How to Set a Fixed Height of Your Divi Mega Menu or Mega ToolTip (Divi Mega Pro)


By default the mega menu or mega tooltip built with Divi Mega Pro the height is adapted by content within the mega area. So with Divi Mega Pro you can set a custom height for Divi Mega Pro, so when the content is larger, a scroll bar will appear and it will respect the height you have set.

Step 1: Go to Divi Mega Pro

1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Divi Mega Pro CPT.
2. Go to your Divi Mega Pro post

Step 2: Set the fixed height

1. Go to Mega Pro Display Settings
2. Mega Pro Fixed Height. Here you can set the custom height you want to have in your Mega Menu or Mega Tooltip, and use PX, % or EM.


So now the Mega Menu will have a fixed height that will add a scroll bar to the Mega Pro area to show the content.


You can use this when you have a lot of content or when you have nasted content that could take a lof of space in your page. With Divi Mega Pro is possible to add this easy into your site.

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