An Overview of the Divi Overlays Cache

Divi Overlays has a “cache” feature to improve performance. The cache feature will reduce the number of requests and limit CPU usage. It’s highly recommended that you leave the cache enabled. As of 2.9.1, the cache is enabled by default.

Why is the Divi Overlays Cache Important?

Divi Overlays will automatically scan the content upon page load to see if any click triggers exist on the page. If click triggers do exist on the page, then Divi Overlays will automatically add the corresponding Divi Overlay content to the page so it’s ready to be triggered.

This happens on ever page load, similar to the way that WordPress goes to the database to grab the content and build the page on every page load. While this process of scanning for click triggers takes milliseconds, the number of requests can add up and cause strain on the server particularly on less powerful shared hosting.

To improve performance, we’ve created a “cache” feature that will only scan for click triggers once every 24 hours and store the information in the cache, rather than performing the scan on every page load.

The cache can be cleared manually by clearing the Divi Cache (Divi Theme Options > Builder > Advanced > Static CSS File Generation > Clear). It will also be cleared whenever a plugin is activated or deactivated.