Divi Mega Pro 1.8 is Here with Dozens of Fixes & Enhancements! See What’s New!

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Product Announcements | 9 comments

We recently released Divi Mega Pro 1.8 with dozens of fixes and enhancements! This release is an update full of enhancements that greatly improves the user experience and the overall stability of the plugin which will pave the way for new features in the coming weeks and months. Watch the video above to see everything!

Not a Divi Mega Pro user yet? You can grab the plugin here, or SAVE BIG on all of our Divi products by purchasing the All Access Pass!

Major Divi Mega Menu Enhancements for Mobile

Divi Mega Pro 1.8 has a lot of behind the scenes fixes and enhancements to make using the plugin much easier and smoother. The most noticeable enhancements though can be scene on mobile. These new enhancements will ‘out-of-the-box’ create a smoother user experience for displaying mega menus on mobile! Definitely take a look at the video above to see the new mobile enhancements in action.

The mobile enhancements include a slick “internal scroll” solution that allows the content of the mega menu to scroll nicely inside the mega menu container when the mega menu is taller than the screen. This is a solution we’ve never seen before on a mega menu, but it provides the best overall experience, especially when you have a fixed header on mobile (which is becoming more common).

Watch the video above to see the new Divi Mobile mega menu enhancements in action!

Don’t Forget About Mega Tooltips!

It’s come to our attention recently that so many users aren’t aware that Divi Mega Pro allows you to create MEGA TOOLTIPS! Mega Tooltips are like mega menus, except elsewhere on the page. This functionality allows you to create beautiful in-context popups that display right where the user is on the page and activated by either hover or click.

We invented this concept with the launch of Divi Mega Pro and it’s a extremely powerful yet underutilized feature! So we decided to draw special attention to mega tooltips in this release announcement, and we created a video which is a condensed version of the examples shown in the original Divi Mega Pro promo video.

Take a look!

10 Brand New Divi Mega Pro Tutorials!

We also just published 10 new tutorials for Divi Mega Pro that instruct on the specific features of the plugin. We will also be adding more as well. This is a pre-cursor to the new Divi Life Documentation center that will be released soon with new tutorials for all products and a much easier way to navigate through them to find what you need.

You can view the Divi Mega Pro tutorials here.

Dozens of Fixes and Enhancements in Divi Mega Pro 1.8

As mentioned, we’ve fixed lots of issues and added lots of new enhancements in Divi Mega Pro 1.8. This will pave the way for the upcoming features in the coming weeks and months. Is there something in particular you’d like to see in Divi Mega Pro? Let us know!

You can view the full list of changes in the Divi Mega Pro changelog.

If you’re already a Divi Mega Pro user, you can update through WP Admin (if you haven’t already) or download from your Divi Life account.

Not a Divi Mega Pro user yet? You can grab the plugin here, or SAVE BIG on all of our Divi products by purchasing the All Access Pass!


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    how do I install this update?

    • Avatar

      You should see the update in your WP Admin. You can also download it from your Divi Life account. If you need to manually update, just deactivate and remove the current version, and then upload and activate the new version. You won’t lose any previously created content during this process.

  2. Avatar

    it does not show up in WordPress (that there is an update)

  3. Avatar

    or what version I have installed

  4. Avatar

    Thank you for this update.
    This plugin is really excellent.

  5. Avatar

    does this work with the theme builder?

  6. Avatar

    Hello, mega pro does not make the style changes that may be happening?

  7. Avatar

    When I view my website on an iPad in landscape, the menus “look” like a desktop, but tapping the menu doesn’t trigger them. I have. To do a tap and “long hold” to get the menu to appear, and then the Mega menu is displayed but doesn’t look right. When in portrait view, the menu doesn’t work at all. It seems to display similarly on the divimegapro.com website.

    Just checking to see what the problem might be. Thanks!!!


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