Black Friday 2020 is Here with a MASSIVE Discount & 16 New Products!

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****¬†Our 2020 BFCM Sale Has Ended….but…since you found this page, we’re giving you access to a super secret underground sale we’re calling the BFCM After Party, and you get 10% off! Use¬†code BFCM-AFTER-PARTY¬†for 10% off!¬†****


Black Friday is here, and it’s our MOST EPIC Black Friday ever!¬†ūü•≥

Every year we go above and beyond, but this truly is the most insane Black Friday we’ve ever done!

Not only can you save the most money ever this Black Friday, but we’re also launching A LOT of new products too that we think you’re going to love.

We’ll take a look at everything below in detail, but here’s the quick look summary:

  • Storewide Discount including our All Access Pass Membership
  • TWO EXCLUSIVE Bundles: This years bonuses are the 2020 Black Friday Bundle, and the 2020 Cyber Monday Bundle. Spend $90 or more to get one, or you can purchase (or upgrade to) the Lifetime All Access Pass to get both bundles. Each bundle includes 3 New Child Themes, 2 New Plugins, and 2 additional awesome bonuses! (scroll down to see the incredible carousel layouts- no plugin required! ūüėć).
  • Introducing Divi Hacks:¬†We acquired the Ultimate All-in-One Divi Customization Plugin! Divi Hacks is now part of Divi Life, and you can enjoy hundreds of ¬†Divi customization ‘hacks’ as part of the Divi Life All Access Pass membership!
  • Introducing Divi WooCommerce Pro:¬†We’ve just launched the ULTIMATE eCommerce Child Theme for Divi! With incredible features and gorgeous design, you’re going to love our new WooCommerce child theme.

With Divi Hacks & Divi WooCommerce Pro, plus both bundles, it brings the total new product count release this week to 16!

This Year’s Featured Deal: The All Access Pass Lifetime

The Lifetime All Access Pass is hands down the featured product for this year, and the one you won’t want to miss! It not only gets you access to all of our products, but it also gets you both of this year’s exclusive bonuses too! (58+ Divi Products included in the All Access!)

The All Access Pass Lifetime gives you access to over $6,200 worth of Divi products to use on unlimited websites, plus all future products for one HUGE discount!¬†And that’s a one-time fee! The price will never be this low again! (we raise our prices on the All Access as we continue to add new products).

The All Access Pass includes 28 Divi Child Themes, 16 Divi Plugins, and 10 Divi Landing Pages, 18 header layouts, plus any other Divi product we release too!

You can see everything included in the All Access Pass here.

Introducing Divi Hacks & Divi WooCommerce Pro!

For Black Friday we’re releasing the insanely epic Divi Hacks, and the incredibly powerful eCommerce Child Theme, Divi WooCommerce Pro!

Divi Hacks is actually not a new product, although it’s a new product to us here at Divi Life. We acquired the product from the original developer, Charlie Wedel. Charlie built an incredible plugin with a very loyal and passionate user base. And now we’re excited to bring it under the Divi Life brand and continue what Charlie started. We have big plans for the plugin and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the plugin. We feel it complements are current product portfolio well, and adds even more value to our All Access Pass membership!

Divi WooCommerce Pro is a feature-rich Divi WooCommerce Child Theme with everything you need to create a highly successful online store. We didn’t just want Divi WooCommerce Pro to look pretty. We built in leading conversion-focused features to make Divi WooCommerce Pro a selling machine. The child theme features a conversion-focused & friction-less checkout experience, a slide-out cart, autocomplete product search, and so much more. Everything is built with the Divi Theme Builder which makes customizing it extremely easy. See the full walkthrough release post here.

The Exclusive Black Friday Bonus

This year when you spend $90 or more on our website, you will receive the 2020 Black Friday Bundle for free, a $783 value!

This bundle is exclusive to Black Friday which means the bundle itself will never be available again, and the individual products themselves may or may not make it into our store eventually.

1. The bundle includes three brand new Divi Child Themes‚ÄĒ Divi Furniture Store (eCommerce!), Divi Blogger, & Divi Roofing:

‚ě°ÔłŹ View the Live Demos: Divi Furniture Store, Divi Blogger, & Divi Roofing

2. The bundle also includes two brand new Divi Plugins: Divi Font Awesome, & Divi Image Hover Module!

Divi Font Awesome brings over 1,200 Font Awesome Icons into the Divi Builder! Anywhere that you find Divi’s default icons, you can now use Font Awesome Icons. Fully Visual Builder compatible and complete with search & filters.

