Black Friday 2021 is Here with a MASSIVE Discount & 24 New Products! 🔥🥳

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**** Our 2021 BFCM Sale Has Ended….but…since you found this page, we’re giving you access to a super secret underground sale we’re calling the BFCM After Party, and you get 10% off! Use code BFCM-AFTER-PARTY for 10% off! ****


Black Friday is here, and it’s our MOST EPIC Black Friday ever! 🥳

Every year we go above and beyond, but this truly is the most insane Black Friday we’ve ever done, by far! Not only can you save the most money ever this Black Friday, but we’re also launching A LOT of new products too that we think you’re going to love (24 in total).

In addition to the biggest discount of the year (including on our All Access Pass Membership) we also have these exciting announcements:

  • TWO EXCLUSIVE Bonus Bundles: This years bonuses are the 2021 Black Friday Bundle, and the 2021 Cyber Monday Bundle. Spend $90 or more to get one, or you can purchase (or upgrade to) the Lifetime All Access Pass to get both bundles. Each bundle includes 3 New Child Themes, 2 New Plugins, and 5 layout packs! (scroll down to see everything included 😍).
  • Introducing Divi Modules Pro: We’ve been working on our All-In-One Module Plugin for well over a year, and it’s finally here!
  • Two Massive Product Overhauls: We’ve completely redesigned and rebuilt two of our earliest products, and now they’re better than ever!

All the products in both bundles, Divi Modules Pro, and our two product overhauls, brings the total new products to 24! Of course, you can get all 24 new products plus all of our existing Divi products in our All Access Membership.

This Year’s Featured Deal: The All Access Pass Lifetime 🥳

The Lifetime All Access Pass is hands down the featured product for this year, and the one you won’t want to miss! It not only gets you access to all of our products, but it also gets you both of this year’s exclusive bonuses too! (75+ Divi Products included in the All Access!)

The All Access Pass Lifetime gives you access to ALL of our popular Divi products to use on unlimited websites, plus all future products for one HUGE discount! And that’s a one-time fee! The price will never be this low again! (we raise our prices on the All Access as we continue to add new products).

The All Access Pass includes 35 Divi Child Themes (including 10 eCommerce themes), 20 Divi Plugins, and 23 layout packs, plus any other Divi product we release too!

You can see everything included in the All Access Pass here.

Introducing Divi Modules Pro— Our All in One Module Plugin

Today we are SUPER excited to release Divi Modules Pro! We’ve been working on this for well over a year, so it’s amazing to finally get this released. This is like 10 plugins in one because it’s an “all-in-one module plugin” which means the one plugin will give you a BUNCH of gorgeous creative modules for your Divi website. And the best part is that this is just the beginning. We have dozens of more modules already built and entering the testing phase. Plus, we’ve built a performance focused framework for Divi Modules Pro that will give you 100% dynamic assets. This means the plugin won’t slow down your website and will only load the files for the modules that are actually used on the page. This is something Divi just recently released for their default modules, but it’s not available for 3rd party modules yet… but we have it in Divi Modules Pro!

You can read more about Divi Modules Pro in the release post, or on the Divi Modules Pro live demo. And make sure you watch the video 😍

Divi Dashboard 2.0 & RoyalCommerce 2.0 Are Here!

We’ve completely re-designed and rebuilt two of our earliest Divi products that were released in 2016! And they are better than ever!

Divi Dashboard allows you to re-brand the backend Dashboard page of your WordPress site with content created in Divi. This allows you to have branded content for your clients or website users that is actually useful for them. You can add help videos, contact support forms, or whatever else you want.

New in Divi Dashboard 2.0:

  • Add different Dashboard Pages for different user roles (admins, editors, etc)
  • Control the Height of the Dashboard content with the built in settings
  • Disable the ability to dismiss/hide the Dashboard
  • Replace only the “welcome screen” or use the NEW full screen mode and replace the entire Dashboard screen. (no more useless content!)
  • New Global Dashboard mode lets you set an external page for your Dashboard. This means you can have one Dashboard for ALL your client sites that you can update remotely all at once!

RoyalCommerce was our first child theme and was the very first eCommerce child theme to exist for Divi. It was a gamechanger. Now we’re excited to introduce the 2.0 version with an updated design and some incredible eCommerce features (quickview, ajax sorting, wishlist, product carousels, and so much more!).

