Divi Hacks Changelog

NOTE: Make sure to Clear ALL Caches after updating including Divi’s static CSS cache and your browser cache.

Version 1.19.7 (6/22/22)

  • Fix Custom Reveal > Scroll
  • Fix crash issue

Version 1.19.6 (9/08/21)

  • Fix “Custom Lightboxes” feature
  • Fix “Collapse Mobile Submenus” toggling on Divi menu.
  • Fix “Reveal only” feature
  • Update default values for Mobile Background Gradient
  • Fix styles on “Mobile Menu Slide In”

Version 1.19.5 (7/30/21)

  • Fix Custom Reveal feature
  • Support Divi Ghoster plugin
  • Remove functionality to delete empty P tags since Divi allows it

Version 1.19.4 (3/3/21)

  • Fix on-off styling on the admin area
  • Fix on-off functionality on non-secure urls

Version 1.19.2 (11/26/20)

  • Initial Divi Life Release
  • Refreshed User Interface