Divi Image Hover Module is a Divi module with gorgeous image hover animations with descriptions! Display things like restaurant menu items, team members, or anything else that requires an image and descriptions. Dozens of gorgeous animations to choose from!

3. The bundle also includes BRAND NEW Divi Carousel Layouts!

These layouts are fully independent and don’t require a plugin or module! They are built with Divi modules +¬†custom code, and the code is self¬†contained in the layout. This means they are EXTREMELY lightweight compared to using a¬†carousel plugin or module.

You can easily drop these into any page and customize them with Divi, since they’re built with built in Divi modules (and custom code).

‚ě°ÔłŹ See the Live Demos Here

Product Carousel 1

Product Carousel 2

Product Carousel 3

Blog Carousel 1

Blog Carousel 2

Blog Carousel 3

Features Carousel 1

Features Carousel 2

Features Carousel 3

Watch the walkthrough video of the Carousel Layouts, and see why this is a bonus you won’t want to miss!

4. Last but certainly not least, the 2020 Black Friday Bundle also includes a collection of Divi Blog Layouts!

Divi users are always requesting more ways to display blog posts than what is possible with the built in blog module. So we went to work and created some gorgeous blog layouts. They are built with the Divi blog module + custom code.

You can easily drop these into any page and customize them with Divi, since they’re built with built in Divi modules (and custom code).

‚ě°ÔłŹ See the Live Demos Here

Blog Layout 1

Blog Layout 2

Blog Layout 3

Watch the walkthrough video of the Blog Layouts, and see why this is a bonus you won’t want to miss!

3 Ways to Get the Bundle:

1. Spend $90 or more here on Divi Life
2. Purchase or Upgrade to the Lifetime All Access Pass (Lifetime automatically gets you both bundles, plus all current & future products!)
3. Buy it for $99 (that’s over 83% off!) – Buy it Here

If you qualify for the Black Friday bundle, it will be automatically added to your account within the next few days, unless if you purchase the All Access Pass Lifetime, then it will be available in your account immediately.

The Cyber Monday Bundle is Coming!

Stay tuned for the Cyber Monday bundle with 7 more brand new and exclusive products! We’ll be unveiling the Cyber Monday bundle Monday morning! Lock in both bundles, plus all of our Divi products with the All Access Pass Lifetime!



****¬†Our 2020 BFCM Sale Has Ended….but…since you found this page, we’re giving you access to a super secret underground sale we’re calling the BFCM After Party, and you get 10% off! Use¬†code BFCM-AFTER-PARTY¬†for 10% off!¬†****




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    Amazing new stuff, cant wait to test it. I already have a lifetime membership, where can I access the blog layout pack and carousel layout pack? The new plugins I found in my account but not these packs…

  2. Avatar

    If we purchased the Divi Hacks lifetime license from the previous dev, is it still going to be honored through Divi Life? Thank you!

  3. Avatar

    Great stuff guys! Some real time savers here for divi users!

  4. Avatar

    Hi Tim,

    Is the annual All Access Pass on special as well with 30% off? Just wondering as most of the time you are mentioning the lifetime plan but in certain areas, it reads like the Annual plan is included too. When I choose the annual plan though I can use the discount code in checkout but the purchase button does not let me complete the purchase. Please help as I do not want to miss out and can’t find any contact options on the site apart from submitting a support ticket which isn’t really appropriate.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Avatar

    Do I qualify for the Black Friday 2020 bundle by spending over $90 on any purchase?

  6. Avatar

    Tim, your excitement is infectious! My DiviLife lifetime membership continues to be my best Divi investment. I can’t wait to start using these newest products. A great way to end 2020.

  7. Avatar


    When this new “Divi Hacks” plugin was announced, I logged in and downloaded it.
    I have to say this is a really awesome plugin!

    The possibilities it offers are really numerous!
    There are applications in this plugin that will quickly become essential to all my sites!

    I am very happy to have an “All Access Pass”
    Thanks for all these new additions ūüôā

    fr to en translation by deepl


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