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Plugins & Extensions created specifically for Divi.

Here at Divi Life, we’ve been creating Divi Plugins since 2016. We’re one of the longest standing plugin creators for Divi, and our plugins are among the most popular available. Our plugins take Divi to new heights, and allow you to do things that otherwise are not possible within Divi without custom code. Our Divi plugins are powerful, easy to use, and well documented!


Premium Child Themes perfect for your next Divi project.

Premum Divi Child Themes are like ready-made website templates for Divi. With our one-click installation process, your website will look like our demo in seconds, and will be ready for you to customize and add your content. Whether you’re a professional that builds websites for clients, or you’re creating a website for yourself or your business, our Premium Divi Child Themes will save you hours upon hours of design time.


High-quality layouts to accelerate your Divi projects.

These professionally designed, multipurpose landing page layouts for Divi, are designed specially for certain business categories but can be adapted for any type of business. With modern design style and best-practice quality, these layouts are perfect for nearly any project that needs a clean and effective landing page to promote products or services.


Unlimited Access to All of Our Divi Products.

The Divi Life All Access Pass is the Ultimate Divi Toolkit— Get Unlimited Access to our entire Divi Product Portfolio for one insanely awesome price.

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This post is all about the Divi Child Theme! And no, I'm not talking about themes for children! Although, by the end of this tutorial, even a child (or a grandparent!) will be able to understand everything about Divi Child Themes. If you're not...

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Our Prices Are Increasing Finally!

Welcome to D I V E M B E R (Divi + November) here at Divi Life! All month long during November we're publishing new tutorials, freebies, new product features, new product releases, and more! Make sure you subscribe to the DIVEMBER list so you don't...

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How to Speed Up Your Divi Website (in 5 Steps)

It's no secret that website speed is incredibly important and a fast website is becoming more and more crucial. It's also no secret that without proper optimizations, Divi can be sluggish when it comes to website speed performance compared to other...

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