Our Prices Are Increasing Finally!

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Product Announcements | 8 comments

Here’s the TL;DR summary of this post if you don’t have time to read: our All Access Pass membership pricing is increasing significantly, so now is the best time to lock in our Lifetime membership if you haven’t already. The price will never be this low again (even at Black Friday).


The price of our All Access Pass membership is increasing significantly. We haven’t increased our prices since 2019, so this is long overdue!

For those unaware, our All Access Pass membership includes ALL of our Divi plugins, Divi child themes, and Divi layouts for one insanely awesome price. Plus, it includes all future products we release as well.

To be clear, the pricing is only increasing for new members. If you have an active annual membership, your price will remain the same (as long as you don’t cancel). If you are a current annual member, I highly recommend upgrading to Lifetime now though before the price increases. And if you have Lifetime already, well you’re never going to have to pay again for our products, so nothing more for you to do. 🙂

We feel that there has been an incredible amount of value added to the membership since our last price increase in 2019. Here’s what has happened the last 4 years since we last raised our prices:

This brings the total count of the membership to:

  • 20 Divi Plugins
  • 13 Divi Modules
  • 35 Divi Child Themes
  • 642 Divi Layouts
  • 12 eCommerce Products (10 child themes + 2 plugins)

Ready to snag our Lifetime Membership before the price increases? You can grab it here, or view our All Access Pass info page to see everything included.


Our Awesome Divi Plugins (20+)

Our Gorgeous Divi Child Themes (35+)

Our Amazing Divi Layouts (642+ Included in Divi Bricks)

Or see the All Access Pass page for more info

The price is increasing soon!

Let Me Answer Your Questions

I know there’s likely a lot of questions, so let me do my best to answer them here. Of course, if your question isn’t answered below, feel free to ask it in the comments at the bottom of the post, or reach out to us directly at [email protected].


Will The Membership Be Cheaper at Black Friday?

Nope! This will be the cheapest price you can get our Lifetime membership ever again. We are raising the price significantly to reflect the value we’ve added to the membership over the last 4 years. Even with our Black Friday discount, purchasing now before the price increase will still be cheaper.

Is my existing annual subscription price increasing?

Nope. If you have an existing annual membership, your price will not increase as long as you don’t cancel, and as long as auto-renewal remains turned on (which is actually the same thing in our system). However, we highly recommend upgrading from annual to Lifetime before the price change.

How do I upgrade my existing annual subscription to Lifetime?

To upgrade from annual to Lifetime, go to the License Key & Upgrades page of the Divi Life Customer Portal, and click on “View Upgrades” next to your license key. Then select All Access Pass Lifetime, and it will take you to the checkout like normal.

Is the cost of standalone products increasing?

Currently, the price increase is only for the All Access Pass membership. The price of standalone products will increase again at some point in the future, but that is not happening right now.

Does the Lifetime membership include future products?

Yes, the Lifetime All Access Pass membership includes ALL of our Divi plugins, Divi Child Themes, and Divi Layouts, PLUS all future products we release as well. In fact, we will be releasing A LOT of new products next month, and those will be included to members for free. As long as you have a Lifetime membership (or an active annual membership) you will always get access to new products we release without paying anything more.

Have another question not listed above? Leave us a comment below, or reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get your question answered!


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    Great to hear, I will have to get more involved again. Thanks for this News update.

    • Avatar

      Since you’re already a Lifetime All Access Pass member, the price increase doesn’t apply to you 🙂

  2. Avatar

    I have a Lifetime membership on Elegant themes, is that something else than Divilife membership?

    • Avatar

      Hi Lars,

      We are a separate company from Elegant Themes. Our membership is completely different than your Elegant Themes membership. Our products are add-ons to Divi. So you need an Elegant Themes membership first, then you can purchase ours 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Love my Divi Life All Access Pass and use it often, but you were right in your email, Tim… I didn’t even realize how many options I was missing! Love the new home page!

    • Avatar

      Thanks! Glad to hear you love your All Access Pass! But yes, the new page will do a better job showcasing what’s included 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Enjoying the All Access Pass so far! Joined just over a week ago and already saving time designing. The Woocommerce modules work great. MORE PLEASE!


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