Divi Mega Pro’s Snazzy Slide Transition Feature


Have you seen the mega menus on big sites such as ElegantThemes.com or Stripe.com? Did you notice how when you move from menu item to menu item the mega menu smoothly transitions the content while sliding and keeping the container active? Pretty cool!

The effect is now an optional feature with Divi Mega Pro as of Version 1.9, and we’re calling it the Snazzy Slide Transition!

Step 1: Enabling Snazzy Effect Divi Mega Pro Settings

To enable the Snazzy Slide Transitio, go to the Divi Mega Pro Settings Menu.

1. Go to WordPress dashboard
2. Open Divi Mega Pro CPT (Custom Post Type) > Settings
3. Click the switch to enable the Snazzy Slide Transition for the area of the site you’d like to enable it on.
In most cases, you will only need to enable the Snazzy Slide Transition for Headers so that it takes effect on your main menu. However, if you’d like to enable the effect for the main content area or footer, then you have that option as well.
4. Save changes

You can view the release post and see the demos here: Divi Mega Pro Update 1.9.0

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