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    OMG what an outstanding course and worth every British penny. 😀 I haven’t finished yet but what powerful, enlightening content it contains, including the resources. As a newbie I haven’t much experience with building/creating websites. However, to invest in my future, I purchased the lifetime membership of Elegant Themes Divi, sourced knowledgeable people to follow who use Divi and amongst others I found Divi Chat on YouTube – who I continue to follow. On hearing Tim and David were going to launch a course (The Divi Expert Business course) I purchased and am here to say a big THANK YOU. The drip delivery suited me as it gave me time to absorb the contents and prepare questions for the weekly LIVE COACHING CALLS, (what a fantastic idea) here, we students could join in live (I was too shy), leave questions in the student area or ask questions during the live webinar. ( Yep they RECORDED it for playback – so much good information).

    The exclusive Facebook groupies are amazing and consisted of people from around the world who have different levels of knowledge and abilities, those who have been building for years to new starters. At no point did I feel shunned or stupid but felt supported. Groupies would send out messages for clarity, assistance, support, ideas and even Tim and David would pop in with their thoughts. Tim and David’s roll play sessions – despite the seriousness of the session, but what a laugh.

    Tim and David are great teachers who’s delivery style is relaxed and oozes with confidence gained from their own personal experience of getting to where they are know and they balance and support each other. A nice touch.

    Listen, there is too much goodness to say about this course. The time it would have take me to gather all the golden nuggets I’ve learn from this course and the personal contact I know have with like minded, conscientious, trusting people, would have cost me time I could not get back. The DOWNSIDE – Mmmm, nope, cannot think of any.

    What I have gained here is priceless and I am thankful to God who I believe directed me to follow my path of becoming a web designer, the teachings of Tim and David and the opportunity to communicate with like minded FB Groupies.

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