↓ The All Access Pass Lifetime gets you everything ↓

The Exclusive Black Friday Bonus Bundle

This year when you spend $90 or more on our website (or get the All Access Pass), you will receive the 2021 Black Friday Bundle for free, a $790 value!

This bundle is exclusive to Black Friday which means the bundle itself will never be available again, and the individual products themselves may or may not make it into our store eventually.

Let’s take a look at everything in the 2021 Black Friday Bundle! 🔥

1. The bundle includes three brand new eCommerce Divi Child Themes— Divi Shoe Store, Divi Bike Store, & Divi Beauty Store:

Each of these child themes are built for eCommerce and are as gorgeous as they are functional. They have some amazing eCommerce features built in. Plus, the one-click demo import gets you up and running in under two minutes!

➡️ View the Live Demos: Divi Shoe Store, Divi Bike Store, & Divi Beauty Store

2. The bundle also includes two brand new Divi Plugins: Divi Side Cart, & Divi Password Protected 🤩

Divi Side Cart is an eCommerce plugin for adding a gorgeous and user-friendly side-cart for your store. It’s highly customizable and works great on desktop and mobile.

Divi Password Protected is a plugin that will allow you to password protect and Divi section, row, or module! This perfect for secret content, subscriber only sales, etc. 

➡️ View the Live Demos: Divi Side Cart Demo, (Divi Password Protected Demo Coming Soon)

3. The bundle also includes 5 BRAND NEW Divi Layout Packs!

1. Divi Header Layouts: 150 Gorgeous Headers that you can easily import and use on any existing website! The pack includes 25 unique headers in 6 styles (including Black and White!).

2. Divi Contact Form Section Layouts: 30 Gorgeous Contact Form Sections that have been designed for differnet styles and can be easily added and adapted to any website.

3. Divi Pricing Table Section Layouts: 50 pack of pricing table section layouts that are equally gorgeous as they are unique!

4. Divi Coming Soon Page Layouts: 10 gorgeous Coming Soon Page Layouts that can be used with our Free Divi Coming Soon Plugin!

5. Divi Dashboard Layouts: 21 Brand New Dashboard Layouts for the ALL NEW Divi Dashboard 2.0 plugin that is now available! Your clients are going to LOVE their new Dashboard. Now you can brand the backend of WordPress to you or your client’s company 😍

3 Ways to Get the Bundle:

1. Spend $90 or more here on Divi Life
2. Purchase or Upgrade to the Lifetime All Access Pass (Lifetime automatically gets you both bundles, plus all current & future products!)
3. Buy it for $99 (that’s over 83% off!) – Buy it Here

If you qualify for the Black Friday bundle, it will be automatically added to your account within the next few days, unless if you purchase the All Access Pass Lifetime, then it will be available in your account immediately.

The Cyber Monday Bundle is Coming!

Stay tuned for the Cyber Monday bundle with 10 MORE brand new and exclusive products! We’ll be unveiling the Cyber Monday bundle Monday morning! Lock in both bundles, plus all of our Divi products with the All Access Pass Lifetime!



**** Our 2021 BFCM Sale Has Ended….but…since you found this page, we’re giving you access to a super secret underground sale we’re calling the BFCM After Party, and you get 10% off! Use code BFCM-AFTER-PARTY for 10% off! ****



  1. Avatar

    I’m coming up on 1 year and wanted to get the lifetime for $160 a couple of weeks ago. Tim posted that a discount would be available for that, down to $150 or $140 but all I can find is one for $230 or so. What happened?

    • Avatar

      Hi Jonathan,

      As long as your annual subscription is still active, you can definitely upgrade to Lifetime and only pay the difference. And then, you can add the 30% off discount on top of that for even more savings. 🙂

      To upgrade, go to the License Key & Upgrades page of the Divi Life Customer Portal, and click on “View Upgrades” next to your license key. Then select All Access Pass Lifetime, and it will take you to the checkout like normal (where you can dd the BFCM2021 discount code).

      Here’s the link:

  2. Avatar

    Wish I would have read this comment BEFORE cancelling my Divi Overlays subscription because I guess I could have gotten an additional discount because of the upgrade offer…even though my subscription says “active” still, when I clicked checkout the upgrade discount for All Access Lifetime didnʻt show up, only the 30% off, which is awesome regardless.

