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About Our Divi Extensions

Divi is an extremely powerful website building tool on it’s own. However, it’s not meant to be able to do absolutely everything. That’s where Divi Plugins (commonly referred to as Divi Extensions) come in. They extend the functionality of Divi to allow you to do new things that were only previously possible with custom coding. You’ll notice the majority of our plugins/extensions help you use the extremely powerful Divi Builder in new and exciting ways. For example, Divi Overlays lets you use the power of the Divi Builder to create full screen overlays and pop-ups, making it the most popular popup plugin for Divi! And then there’s Divi Dashboard Welcome which brings the Divi Builder to the backend, by helping you create a custom Dashboard for your clients or website editing team. And have you ever wanted to create gorgeous full featured mega menus with the Divi Builder? Our Divi Mega Menu plugin (Divi Mega Pro) allows you to do exactly that, along with creating mega tooltips too. These examples show the power of Divi when applied in new ways. These are things that Divi not can’t do on it’s own. Divi plugins to the rescue!

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What is a Divi Plugin?

You might still be asking yourself what exactly a Divi plugin is. That’s okay, it can be tricky to understand the concept if you’re new to the world of Divi and/or WordPress. Is a Divi plugin different than a WordPress plugin? No, not exactly. Divi Plugins get installed and activated just like normal WordPress plugins do. The difference is, Divi plugins usually require the Divi theme. They may fully require the Divi theme to function (break or show error message without Divi). Or, they won’t function to their potential without Divi. For example, our Divi Dashboard Welcome plugin will still technically work without the Divi theme, however it’s a lot less powerful without the Divi builder. Divi enables the full design potential of the plugin and without it, your forced to use only built in WordPress editing.

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