How to Protect any Section, Row or Module with Password with Divi Password Protected


With Divi Password Protected you can protect any section, row or module with a password and style it.

Step 1: Download and install

The Divi Password Protected plugin is only available for All Access Pass Member, so to download it go to Divi Life Customer Portal > All Access Pass Downloads

1. Go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add new
2. Upload plugin
3. Choose file > Select


Step 2: Protect any section, row or module with a password

1. Go to any section, row or module settings > advanced tab > Password Protected
2. Set a password


Step 3: Customize your password-protected message

1. Enable Password Protected: By enabling this option, you’d be able to add a password to the section, row or module and customize it.
2. Enable Lock Icon: By enabling this option, a “Lock icon” will be shown on front end.
3. Password Protected Title: Change the text of the protected content.
4. Form Password: Here you can add the password that unlocks the protected content.
5. Password Placeholder Text: Change the text of the placeholder of the password field on the front-end.
6. Password Error Message: Change the text of the error message.
7. Button Text: Change the text of the submit button.
8. Keep Locked content after refresh: Enable it if you want to keep content unlocked after refresh.
9. Accent color: The color of the text and icon on front end.



And this is how it looks any section, row or module protected on the front-end.



CSS selectors for each part of the password form.

Password Row:




.divilife-password-protect h4


Password Field:

.divilife-password-protect .divilife-password


Submit Button:

.divilife-password-protect button