need help with. Thank you!

    Great Rating

    So far the response is great and personal, as if Tim knows and understands me!

    Great Rating

    Carlos was fabulous! His response was quick and useful. He fixed my problem and taught me how to do it myself next time. Love his friendly service. Thank you Divi Life!

    Great Rating

    Wow! Super fast. My problem was solved in no time!

    Great Rating

    Divi Life is quickly becoming one of my favorite Divi vendors. Good peeps & good stuff all around!

    Great Rating

    Carlos is the man!! I know I’ve just stepped foot into Divi Life but I’m very excited about implementing a lot of new elements into my web designs!

    Great Rating

    Shafaq took the time to explain with screenshots as well as the written word. I look forward to finally use the Divi Life products. Support is very very important to me. There is no point making an investment and finding out you are on your own. Yes…there were videos and a support section on the site. But…there are times when even more is needed. Thanks once again, Anna

    Great Rating

    Thanks, Tim for your superb support and putting the customer first. You have my full appreciation.

    Great Rating

    Great support and love your products!

    Great Rating

    Shafaq has been very responsive and helpful in overcoming a problem I encountered with Divi Bars. Thank you Shafaq

    Great Rating

    Fabulous Thank you to Carlos ! 5 Stars !

    Great Rating

    Shafaq….thank you (and Divi Life) so much for sticking with me and this issue….totally saved the day!….I truly appreciate your help! Cheers! Patrick Freden

    Great Rating

    WOW. Divi Life is amazing. Tim is amazing. I really appreciate the extra help. I know it was some trouble. I hate being a problem but I was in a jam. Thanks to Tim, I am now thrilled with your service, quality, and consideration for your customers. THANK YOU

    Divi WooCommerce Pro Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use Divi WooCommerce Pro on multiple sites/projects?

    You can use Divi WooCommerce Pro on as many websites as the license you purchased allows. The single site license can only be used on one website, while the unlimited site license can be used on unlimited sites.

    What about updates?

    You will receive all updates (bug fixes, security updates, & feature updates) free of charge, as long as your license is active. Updates happen automatically through WordPress, as long as your site has an active license key.

    What about customer support?

    We take pride in supporting our customers, and we feel that our testimonials reflect that greatly. If you need help of any kind, you can access support through your Divi Life customer account. Customer Satisfaction is always our goal 🙂

    What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of digital products, it’s impossible to prevent fraud and still offer refunds. As mentioned above, customer satisfaction is our goal, and we will work with you to solve any issues until we can find a reasonable solution.

    Does Divi WooCommerce Pro work on all themes?

    No, Divi WooCommerce Pro only works with the Divi Theme.

    Will my license key automatically renew every year?

    Yes, by default your license will automatically renew, and bill the account that you initially paid with when purchasing Divi WooCommerce Pro. You can choose to turn off automatic renews though by cancelling the Divi WooCommerce Pro subscription from within your Divi Life account dashboard.

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