    I do have a question about the 14 day refund policy. On the checkout terms it says there are no refunds on the all access pass, is that correct? not even the 14 day refund policy?

    • Avatar

      Hi Lisa,

      If your subscription is still active then you should be able to upgrade to the All Access Pass Lifetime. And technically we do not give refunds on the All Access Pass since it’s a bundle of all of our products. However, if there’s an issue, we’ll fix it. We never leave customers hanging 🙂

      • Avatar

        Thank you, Tim!! For some reason Iʻm not seeing the upgrade offer reflected in the cart; Iʻll start a support ticket and hopefully they can help. Iʻm so excited to become an All Access Lifetime member!! 🙂

        • Avatar

          ​LOL. Nevermind, I was able to figure it out. I guess I had another window with the cart open before I tried the upgrade offer and it didnʻt play nicely…so after finding that window, I closed it and tried again and it worked perfectly!! Woohoo!! I am now an All Access Lifetime member 🙂 Happiest Holidays!!!

          • Avatar

            Awesome! Thanks so much for joining the membership! 🙂 🙂

  3. Avatar

    I am glad to be an All Access Pass Lifetime member. I deserve this 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thanks for being a member! 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Wowee, Tim, you and your team have outdone yourselves with these new products. 🔥 The Divi Modules Pro looks fantastic… I can’t wait for the Typewriter module (if it’s what I think it is)! Thanks for creating and developing these amazing tools.

    • Avatar

      Thanks so much Lilly for your continued support! We’re so glad to hear that you love the new products. Divi Modules Pro has been in development for a LONG time so it’s great to hear you like what you see so far. We have big plans for the plugins with lots of great modules coming soon (including Typewriter!).

  5. Avatar

    Hi, if we are already All Access Pass members, where can we download the awesome new plugins and child themes?

  6. Avatar

    Thank you for all these gifts! 🙂
    Thank you for the quality of your plugins and child themes.
    It is really a pleasure to work with your products
    and also to be a member for life.
    You and your team are doing a great job.

    • Avatar

      Thanks so much Bruno! We appreciate your support and for being a Lifetime member!! 🥳

  7. Avatar

    Great Great Great stuff, Tim.
    GooooD Job!
    One question – Are your Child Theme Support in Full RTL Direction?

    • Avatar

      Hi Zamir,

      Since Divi supports Full RTL, then our child themes should as well. I don’t believe we do anything in the child themes that would affect that.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for your reply, Tim
        Are the BF & CM 2021 Bundles keep stay at my”All Access Pass Downloads” tab forever? or they are gone after those dates?
        (In other words – do I need to download them to my computer now? Or will they stay there for whenever I need to use them to build my sites?)

        • Avatar

          As a Lifetime member you will never lose access. So you don’t need to download right now 🙂

  8. Avatar


    I was wondering when you guys were going to release your own all-in-one “module” plugin. I was deciding if I should still buy divi supreme, divi conkit, or even divi flash. I probably don’t have to buy it…we’ll shall see.

  9. Avatar

    Hi Tim,

    Already being a Lifetime all access pass member, I feel a little guilty about enjoying all the new and improved goodies you’ve given us this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

    All I can say is that the All Access Pass membership was already an awesome deal but with the discount, all the existing stuff and new things as well as your superb support, it is now an astonishing deal.
    I urge everyone who uses Divi not to miss out and subscribe.

    Many thanks Tim, to you and your team.

    • Avatar

      Wow thanks so much for the kind words, Hurri! I’m so glad to hear you’ve been so happy with our All Access Pass 🙂

  10. Avatar

    Wow! Cannot wait to start using these! Thanks Tim and the team, you guys rock! So many great features at such great value. I’m so happy to be a lifetime member. The gift that keeps on giving.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Matt! We’re so glad to hear you’re happy with your membership 😄

  11. Avatar

    Just renewed Divi Overlays 18 days ago, wish I would have gotten this sweet deal instead…. 😉

    • Avatar

      Hi Johan,

      You can upgrade your Divi Overlays license to the All Access Pass, and your renewal cost will be applied to the total. So no wasted money! 😍

  12. Avatar

    The All Access Pass is one of the best, if not the best, deal available for Divi! All the new plugins and themes look great, can’t wait to try them all.

    • Avatar

      Thanks so much for the kind words Brian!! 🙂

  13. Avatar

    Will the 30% off discount be available on Cyber Monday?



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