Black Friday is Here! 30% Off Storewide + Exclusive Bundle for FREE

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30% off Storewide!

Our BIGGEST sale of the year is here! You can get 30% off all of our products for a limited time!  Just use the promo code BF2017 for 30% off your entire cart! Yes, that means you can get 30% off our hit Divi plugins such as Divi Overlays, Divi Bars (BRAND NEW THIS WEEK), & Divi Dashboard Welcome, as well as our wildly popular eCommerce child theme, RoyalCommerce!  And yes, this 30% off is good for the Lifetime license of Divi Overlays and Divi Bars, so snag them while you can for an insane discount!! 🙂


Use Promo Code BF2017 for 30% Off


But Wait, There’s More! Snag the Exclusive Black Friday Bundle for FREE ($116 Value)

First, let’s talk about what the bundle includes! The bundle includes a lifetime license ($59 value) of our brand new eCommerce plugin, Woo Slide-In Cart, that is exclusive to this bundle! You can’t get this plugin anywhere else!

Plus, the bundle also includes three brand new gorgeous unique landing pages ($57 value), designed to convert! And they are designed to work perfectly alongside Divi Overlays, & Divi Bars too!


Black Friday Bundle

Woo Slide-In Cart Lifetime Unlimited License ($59 Value)


Three Landing Page Layouts ($57 value total)

Fitness Landing, Business Landing, & Legal Landing


So How Do You Get The Black Friday Bundle?

There are two ways to get the Black Friday Bundle:

  1. Get it 100% FREE for when you spend $80 or more on anything here in our store!
  2. Snag it for only $44! That’s over 60% off!


NOTE: When you spend $80 or more, you do not need to add the bundle to your cart, it will be emailed to you after your purchase.

Whatever method you choose to snag the bundle, do it now before Black Friday is over!!

Happy Shopping!!

To snag the 30% off discount for all products, use promo code BF2017 at checkout


  1. gcantarero

    Will I get the Black Friday Bundle for free if I purchase the Ultimate Dive Bundle+Divi Logo Swap+Divi Overlays+Divi Bars?
    Since the Bundle is sold through a partner outside this store I wasn’t sure.
    Thank You.

    • Tim Strifler

      We can verify purchases for the Ultimate Divi Bundle, so open a support ticket after your purchases have been made and we’ll give you access to the Black Friday Bundle 🙂

  2. digitalfusion

    I added lifetime licenses for Divi Overlays and Divi Bars to my cart, and applied the BF2017 code, which discounted those, but the Black Friday Bundle doesn’t show up. If I add it, it remains $44. Do you just send it after the fact for purchases over $100?

    • Tim Strifler

      Yes that is correct. We send you an email with access to the bundle after purchases of $80 or more 🙂

  3. digitalfusion

    never mind… just saw this: “NOTE: When you spend $80 or more, you do not need to add the bundle to your cart, it will be emailed to you after your purchase.” 🙂

  4. Murray

    With the slide in cart, will this continue to work on future updates of WP and divi? Will there be free updates in the future?

    • Tim Strifler

      Yep, absolutely! It will definitely be updates for future versions of WP, WooCommerce, and Divi. And actually, we have plans to add lots more features and customization options too 😊👍🏻


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