How to Trigger Divi Side Cart from the Divi Cart Module


You can trigger the Divi Side Cart from our new module, the Divi Cart Module, which allows you to add your cart total and cart product count.


Step 1: Adding the JS to remove the link of the cart icon

By default, the Divi Cart module has a link that goes to the cart page.

1. Go to Divi > Integration > Head
2. Paste this snippet

// Removes the Cart Link from the Divi Cart Module and replaces it with anchor link


Step 2: Triggering the side cart

1. Go to the Divi Cart Module settings > Advanced tab > CSS Class field
2. Paste the CSS class to trigger the side cart.
You can find the CSS class trigger on Divi Side Cart > Advanced Tab > Trigger Class


Step 3: Re-save settings

1. Go to the WordPress dashboard > Divi Side Cart
2. Go to the Advanced tab > Save changes