Black Friday 2019 is Here With a MASSIVE Discount & 14 New Products!

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**** Our 2019 BFCM Sale Has Ended….but…since you found this page, we’re giving you access to a super secret underground sale we’re calling the BFCM After Party, and you get 10% off! Use code BFCM-AFTER-PARTY for 10% off! ****


Black Friday is here, and it’s our MOST EPIC Black Friday ever! 🥳

Not only can you save the most money ever this Black Friday, but we’re also launching A LOT of new products too that we think you’re going to love.

We’ll take a look at everything below in detail, but here’s the quick look summary:

—TWO EXCLUSIVE Bundles : This years bonuses are the 2019 Black Friday Bundle, and the 2019 Cyber Monday Bundle. Spend $90 or more to get one, or you can purchase (or upgrade to) the Lifetime All Access Pass to get both bundles. Each bundle includes 3 New Child Themes, 2 New Plugins, and 2 additional awesome bonuses! (spoiler: Divi 4.0 Header Templates & Divi Overlay Popup Templates 😍)

With all the products in both bundles, it brings the total new product count release this week to 14!

This Year’s Featured Deal: The All Access Pass Lifetime

The Lifetime All Access Pass is hands down the featured product for this year, and the one you won’t want to miss! It not only gets you access to all of our products, but it also gets you both of this year’s exclusive bonuses too! (44+ Divi Products included in the All Access!)

The All Access Pass Lifetime gives you access to over $4,200 worth of Divi products to use on unlimited websites, plus all future products for only a HUGE discount! And that’s a one-time fee! The price will never be this low again! (we raise our prices on the All Access at least once a year as we continue to add new products).

The All Access Pass includes 21 Divi Child Themes, 11 Divi Plugins, and 10 Divi Landing Pages, exclusive layouts, plus any other Divi product we release too!

You can see everything included in the All Access Pass here.

The Exclusive Black Friday Bonus

This year when you spend $90 or more on our website, you will receive the 2019 Black Friday Bundle for free, a $475 value!

This bundle is exclusive to Black Friday which means the bundle itself will never be available again, and the individual products themselves may or may not make it into our store eventually.

1. The bundle includes three brand new Divi Child Themes— Divi Conference, Divi Corporate, & Divi SEO:

2. The bundle also includes two brand new Divi Plugins: Divi Preloader, & Divi Particles!

Divi Preloader allows you to easily add a preloader to your Divi website. It includes 15 built in animations, with the abiltiy to upload your own (ie. your logo, etc.).

Divi Particles lets you easily add an engaging and interactive particle effect to ANY Divi section, row, or module!

3. The bundle also includes a BRAND NEW pack of Premium Design Popup Templates for our Divi Overlays Popup Plugin!

This pack of Premium Popup Templates includes 19 templates that can be easily imported into Divi Overlays!

4. Last but certainly not least, the 2019 Black Friday Bundle also includes a collection of Divi 4.0 Header Templates!

This collection of Divi 4.0 Header Templates includes 3 unique layouts with 3 style variations each. So total includes 9 header temapltes!

3 Ways to Get the Bundle:

1. Spend $90 or more here on Divi Life
2. Purchase or Upgrade to the Lifetime All Access Pass (Lifetime automatically gets you both bundles)
3. Buy it for $99 (that’s over 83% off!) – Buy it Here

If you qualify for the Black Friday bundle, it will be automatically added to your account within the next few days

The Cyber Monday Bundle is Coming!

Stay tuned for the Cyber Monday bundle with 7 more brand new and exclusive products! We’ll be unveiling the Cyber Monday bundle Monday morning! Lock in both bundles, plus all of our Divi products with the All Access Pass Lifetime!

**** Our 2019 BFCM Sale Has Ended….but…since you found this page, we’re giving you access to a super secret underground sale we’re calling the BFCM After Party, and you get 10% off! Use code BFCM-AFTER-PARTY for 10% off! ****



  1. Avatar

    Will users that already bought last years all access pass have access to all of these?

      • Avatar

        Awesome. Thanks Tim.

        One Happy Customer!

  2. Avatar

    Are there any live demo links for the headers and child themes?

  3. Avatar

    As a All Acccess Pass ( yearly member ) I am not seeing any of these new products to download

    • Avatar

      Upgrade to Lifetime to gain access to both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bundles )

      You can upgrade from your account: Purchase History page > Licenses tab > View Upgrades

  4. Avatar

    When will the new plugins be available for download?

    • Avatar

      Hi Michael,

      If you have the All Access Pass they are available immediately from the bundle pages. If you qualify for the bundle by spending $90 or more, then the bundle will be sent to you later this week.

  5. Avatar

    Hi Tim

    I’m All Access Pass Membership but I can’t found the Bundle page for CyberMonday and Black Friday.

    Can you help me?

    • Avatar

      Hi Julien,

      Go to the individual bundle product pages while logged in 🙂

  6. Avatar

    Will you be selling the Divi 4.0 Header Templates individually?

    • Avatar

      Maybe later down the road, but not anytime soon. They’re exclusive to the bundle 🙂

      If you get the All Access Pass Lifetime you get everything forever 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Hi, the header templates from the Black Friday bundle are not downloading, the link only downloads Divi particles. There’s a header in there that I’d really like if possible and I have the all access pass

    • Avatar

      Sorry for the confusion. When you download from the page, select which product you want to download, then click the download button. It’s a radio button form field. The first item on the list is Divi Particles, so if you don’t select another product then it will keep downloading that product 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Hey Tim,

    Just wondering if there’s any documentation on how to get the Particles plug-in to work? I’ve got it activated but can’t seem to find any settings or shortcode for it.

    Thank you!

    • Avatar

      Hi Tyler, Just add “divi-particles” to the CSS ID filed on any Divi section, row, or module 🙂

      • Avatar

        Hey Tim,

        Thanks a lot, that worked perfectly! Is there any way to customize the speed, frequency, etc of the particle effect? Appreciate the help!

  9. Avatar

    I am new here, but my question is how do I get access to all your products and future products in one time payment? If there is an option, can you drop a link?

    If not, if I buy both CB deal, do we get a discount on BF deal because I feel there will be a bit of overlap in products? Correct me if I am wrong


    • Avatar

      Hi Ayman,

      Our All Access Pass Lifetime includes all of our products for a one time fee. This also includes the Cyber Monday bundle and the Black Friday bundle. 🙂

      You can grab it here:

      Then, use the BFCM2019 coupon code at checkout 🙂


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