Create beautiful promo bars & more using the Divi Builder
The Easiest Way to Create Gorgeous Promo Bars, Notification Bars, & So Much More
Divi Bars let’s you drop in any message or content, anytime, and on any page of your website, giving you a whole new way to interact with your website visitors. Promote a sale, notify users of updated policies, or simply welcome new users to the site. With Divi Bars, the options are endless!
Not Your Typical Promo Bar
Divi Bars lets you break free from the stale looking promo bars your visitors are used to seeing. Instead, create beautifully-modern, eye-catching drop-in bars that entice your users to take action, or just take notice.
The Divi Bar is Your Canvas, Divi Builder is your Brush
Divi Bars doesn’t constrain your creativity with limited controls. Divi Bars utilizes custom post types, giving you the entire Divi Builder at your finger tips. Put anything you like in your Divi Bar, using the builder you already know and love.
Perfectly Timed Triggers
Divi Bars gives you precise control over how and when your promo/notification bar will drop in (or slide up).

Timed Delay Trigger

Set your delay in seconds, or choose 0 to trigger the bar on page load.

Scroll Delay Trigger

Trigger your Divi Bar based on how much the user has scrolled, by percentage or px.

Exit Intent Trigger

Trigger your promo bar precisely before the user leaves the site.
Feature-Packed, for the Ultimate Control

Top or Bottom Placement

Define whether your Divi Bar drops in from the top, or slide up from the bottom.

Stick to Header or Scroll

Choose fixed/sticky, or let your header bar scroll with the rest of your page.

Close Button Cookie Control

Define how many days until your Divi Bar shows again after the user closes it

Close Button Customization

Customize the close button’s size, color, background, & more. Or hide the button!
Divi Bars is Not Just for Marketing— It’s A User-Experience Design Tool
Divi Bars let’s you insert anything you can imagine using the Divi Builder. Pair that power with a Divi Bar Click Trigger, and you just gained a whole new area of your Divi website!
Design From Scratch, or Use an Included Template
You can start with a blank canvas, or simply import one of our included layout templates into your Divi Bar. Then, use it as-is, or customize it to your heart’s content using the Divi Builder.
Grow Your Email List With Divi Bars
Thanks to the Divi Optin Module, Divi Bars integrates beautifully with 20 of the leading email marketing providers! Out of the box, you can instantly start using Divi Bars to effectively grow your email list.
Infinite Applications
Divi Bars allows you to create promo bars, notification bars, optin bars, call-to-action bars, sale bars, & so much more. Just like Divi itself, Divi Bars is limited only by your imagination. Use Divi’s dozens of built in modules, or combine with shortcodes from other plugins, for even more possibilities.
Buy Divi Bars Today
Snag your copy of Divi Bars today, and start creating beautiful promo bars, optin bars, cookie notices, video bars, and so much more!